Reacher Season 2 Release date, Returning Cast Members & Plot Explained

Prime Video announced the continuation of the Reacher series not long after the first season became a success for the streaming service.

Following Tom Cruise’s portrayal of the character, there was a little break before the series brought Lee Child’s Jack Reacher back to our screens. The displays are a little bit smaller this time around, though, as Reacher is now a Prime Video TV show.

Despite this, now that Alan Ritchson is playing the lead, Reacher is more popular than ever. The Titans actor, who is closer to the character’s formidable 6 foot 5 height in the books at 6 feet 2 inches, uses that weight to great effect in Reacher season one.

But what about season two of Jack Reacher? What comes after the adaption on Amazon? Join us as we dissect everything you need to know about Reacher season two on Prime Video. Get your reading glasses ready.

Reacher season 2 potential release date: When will Reacher season 2 air on Prime Video?

As previously noted, Reacher was renewed by Prime Video just three days after season one premiered, but a release date has yet to be set in stone.

Reacher was among Amazon’s top five most watched series ever, both in the US and internationally over a 24-hour period, according to Deadline (via Amazon). It also has a good ranking among users, so this prompt renewal shouldn’t be too shocking.

According to a recent update from the show’s main character Ritchson, “filming will begin this fall,” so we may anticipate new episodes to air in early 2023, or possibly in the summer if we’re… stretching.

Reacher season 2 cast: Who is returning for Reacher season 2?

Along with Ritchson’s Reacher, the first season of Reacher featured characters like Harvey Guillén’s Jasper, Willa Fitzgerald’s Roscoe, and Finley played by Malcolm Goodwin.

But considering how the season finale ended (more on that later), it appears like Alan Ritchson, who plays Reacher, is the only cast member who can be counted on to show up again.

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Ritchson posted the following on Instagram in response to Reacher’s prompt renewal for a second season:

“Whoaaaaaa!!! This is amazing! I’m completely dumbfounded, in contrast to Reacher who chooses to remain silent. You helped make #ReacheronPrime one of @primevideo’s most watched episodes EVER in only our opening weekend! That’s crazy.

“There are so many people for whom I am glad because this performance is so entertaining. But if you weren’t engrossed in the Reacher universe, all of the inventive creativity and steadfast dedication of those behind this would be for naught. Please accept my sincere gratitude.


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Frances Neagley, Reacher’s former Army subordinate, is one of the few returning characters across novels, as fans of the books are aware. Maria Sten will return for the second instalment, according to a recent report (May 18) from Deadline.

Maxwell Jenkins could return as a Younger Reacher in additional flashbacks in the future, but if he ages up too quickly, the production staff might think about replacing him for season two if they want to show more of Reacher’s upbringing.

(Honestly: unlikely, once that the essentials have been established; aside from the books set during his military service, Lee Child doesn’t provide Reacher with much additional backstory.)

The young actor undoubtedly hopes to continue appearing in the popular programme. Jenkins told Pop Culturalist that Lee Child “has created a wonderful world with his Jack Reacher novels.”

“I think audiences appreciate how brilliantly and faithfully Nick Santora, the authors, directors, and principal cast have adapted it. There is a good reason why people adore these books.

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“The tales are intriguing. The characters are distinctive and enjoyable to travel with. I am honoured to contribute in any way to such a fantastic series, and I hope I can keep expanding on the Reacher saga in any way I can.

Showrunner Nick Santora has ostensibly left the future of the rest of the ensemble up for discussion.

Santora told TV Line, “I will say this, and I’m not trying to be coy or cute: You never know if a character might come back.” “We can have a brilliant thought and exclaim, “You know what? Perhaps that character will be useful in seasons two or three, and you can then bring them back for a brief cameo or an extended stay.”

Santora also emphasised a crucial element of the story: “Reacher is not a character who travels about with an entourage. You have to remember that he is a lone wolf.

Reacher season 2 plot: What will happen in Reacher season 2?

The first season of Reacher focused on Jack’s pursuit of the person responsible for his brother’s murder, and by the end of the final episode, the investigation was largely complete.

Even if Roscoe hopes otherwise, Reacher decides to leave Margrave when the mystery is solved in order to pursue new opportunities. She hands Reacher a chocolate wrapper bearing her phone number and says, “If you wander back, call me.”

After saying his farewell, Reacher inters a medal in his brother’s grave that holds a lot of sentimental worth. He wipes away his tears and starts to hitchhike to new pastures.

The first season of Jack Reacher was based on the first book in the series, Killing Floor. It has now been revealed that the second season will skip to book number 11, Bad Luck and Trouble, for inspiration.

Reacher season 1 ending on Amazon Prime Santora, the show’s executive producer, has previously stated to TVLine (back in February) that viewers shouldn’t necessarily expect them to follow chronologically, so the choice to skip ahead isn’t all that shocking.

Furthermore, Reacher still has 26 novels worth of source material to pull from, so there is still a lot that may be explored in any further future seasons.

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When previously questioned by Radio Times about which book might be the next to be adapted, Child responded, “I haven’t read the books. They’re authored by myself. I never read them again. By reputation and what others have said about them, I am familiar with them. Some are also quite well-liked.

“I would like to see more of how Reacher’s loneliness is alleviated by his relationships with other people. I think that’s what made this first season so fantastic. Two or three books particularly stand out in that regard. Thus, perhaps one of them.

Reacher season 2 trailer: Any Reacher season 2 footage yet?

It’s not too far-fetched to speculate that fresh Reacher season two video will surface in the weeks before the release. Therefore, that will probably be in early 2023.

You can watch Reacher on Amazon Prime Video.

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