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21 Sexiest Movies On Amazon Prime To Enjoy With Your Partner (Or Alone)


The truth is that today’s audiences have a plethora of viewing options. With the introduction of online streaming services that provide inexpensive membership fees, one can indulge in a wide range of genres and sub-genres of films and spend leisure time binge-watching the desired content. Netflix has managed to amass the most diverse and diverse selection of films, television series, and documentaries. Although there isn’t as much content on Amazon Prime as there is on Netflix, we were still able to find the majority of the genre-based new releases on the portal. While some of these films are underappreciated gems, the most of them are best avoided. We’ve compiled a list of the filthiest movies available on Amazon Prime, with little to moderate nudity.

It’s time to get an Amazon Prime account if you don’t already have one. From steamy romances to sexy thrillers, Amazon Prime boasts a diverse selection of films that are well worth your time. Here is a list of the steamiest, most sensual, and sexiest movies accessible on Amazon Prime that you never realized you should be viewing in the first place, ranging from the South Korean sexual film ‘The Handmaiden’ to one of the most recent ‘Baywatch.’

A Minute’s Silence (2016)

‘A Minute’s Silence,’ a German film released under the title ‘Schweigeminute,’ is based on the novel of the same name. Christian, a high school student, has fallen in love with Stella, a middle-aged teacher who has recently returned to the United States after a long stint in England. They enjoy spending time with one another, but they are cautious of disclosing their alleged love to the public for fear of being judged negatively. Stella declares that she would never see Christian in public after Christian kisses her in front of the entire class. Christian and Stella devise a plan for a moment of stillness, a trip to an island to spend alone time together. ‘A Minute’s Silence’ includes undertones of sultriness and its concept of seductive, despite having paedophilia as its foundation.

Adore (2013)

‘Adore,’ also known as ‘Adoration’ in some circles, is as ludicrous as it is attractive. Next-door neighbors Roz and Lil, who are also childhood friends, are played by Naomi Watts and Robin Wright. Even their sons, Tom and Ian, are closest buddies and are 18 years old. Out of remorse, Ian has sex with Roz and Tom has sex with Lil, and they agree to keep things under wraps. Soon, lust becomes obsession, and Roz and Lil find it impossible to let go of their adolescent lovers, no matter how ridiculous it may appear. ‘Adore,’ a strange, thrilling tale of two mothers loving each other’s sons, even after they’ve married and had their grandchildren, is bordering on incest. ‘Adore’ is somehow sensual and, at times, disgusting.

Afternoon Delight (2013)

The story of Rachel (Kathryn Hahn), who is unhappy with her no-sex and monotonous life, is told in ‘Afternoon Delight,’ a film in which Juno Temple has once again taken up the task of bearing all of the movie’s sultriness on her soldiers. She goes to a strip club with her husband Jeff, where she meets up with McKenna (Juno Temple), a stripper. Rachel later contacts with McKenna and invites her to stay at their home because she is homeless. McKenna takes Rachel along on one of her client appointments, where Rachel learns that McKenna is also a sex worker. Rachel throws McKenna out of the house and reconciles with Jeff, fearful of marital difficulties. Despite the fact that the tale is all too old, the film was commended for its fresh perspective and redefining love. A coming-of-age story with a lot of “sexy” themes thrown in. Psst…Kathryn Hahn is a pleasure.

Appropriate Behavior (2014)

‘Appropriate Behavior,’ Desiree Akhavan’s first feature film, depicts the story of Shirin, a girl from Brooklyn who comes from a devout Persian household. Shirin seemed to be absolutely lost in her life after breaking up with her partner Maxine. She vacates the flat they shared and replaces it with a new set of roommates. Shirin finds work at a school where she is responsible for teaching students the fundamentals of filmmaking. Despite the fact that Maxine has moved on and is now dating someone else, Shirin still continues to believe that the two of them could get back together. ‘Appropriate Behavior’ distinguishes out for the way it portrays a romance among the many other activities that keep New York bustling. Shirin is simply another individual in the city, with the same issues as thousands of others. Furthermore, the fact that this film is about a Persian family gives us a new cultural viewpoint on issues we may face in our own lives.

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Basic Instinct (1992)

‘Basic Instinct,’ starring Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas, is one of the most popular psychological thrillers of all time. Douglas plays Nick Curran, a police officer who has been assigned to a murder case in which a rock singer named Johnny Boz was brutally murdered with an ice pick. Nick believes Catherine Tramell, who was Boz’s girlfriend at the time of the murder, was involved in the crime. Catherine, on the other hand, proves to be a challenging figure for Nick to comprehend, despite his best efforts. Because she wrote a novel in which a similar murder is graphically detailed, she becomes the most plausible suspect in the case. The film masterfully generates a noirish atmosphere, implying that no one can be trusted, no matter how close you are to them.

Bound (2015)

Following the success of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ and its BDSM undertones, some mockbusters were made to capitalize on the film’s popularity. One of them, ‘Bound,’ is about a woman named Michelle who wants to merge her father’s business with a larger one because the former is struggling in the market. Michelle has a boyfriend, but she isn’t happy with the sexual aspects of their relationship. When she meets a man named Ryan Black at a restaurant, she discovers a method to change the situation. He manages to captivate her despite being much younger than her by exposing her to the world of BDSM and convincing her to submit to his dominant nature. They have a good time together and feed off of each other’s sexual urges. Because it is a production of the film business simply known as The Asylum, we may be certain that this picture is a mockbuster. They’ve previously worked on films such as ‘Transmorphers,’ ‘Snakes on a Train,’ and ‘Atlantic Rim.’

Disobedience (2018)

Ronit (Rachel Weisz) is the key heroine of this film, a New York-based photographer who learns that her father has died. Ronit was up in a very traditional Jewish community that never embraced her as one of their own, so this reunion is bound to bring back a lot of difficulties in her life. Ronit visits her childhood friend Dovid’s home, where she meets Esti, his wife, with whom Ronit had a strong sexual relationship while living in the neighborhood. Despite their initial awkwardness, both of them are unable to disguise their mutual attraction for one another and soon find themselves in another sexual experience. Their secret, however, does not last long, and Esti’s life as a schoolteacher quickly begins to fall badly. Apart from its portrayal of the subject matter, the film’s best qualities are its brilliant performances. Esti and Ronit are part of a community that is trying to control its members’ desires, and these two characters are acting as change agents in this regard.

Gia (1998)

This 1998 HBO film is a biographical drama based on the life of Gia Carangi, dubbed “the first supermodel” by many. In this film, Angelina Jolie plays the role of Gia. We first meet her when she arrives in New York with the intention of becoming a model. Wilhelmina Cooper, a powerful fashion agency, quickly takes a shine to her and assists her in her ascent to the top of the modeling business. When Wilhemina dies, however, Gia’s career and life take a turn for the worst. Gia begins abusing cocaine and heroin, but finds solace in a passionate relationship she forms with a make-up artist named Linda. Jolie invests her heart and soul into the characters, brilliantly bringing out every aspect of her life, and was awarded the Golden Globe for her portrayal. The film chronicles the rise and fall of one of the world’s most famous models, while also highlighting the pitfalls of working in the extremely competitive fashion industry, where everyone is attempting to establish a name for themselves in any way imaginable.

Keep the Lights On (2012)

This film, set in 1998, is about two men’s relationship and the ups and downs that come with it. Erik Rothman (Thure Lindhardt), a documentary filmmaker, meets Paul Lucy (Zachary Booth), a closeted lawyer, and the two have a passionate sexual encounter, only to discover later that their connection is developing into something much more. They both want to make something significant of their relationship, but they are both plagued by inner demons that continue to cause a schism between them. Drugs, STDs, emotional abuse, and a slew of other major concerns stand in their way, making life increasingly tough. The film depicts a homosexual relationship in all of its intricacies and complexities while avoiding any type of stereotyping. In their individual parts, the two principal performers are just fantastic. Surprisingly, filmmaker Ira Sachs based the tale of ‘Keep The Lights On’ on a personal experience.

Lila Says (2004)

This French video depicts the lives of Muslims around the world who have had to bear the brunt of the 9/11 terror attacks despite having had no involvement in the act. The protagonist of ‘Lila Says’ is a little boy named Chimo, who is a gifted writer who even receives a scholarship to a writing school in Paris. He resides in Marseilles and spends most of his time with his buddies in the Arab ghetto. Chimo quickly meets Lila, a girl who has recently moved into his neighborhood. Despite the fact that she is only 16, Lila displays a sexually alluring side to everyone. One of Chimo’s buddies, Mouloud, is drawn to Lila and continues to sexually harass her whenever he has the opportunity. Because Lila hasn’t reciprocated his approaches, Mouloud intends to get his way by any means necessary. ‘Lila Says,’ a film that is both beautifully shot and scripted, is a must-see.

Original Sin (2001)

‘Original Sin,’ one of the rare films in which Angelina Jolie showed a significant amount of skin, was never known for its storyline, but rather for its passionate sex scenes and nudity. The film tells the narrative of Julia, an American girl who marries and plans to con Luis, a Cuban, with the help of her lover Walter a.k.a. Billy. Everything goes according to plan, except when Luis falls in love with Julia and they marry, which causes both Luis and Julia to be hesitant to let go of each other. ‘Original Sin’ features some moments of rough sex and nudity that will get you going, despite the story being absolutely absurd and hilarious per many critics.

Raven’s Touch (2015)

Raven Michaels, who is on a self-blaming rampage and spends some alone time at a cabin in the woods, is the protagonist of ‘Raven’s Touch,’ which is not a genuine raven. She meets Kate, who is camping with her two children, just as she is about to have a nervous breakdown. Raven and Kate start a sensuous lesbian affair that will change their lives and the lives of everyone around them. The nuance is modest, but the ramifications are numerous, including complex sex scenes and Kate and Raven’s intense affection for one another.

Sister My Sister (1994)

‘Sister My Sister’ is the story of two sisters, Christine and Lea, set in 1930s France, and is based on a disturbingly accurate sequence of events. Christine convinces Madame Danzard, a widow, to hire Lea, her younger sister, for menial work while she is employed with her. Christine and Lea have only each other to turn to because of the class barrier, and their employers neglect and mistreat them. Madame Danzard and her adolescent daughter are murdered and brutally murdered as a result of their attraction to each other, which develops into an incestuous lesbian relationship. ‘Sister My Sister’ is shocking and distressing, and it’s only sexy because of the extraordinary and controversial sex scenes filmed between Joely Richardson and Jodhi May. The rest is up to you to decide.

Sirens (1994)

‘Sirens,’ directed by John Duigan, tells the story of Tony, an Anglican priest, and his wife Estella, who have been dispatched on a church inspection tour. They’re going to the home of an Australian painter named Norman Lindsay (based on a real person with the same name), who’s preparing to unveil a painting with blasphemy. When they arrive at Lindsay’s house, the couple is taken aback by the fact that the individuals there are freely discussing sexuality. Furthermore, there is a lot of nudity on display, not only in Lindsay’s paintings but also in the women who reside there and act as his models. Estella quickly becomes acquainted with these women and begins partaking in some of their sexual activities. Despite the fact that her husband is aware of it, he says nothing because Estelle’s newfound understanding has increased her desire in their conjugal sexual sessions. Hugh Grant’s portrayal of the priest is one of the film’s key attractions.

Sliver (1993)

‘Sliver,’ an erotic thriller bordering on voyeur porn, is based on a novel of the same name. Carly is a book editor who is currently single and lives in the Sliver building’s apartment 113. She meets up with the building’s other residents, including Zeke, a video game designer. Zeke and Carly establish an ardent, sexual connection, and it is later revealed that Zeke has been monitoring Carly and all past residents of the house using extensive video surveillance. If you’re a Sharon Stone fan, ‘Sliver’ will thrill you. It’s borderline horrible and disgusting, yet it still has its own sexiness.

The Escort (2016)

Mitch is a sex-addicted reporter in search of a spectacular story. As a result, he decides to accompany an escort named Natalie in order to write a pioneering piece and secure a job he sorely needs. “The Escort,” starring Lyndsy Fonseca and Michael Doneger, is a seductive romantic comedy with plenty of charm. Natalie begs Mitch to follow her about like a bodyguard in order to learn more about her tale, and Mitch gladly agrees. The primary characters’ chemistry is intriguing and entertaining to observe. Furthermore, the characters’ motivations provide credibility to the plot!

Two Night Stand (2014)

‘Two Night Stand’ is the story of Alec and Megan, a classic case of a one-night stand turned into two due to the circumstances. Megan meets Alec on a dating website while she is unmarried after her breakup with her ex-boyfriend and fiance Chris. Megan is compelled to live for another night after Alec and Megan decide to have a one-night stand owing to a blizzard that prevents her from leaving after the night. They regret having sex and swear to never see each other again, only to fall in love and reconcile in the end. ‘Two Night Stand,’ while not overtly explicit with a lot of sex scenes, is a slower-paced look at love and relationships over passion and sex that you can watch at your leisure.

The Neon Demon (2016)

‘The Neon Demon,’ a psychological horror film, went on to lose a lot of money at the box office due to its poor storyline and lack of character development. ‘The Neon Demon,’ starring Elle Fanning as Jesse, a newcomer to LA who hopes to be a supermodel one day, follows Jesse and the people in her life. Dean, who is also her photographer, is her boyfriend. Following the agency’s selection of Gigi and Sarah as the finest among other models, the two envious models plot their vengeance with Jesse, which may not go over well with the couple. Although ‘The Neon Demon’ has its share of scary moments and has a slew of attractive, sexy women in their underwear, the film suffers from a sloppy narrative that drags the whole thing down.

The Handmaiden (2016)

‘The Handmaiden,’ set in Japanese-ruled Korea in the 1930s, stars Lady Hideko, a beautiful Japanese heiress who lives an ideal existence with her heartless uncle Kouzuki on a huge farm. Kozuki is shown as a voracious collector of erotica and a fierce protector of his niece. However, a new handmaiden, Sookee, has arrived at the manor with unknown motives. She intends to help Count Fujiwara seduce Lady Hideko and defraud her of her wealth. Nonetheless, as the film unfolds, their strategy shifts. ‘The Handmaiden,’ directed by Park Chan-wook, who is known for films like ‘Oldboy (2003),’ adds a lot of sexuality and sensuality to the table, indications of which we’ve seen previously in Chan-works. wook’s

The Babysitters (2007)

Shirley Lyner, the film’s main character, is the owner of a fascinating business she has founded. On the surface, it appears to be a babysitting service, but it actually connects fathers with females who can do much more than babysit. We get to see how she came up with the idea in the first place. She was a babysitter for a family and had a brief sexual encounter with Michael, the father. Following that, Michael asked Shirley if any other lady was available for a similar task, and she managed to send her friend Melissa for it while charging her a 20% commission on whatever she earned. More females soon sign up for the business, and Shirley views it as a viable venture. However, as is customary, gaps arise in her scheme when a girl begins doing a similar job on her own and some clients bring narcotics for the girls under her supervision. The film isn’t really fascinating and is primarily focused on the titillations it may provide.

The Virgin Suicides (1999)

Sofia Coppola may have benefited from her father’s connections in the film industry, but she is a talented filmmaker in her own right. Her first picture, ‘The Virgin Suicides,’ was enough to convince the rest of the world that she has a unique genius. This 1998 film is about a group of boys who are obsessed with the five Lisbon sisters who grew up next to them. Because of their father’s traditional ideals, the girls in question are all teenagers who must live a rigid and controlled life. We are taken aback right at the start of the movie when we watch one of the sisters attempting to kill herself and succeeding after a failed effort. Over time, one of the lads in question develops a sexual relationship with one of the Lisbon girls, and the two even have sex on the football field at the school. As the movie progresses, we understand that each of the Lisbon sisters is on the verge of experiencing some type of tragedy. The premise of this film is intriguing, and Copolla’s excellent direction manages to leave us disoriented by the end.

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