Cast Of Scorpion (Series) – What Are They Doing Now In 2022?

The bright and unconventional Scorpion team defends society from technological threats on the CBS television show Scorpion repeatedly. Walter O’Brien, a computer prodigy, and his similarly bright buddies collaborate with the Department of Homeland Security to tackle exceedingly challenging issues, but their intelligence doesn’t always translate to success in social settings. The team has to concentrate on rescuing the world while dealing with embarrassing situations behind the scenes, so naturally, drama and humour arise.

Scorpion’s fourth season was sadly its last, and the series finale aired in April 2018. Members of the cast have progressed to several interesting new projects in the years since the show’s conclusion. These days, you can watch your favourite Scorpion actors performing on stage in musicals, hearing them voice characters in brand-new video games, or hearing them voice characters in other popular TV shows. Some of them even had children after getting married. It’s time to check in with the Scorpion cast to learn what they have been up to since filming their last scenes.

Ari Stidham showcases his musical talents

Ari Stidham, who portrays Sylvester Dodd on Scorpion and is frequently referred to as a “human calculator,” never ceases to amuse. The team frequently finds itself depending on his skills because he is a very talented mathematician with a passion for statistics. He has many positive qualities, but he also has a lot of phobias and struggles with OCD.

Stidham is now expanding his career as a producer, working behind the scenes on Clara’s Ghost, a comedy-drama. He has also embraced his passion for the theatre, writing and directing various musicals like SOLO MUST DIE: A Musical Parody and The Edgar Allan Show. Whether or not they were familiar with the source material, he wanted audiences to be able to laugh and enjoy themselves while watching his musicals. If the reviews are any indication, he was a success.

Despite the unexpected turns his career has taken since Scorpion, Stridham intends to carry on performing and producing for a very long time. In 2018, Stidham said, “I adore every aspect of entertainment. I’m sure I’ll keep performing till I pass away.

Camille Guaty is enjoying motherhood

In Scorpion, Camille Guaty’s part is tragically cut short. She portrayed Megan O’Brien, a multiple sclerosis patient who was Walter’s sister and Sylvester’s wife. In the end, Megan dies from complications brought on by her illness.

Guaty has had a hectic personal and business life since leaving Scorpion. In addition to her appearances in the movies Nappily Ever After and A Futile and Stupid Decision, she landed the part of Nina Sandoval on Daytime Divas. She has also taken on a completely new role: that of a mother. Guaty and British musician Sy Rhys Kaye knew they wanted kids when they got married in 2011. Infertility issues made their journey to parenting challenging, but in October 2019, they welcomed their son, Morrison Rafael Kaye. Guaty told People, “I had such trust that I was going to be a mother. “Though I had no idea how it would pan out, I soon understood that motherhood entails nurturing a child in a setting that will enable them to develop and thrive. A family that is.” The pair hopes to be able to adopt a child in the future. Guaty has also collaborated with non-profits to support kids in foster care.

Eddie Kaye Thomas is everywhere

On Scorpion, Eddie Kaye Thomas portrayed Toby, a psychiatrist in charge of “reading” each person the Scorpion team comes into contact with. He is a psychiatrist with extensive knowledge of the inner workings of the mind, but he also struggles with his own demons, such as narcissistic tendencies and a gambling addiction. Additionally, he has a tendency to make inappropriate jokes when things are heated in an effort to mask his true thoughts.

Thomas continued to play Barry Robinson on American Dad after the final Scorpion episode aired; he has done so since 2005. Additionally, he has been cast as a guest star on a number of well-known shows, such as This is Us, Outmatched, and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Thomas has also acted in a number of TV movies, including Seal Team Six: The Raid on Osama Bin Laden, Nature of the Beast, and Shattered Memories. We’re ready to bet that he’ll keep things exciting for many more years given that these productions include murder mystery, werewolves, and real-life action.

Elyes Gabel keeps things dramatic

Walter O’Brien, the Scorpion team’s commander and resident expert in, well, nearly anything under the sun—aside from interpersonal relationships—was portrayed by Elyes Gabel. O’Brien can perform almost any task that is required of him, but he rarely develops genuine emotional ties with other people. Even if he doesn’t always know how to say it, he does care about his friends and coworkers on a deeper level.

After his tenure on Scorpion came to an end, Gabel moved on to a completely different endeavour, lending his voice to the role of Starboy in the animated movie Justice League vs. The Fatal Five. Since then, Gabel has moved on to work on Suspicion, an Apple drama series based on the Israeli thriller False Flag. A high-profile kidnapping’s aftermath is explored in this gripping, exhilarating remake. Along with Kevin Weisman, a fellow Scorpion graduate, Gabel has dabbled in the field of short films, most notably with his part in Game Show Hurt.

Jadyn Wong is working in sci-fi

Happy Quinn, the mechanical engineer on staff for the Scorpion team, was portrayed by Jadyn Wong. It would be simple to think that she has a naturally upbeat demeanour, yet despite her name, she isn’t exactly the most optimistic person. You can’t hold it against her: Happy was raised in a terrible environment, and as a result, she frequently comes out as antagonistic to those who are unfamiliar with her. However, the rest of the crew is fully aware that she would go above and above for them.

Wong has entered the realm of movies even though she hasn’t worked on any other TV shows since Scorpion. The role Wong received in the science fiction movie Needle in a Timestack was the most intriguing. In the time-traveling universe of Needle in a Timestack, a married couple fights to maintain their relationship. Timestack, which stars a number of well-known actors like Leslie Odom Jr. and Orlando Bloom, is guaranteed to generate a lot of talk before it is released.

Katharine McPhee has been busy on Broadway

Paige Dineen, one of the few Scorpion characters that isn’t a scary ultra-genius, was portrayed by Katharine McPhee. She first relies on her waitressing job to provide for her and her children, but ultimately she meets the Scorpion team and joins them as their office manager. She lacks the intellectual capacity of her coworkers, yet they frequently look to her for advice on how to handle certain social situations. She is the most intelligent person in the room when it comes to interpersonal skills.

The fact that McPhee went from playing a waitress on Scorpion to starring as Jenna in the successful Broadway musical Waitress suggests that fate was at work in her next step. After making her Broadway debut, she temporarily stepped away from the role to concentrate on other endeavours, but she finally came back for the musical’s final run of performances, appearing on stage as Jenna for the last time in January 2020. She has since her time on Scorpion acted in movies including The Tiger Rising and Intensive Care, and she also played Shelly in Bayou Caviar. When she was cast as promising country singer Bailey in the TV series Country Comfort, a whole new universe of genres became accessible to her. She managed to squeeze in time in 2019 despite her hectic schedule to wed music producer David Foster.

Kevin Weisman is reuniting with Elyes Gabel

Paige temporarily departs the Scorpion team, at which point Ray Spiewack fills in. Former firefighter Spiewack, played by Kevin Weisman, befriends O’Brien through volunteer work. He deals with pain from his past, just like many of the other characters do; in his case, he lost a close friend in a fire years ago. Even though he only spends a brief period of time working with the group, he does become close enough to them to officiate at Toby and Happy’s wedding, which is a genuinely moving episode high point.

Weisman started appearing on the Marvel sci-fi series Runaways just before his tenure on Scorpion came to an end, and he played Dale Yorkes there until 2019. The cast hasn’t altogether parted ways just because Scorpion has come to a conclusion. Hollywood is a small place after all, as Weisman will collaborate with Elyes Gabel on the short film Game Show Hurt. Fans of Scorpion will be delighted to see these two stars collaborating once more.

Reiko Aylesworth is tackling new genres

The Scorpion team gets to know Sanjay Patel a little better when Sylvester decides to run for city council, and that’s how they first met Allie Jones. Reiko Aylesworth’s character Allie works for Patel’s campaign. When she starts dating Gallo, the drama really picks up, and the two go on to experience the ups and downs of an intermittent relationship.

Aylesworth has continued to work in television once her time on Scorpion came to an end. She was given cameo appearances on programmes like Bull, The Good Doctor, and Salvation. In the suspenseful film Rapid Eye Movement, Aylesworth portrays Charlene Johnson, a DJ who struggles to stay awake for more than 11 days after receiving a disturbing phone call. She also played Regina Newhall in the movie Dark Harbor, in which a pregnant woman returns home for her father’s burial and is forced to confront her family’s history. In the recently released drama Loulou, which centres on a transgender teenager who struggles to win her family’s acceptance, Aylesworth has been cast as Marie.

Riley B. Smith is taking a hiatus

Riley B. Smith’s character Ralph’s mother Paige Dineen originally believes that he is a difficult youngster. She is unsure of how to relate to him because he doesn’t appear to fit in with the other kids his age. However, O’Brien and Sylvester quickly realise how intelligent Ralph is when they find themselves at the diner where Paige works. It turns out that Ralph is a genius, and she needs O’Brien to explain Ralph to her just as O’Brien needs Paige to “interpret” the world for him.

It’s difficult to portray a young genius and make it appear plausible, but Smith did a good job in the role. After Scorpion, he did not, however, start looking for new jobs right away. Although he did make an appearance on an episode of Inside the Crazy Ant Farm in 2018, it appears that Smith is currently taking a break from the entertainment business. He has been acting since 2009, which means he spent the most of his childhood in front of the camera. He has definitely earned the time off.

Robert Patrick has a packed schedule

When Robert Patrick’s character, Agent Cabe Gallo, breaks into NASA’s computer system as a youngster, he runs into Walter O’Brien. O’Brien learns a lot from Gallo over the course of several years. When Gallo requests that O’Brien create tracking software for a purportedly “humanitarian” project, their relationship suffers. When O’Brien learns that his programme was actually used to attack Baghdad, he is distraught. Later on, though, when O’Brien’s crew ends up helping Homeland Security, Gallo and O’Brien find themselves working together once more.

After Scorpion, Patrick hasn’t had any trouble keeping occupied; in fact, he always seems to be juggling multiple projects at once. After finishing his run on Scorpion, he shifted his attention from television to film, making appearances in films including Back Roads, The Laundromat, and The Rising Hawk. He recently played Herman Baggerly on the Perry Mason crime drama. Never one to slow down, he immediately scheduled a number of further movies. Patrick has had a number of glamorous co-stars, including Samuel L. Jackson in The Asset and Liam Neeson in the action movie Honest Thief. In the film Troubled Waters, which centres on a comedian attempting to make a comeback in his career, Patrick also plays a minor role. A Place Among the Dead, starring Juliet Landau and Gary Oldman, will be his last film.


Scott Porter is voicing video game characters

Tim Armstrong, a former Navy SEAL who Gallo hired to serve with the Scorpion team, was portrayed by Scott Porter. When he first meets Paige, he discovers how much he likes her, but when they start dating, O’Brien finds their connection difficult. But this relationship wasn’t meant to endure, and soon they split up.

You could have heard Porter’s voice while playing video games, even if you haven’t seen him recently. After leaving Scorpion, he has provided voices for a number of video games, including Spider-Man, Lego DC Super-Villains, and Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series. Porter’s voice work for Scarlet Spider in The Ultimate Spider-Man, White Wolf in Avengers Assemble, and the Flash in Harley Quinn all indicate that he has a fondness for the superhero genre.

In addition to his voice work, Porter also portrayed Ralph Vlasin in the film Why Women Kill and Mayor Paul Randolph in the drama series Ginny & Georgia.

Finally, in August 2017, Porter and his wife welcomed their daughter Clover Ash.

Tina Majorino got to play a serial killer

When Tina Majorino joined the Scorpion ensemble as Florence, a chemist, viewers of Veronica Mars and Napoleon Dynamite undoubtedly immediately recognised her.
Even while she first disagrees with the team, she later joins in to assist them with challenging cases.

Majorino has been having a lot of fun doing guest spots and portraying roles that challenge her outside of her comfort zone, despite the fact that she isn’t currently a regular on any TV shows. You may have seen her in the dark drama series Etheria, where she played the role of Erin. Additionally, she had the chance to test herself by taking on the character of a serial murderer in Hulu’s horror anthology series Into the Dark. Despite the macabre plot of her character, Majorino loved working on the show. Despite the sombre subject matter, she told Meaww, “creating a character and being on set was perhaps the most fun I’ve ever had.” Since Majorino admits to being a fan of true crime, perhaps we’ll see her in more roles that are related to it in the future.




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