Who is Rex Manning And Why Does He Have A Day Named After Him?

Who is Rex Manning?

In the movie Empire Records, the 62-year-old actor Max Caulfield played the role of Rex Manning. The movie depicts the struggles and tribulations faced by record store employees and how employee Joe Reaves worries about Rex’s impending visit to the business at a time when it is about to close due to financial difficulties.

The visit is scheduled for April 8th. Say No More: A Synthesizer-Driven Pop-Rock Song from the 1980s is the name of the track that Manning, a jarring figure, was promoting. The promotion is taking place in the exact record shop that Manning was supposed to stop by and sign autographs for.

Despite being one of the most well-known celebrities, the artist is shown to be self-centered and insecure. Who is your favourite singer right now? he asks at the scenario when a fan claims that he was her favourite artist in high school. It’s still you for the sake of it, the fan responded.

However, the movie shows how Manning is a fading pop star who has lost all of his appeal. “But we can’t linger. Not today, please. We cannot! One of the most famous lines from the movie Empire Records is “Not on Rex Manning Day.

Why 8th April?

The day of Manning’s visit was marked as April 8 by the record shop staff, and it has been shown to be significant to the character as his final effort to convince the music business that he still has it!! Actor Ethan Embry said, “Kurt was found [killed] on the 8th of April, the day the music of the 90s lost its mascot. That’s why we chose that day to have the powdered/coifed Rex Manning visit Empire.

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How it is Celebrated?

Despite negative reviews and a poor box office performance, Empire Record experienced a comeback in the following years and has subsequently been praised.

Every year on April 8th, fans honour the movie and its star Rex Manning. On Rex Manning Day, Twitter was swamped with memes and animated gifs, which celebrated the cult film and introduced the day’s significance to today’s generation.

Maxwell Caulfield also remarked that the day was “both gratifying and amazing” and that it was good that a picture that had received unfavourable reviews is now being honoured 26 years later.

On this day, the movie is viewed on numerous platforms by the fans. Another way moviegoers and those connected to the project mark the occasion is by sharing the song’s music video, as did director Jordan Dawes.

As a result, we can see how some films are often years ahead of their time and how, despite their poor box office performance, we can still enjoy and appreciate some artistic works.

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ALSO READ  What Exact Is Rex Manning Day Celebrated For? Empire Records' Legacy Explained

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