Seeking Sister Wife: Dannielle Merrifield Encourages Husband Garrick To Find A 3rd Wife

Dannielle and Garrick Merrifield, who are still looking for a sister wife, star in Season 4 of Seeking Sister Wife (or four). Dannielle is now pressuring Garrick to start courting a third wife before Roberta arrives in the US.

Dannielle and Garrick Merrifield’s ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ journey

This Christian couple says God told them four years ago to practise polygamy. Garrick’s family disowned him as a result of his and Danielle’s decision to live a multiple lifestyle. Regardless, they continue to look for new women to join the family.

“Polygamy is something we felt God lead us to,” Garrick stated. We believe it reflects his attitude toward his church. He has a lot of people in his life, and he loves them all equally.” “It’s about not restricting love and babies,” Dannielle added. Having a large family,” she says.

Garrick and Dannielle started seeking for a sister wife online in previous seasons. They met a woman named Roberta (Bert) who resides in Brazil three years ago. They went there in order to meet Roberta. She and Garrick got engaged while on that trip.

However, in order to bring Roberta to Colorado, Danielle and Garrick had to divorce in order to apply for Roberta’s fiancé visa. The three of them met in Mexico for a commitment ceremony a year ago, where they swore their love for each other in front of God.

Danielle pushes Garrick to start courting a 3rd wife

Garrick mentioned that Danielle wanted to start looking for a third wife during the debut episode of Seeking Sister Wife Season 4 on June 6. “Dannielle came me and said, ‘Hey, I think maybe God wants us to have another wife,'” Garrick explained. “I was taken aback.” Check out the video below (via Instagram) of Seeking Sister Wife:

Roberta was taken aback by the revelation that they were going to start looking for other brides for Garrick, according to Danielle. Roberta, according to Dannielle, “wants to settle down first before bringing in a third.”

“She said,” she explained. “I explained to her that the third wife would help balance out the fact that, if Bert’s with Garrick, then I have someone to support me and we can do things together and vice versa, so we’re not alone.”

Danielle is worried that Roberta will be jealous

Danielle has had to cope with a lot of envy during the previous three years of Garrick and Danielle’s relationship, as viewers of Seeking Sister Wife know. “I dealt with a lot of jealousy when we first started living plural,” Danielle explained. And meeting Roberta forced me to confront a lot of fears.” Danielle, on the other hand, believes that the envy will return this time.

She said, “I think there’ll definitely be an adjustment with a third coming in and I think it will be maybe a little more challenging for Roberta being on the opposite end of that.”
Danielle and Garrick have been wooing Lea, a potential third sister-wife, for the past three weeks. In California, the two finally meet up with her in person for the first time. Roberta has become “extremely insecure and envious” as a result of Garrick dating Lea, according to Danielle.

Many fans of Seeking Sister Wife feel Danielle’s desire for Garrick to start dating a prospective third wife is a retaliation for Roberta. Season 4 will be interesting to see, especially with all of the new members of the Merrifield family.

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