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Rishi Kapoor Abused A Woman On DM And People Are Now Reporting Him On Twitter


It is safe to say that Rishi Kapoor doesn’t have a filter when to comes to voicing his opinion. Be it his explosive interviews or uncensored tweets, Rishi Kapoor doesn’t believe in mincing his words.

Although there have been times when the veteran has been commended for his bold stances, he has gotten it all wrong, more times than we care to admit.

It’s true. In the guise of calling a spade a spade, the actor often goes out of his way, in saying things that spur a lot of anger and hate in the Twitterverse.

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Remember the time we abused a woman on DM after a rift? If you don’t, then this is what it looked like.

It so happened that a Twitter user, Shivani Channan, tagged chintskap to a meme that featured him alongside Neetu Singh and Ranbir Kapoor.

If you’re not in the know, the meme takes a dig at Rishi Kapoor’s statements about Rahul Gandhi and the ‘dynasty’ talk.

And this was enough to irk Rishi Kapoor the wrong way. It made him angry enough to slid into her DM and abuse her!

Which led to her openly criticising the actor for his action.

This is just a sample of the sea of hate that is churning on social media right now.

Wonder what Rishi Kapoor has to say to this!

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