10 Incredible Facts We Bet You Didn’t Know About Scourge The Hedgehog

The hedgehog known as Sonic, often known as the infamous “must go fast” hedgehog, was invented by Archie Comics in 1992. Since the creation of this character, a large number of new species have been introduced into the Moebius-Prime universe, including Scourge, one of Sonic’s most vengeful foes.

Scourge has green fur and is frequently spotted with red sunglasses and a leather vest with flame embroidery. Although he has all of the same skills as the real Sonic, including incredible strength and speed, he has never been able to defeat the swift blue hedgehog.

While Scourge’s story is equally lengthy and complex as Sonic’s, some obscure details concerning this character frequently fall between the cracks.

He Briefly Took Over Knothole

Sonic was away with the Freedom Fighters on a rescue mission, and Scourge took advantage of his absence. Prior to turning green, Scourge and his Anti-Freedom Fighter league might pass as the Moebius-Prime heroes thanks to Scourge’s resemblance to Sonic.

Scourge and his companions initially succeeded in tricking the locals, but soon they were exposed, and Sonic and his pals were able to cast their wicked rivals back into their own universe.

He First Appeared in 1994

In 1992, Archie Comics and Sega collaborated to produce a comic book series based on the well-known Sonic video game. The series, which ran until 2017, now holds the record for the longest published comic based on a video game in the Guinness World Records.

In 1994, Scourge made his first appearance in the series as Sonic’s primary rival. Scourge originated in Anti-Moebius, one of the many alternate realities featured in the Sonic comic book series. He was introduced to the series as Sonic’s “evil twin,” a cliché who functioned as the comic’s main character’s perplexing antagonist.

He Had A Stalker

Scourge unintentionally turned into a spectacle for Rosy the Rascal despite his repeated attempts to pique the interest of the ladies. Amy Rose, the eccentric Sonic the Hedgehog fan, is the complete opposite of Rosy. While Amy Rose battles for Sonic’s attention, Scourge is being pursued by Rosy the Rascal in retaliation for his persistent disregard for her. The green hedgehog is frightened when Rosy finally meets him after haunting him. He can escape and won’t have to see her again until he turns into Super Scourge. He can now easily get rid of his annoying, psychotic stalker.

He May Have Killed His Father

Father of Scourge is Anti-Jules, who formerly ruled the Anti-Moebius plant. He made a significant contribution to the Great Peace, a period of unchanging peace and prosperity on Earth. However, this period of calm appeared to have hastened the planet’s final deterioration. In concert with the Suppression Squad, Scourge has plans to take control the earth ten years from now. His father is murdered during this takeover. It is thought that Anti-Jules died at the hands of his son, Scourge, as he was the head of the Suppression Squad.

He Stole the Chaos Emeralds

The Chaos Emerald endows the user with momentary superhuman abilities. This implies that the hedgehogs would become even faster and more powerful as a result of the Chaos Emerald. Scourge travelled to Moebius-Prime on the orders of his boss, the wicked Dr. Robotnik, and discovered the Chaos Emerald on Floating Island. Before his guilt overtakes him, Anti-Knuckles steps in to help him. In the end, Anti-Knuckles alerts the Freedom Fighters to Scourge’s plans, and they successfully prevent the theft of the prized emerald.

He Used To Look Exactly Like Sonic

Scourge, also known as the Anti-Sonic, resembled the titular hedgehog in appearance. His bright eyes, blue fur, and nearly indistinguishable skills drew others in. The only distinguishing characteristics between the two clones were Evil Sonic’s equipment. He wore a leather jacket, boots, and retro-inspired sunglasses. Initially, this made it simple for Sonic’s evil twin to assume the role of the protagonist and terrify Moebius-Prime.

The character was later reimagined by the character’s designers in order to advance his plot. Evil Sonic earned the now-famous scratch marks across his belly while attempting to steal the Master Emerald from Locke the Guardian. In the same mishap, Evil Sonic’s fur became green and his eyes turned blue due to a negative response to the Master Emerald. What is currently known as Scourge the Hedgehog was created with the help of these recognisable marks.

His Original Name Was ‘Evil Sonic’

When Scourge initially appeared on the pages, his name was Anti-Sonic or Evil Sonic. He was from the planet Anti-Moebius in a parallel reality. The villainous Anti Freedom Fighters were present in this universe, which was the complete opposite of Sonic’s planet Moebius-Prime (later known as the Suppression Squad).

On this world, a humane veterinarian by the name of Dr. Kintobor stands in contrast to the malevolent Dr. Robotnik. Before being expelled by the Anti Freedom Fighters for his poor leadership, Evil Sonic served as their leader.


Metal Scourge

Dr. Eggman created Metal Sonic and Metal Scourge together. The two metal-based hedgehog reproductions are identical in terms of strength and supersonic speed. Sonic and Scourge are compelled to cooperate in order to fight Dr. Eggman’s inventions as a result of this historic match.

Scourge Dated Sonic’s Ex

In the Sonic series, Scourge is infamous for making inappropriate remarks about the female characters. However, his haughty attitude appeared to advance Fiona Fox’s objectives. Actually, Fiona was Sonic’s ex-girlfriend on Moebius-Prime. She joined the Freedom Fighters in an effort to start over after a life of minor theft. She began her romance with Sonic in this location before going back to her previous behaviour. Scourge was the complete antithesis of Sonic, and this made Fiona fall in love with him. She later joined Scourge in ruling as Queen of Anti-Moebius after assisting him in capturing the planet. Scourge and Fiona were forced to part ways after the Suppression Squad turned their backs on them.



Super Scourge Wasn’t Always Purple

Through the Anarchy Beryl, Scourge can get momentary invulnerability and extreme power, transforming him into Super Scourge. The opposite of Moebius-Chaos Prime’s Emerald, which contains infinite power, is the Anarchy Beryl.

Super Scourge has crimson irises and black scleras. His scars become more distinct, his fur and boots turn purple, his spectacles and jacket flames turn blue. Super Scourge went through four different design iterations before the chosen appearance.

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