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10 Shows Like Hulu’s Deep Water You Can Watch This Weekend


Fans of thriller films, on the other hand, enjoy mystery and suspense in their television shows. There are many of terrific crime dramas to keep viewers entertained, but some of them are more appealing to Deep Water aficionados. For those who appreciate a twist at every turn, series like Unbelievable and Under the Banner of Heaven are excellent choices, but Deep Water aficionados will also enjoy comedy mysteries like The Woman in the House and Muderville.

Murderville (2022)

Despite the fact that this show is more of a comedy than a mystery, it allows thriller enthusiasts to appreciate the criminal component while wiping their tears. Fans admire Arnett’s persona and the way he can make even the most ridiculous scenes hilarious. Viewers enjoy how this show doesn’t seem to take itself seriously.

Nine Perfect Strangers (2021)

This drama miniseries, based on a best-selling novel of the same name, is set at a health and wellness resort where nine stressed city residents try to discover a way to live better. As these strangers set out on their quest. Things take an unexpected turn.

This series is ideal for individuals who enjoy a truly surprising twist in an otherwise compelling plot. Though Deep Water has a high level of intensity and a high level of surprise, this miniseries features a more diversified array of people and a few more twists and turns to keep the audience involved throughout.

Ozark (2017)

This drama series follows a financial planner and his family as they become embroiled in a money-laundering scheme that goes horribly wrong, compelling him to repay a loan to a Mexican drug lord in order to keep his family safe.

With the fourth season coming to a close, this is an excellent choice for binge-watchers who don’t want to wait to see how the tale ends. Ozark is well-liked and fascinating, with generally excellent reviews, and is sure to keep the audience captivated. This drama will appeal to fans of crime thrillers who appreciate gaining an inside peek at the criminal mind.

Reacher (2022)

This thriller series, based on Lee Child’s Jack Reacher novels, follows professional military police investigator Jack Reacher as he transitions into civilian life and is accused of murder.

Reacher is full of surprising twists and turns, making it a terrific choice for readers who enjoy novels that keep them guessing. Those looking for a new show to keep them expecting the return should start watching today, since this new series has just begun and is already attracting viewers.

The Afterparty (2022)

The plot of this drama revolves around a high school reunion that takes an unexpected turn when someone dies. As a detective investigates all parties involved, motives emerge and a terrible conclusion emerges. This novel is a wonderful blend of comedy, mystery, and drama. This version on a whodunit will appeal to fans of the classic Clue. The Afterparty contains some engaging performances and a well-flowing clash of genres, in addition to some major plot twists. When paired with the arguments and hypotheses that make it a compelling mystery, the gimmicks in this show are tolerable.

The Cleaning Lady (2022)

When Cambodian doctor Thony (Elodie Yung) relocates to the United States to save her ailing son’s life, she discovers that things aren’t going as smoothly as she had thought. She finds empowerment as a cleaning lady for organized crime, despite marginalization and a system that fails her.

Fans of Deep Water will enjoy the complex narrative, which has considerable tension and a fair amount of murder. This series, on the other hand, offers a fantastic main character with a complicated and distinct past. This is an entertaining watch for anyone who appreciate a dramatic series with a dark side.

The Woman In The House Across The Street From The Girl In The Window (2022)

A depressed woman looks out her window at the world, becoming fixated on an attractive neighbor until she sees a gruesome murder.

The Woman In The House features some fantastic characters that are capable of conveying seriousness even in the lightest of moments. Fans of crime series who also enjoy dark humor will enjoy this satirical twist on slasher films. The program contains a good mix of drama and comedy, as well as some surprising surprises.

Tokyo Vice (2022)

Jake Adelstein (Ansel Elgort), an American journalist, becomes entangled with the Tokyo vice police team and dives into the dark realm of the Japanese megacity.

Tokyo Vice features a group of endearing characters who keep viewers glued to their screens. Fans looking for a new detective series that is both intriguing and complicated will surely be satisfied. This program is gritty, fast-paced, and full of great character development. Fans of Deep Water will enjoy the crime component, as well as the promise of more to come.

Unbelievable (2019)

This gripping miniseries follows two detectives as they pursue a serial rapist, which leads them to the assault of a young woman who was originally disbelieved and was later charged with a crime after reporting the incident.

This culturally relevant series has a fascinating amount of inquiry and drama, keeping viewers fascinated right up to the finish, while being difficult to watch at times. This thriller will appeal to fans who enjoy a typical cat-and-mouse plot with compelling lead characters and a satisfying conclusion. This perspective will appeal to viewers who prefer stories about victims and detectives working in a male-dominated system.

Under The Banner Of Heaven (2022)

Detective Jeb Pyre (Andrew Garfield) investigates the death of a woman and her small child in suburban Salt Lake City in this crime drama miniseries. This story becomes darker and bigger than anyone thought as he finds hidden facts and the implications of unwavering faith.

Under the Banner of Heaven is a great choice for Deep Water lovers who don’t want to commit to a long series. This show, like the recent Hulu smash film, focuses on crime and a difficult issue while providing the audience with a truly unique story.

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