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10 Shows You’ll Enjoy If You Liked Elite | Similar Shows Like Elite


Elite is the show for you if you enjoy high-society criminal dramas. From class to drama to romance to crime, Elite has it all. It’s one of Netflix’s most popular shows, but it’s also one of the most controversial. Elite is one of the most popular teen dramas on Netflix. So, if you like teen drama/crime, this is the one to see. And if you’ve already finished watching Elite, I have some recommendations for similar shows. Continue reading to learn about the top ten series that are comparable to Elite.

Elite begins with three kids from the working class enrolling in a prestigious university. Except for these three, all of the students are from the upper crust. As a result, there is class imbalance, bullying, and people attempting to fit in. When things get violent, however, the water goes over the head. I don’t mean fistfights or wrestles when I say violent; I’m referring to actual murders. Things start to get darker and darker as the show progresses.

A lot of individuals are interested in teen crime dramas. When you add in the high-class society and cultural disparity, you’ve got yourself a real treat. Let’s take a look at other series that are similar to Elite in terms of high-octane drama.


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Baby is a lesser-known but scandalous series about a teen who leads a double life. It’s a Netflix Italian TV series with a lot of adult content. Elite isn’t far behind when it comes to explicit content.
Furthermore, Baby is about a student at a prestigious university. Unlike Elite, though, the protagonist is looking for herself outside of school. As a result, she becomes involved in sex work. The story is unusual and contentious, and it is thought to be loosely based on true events.
If you’re a fan of Elite, you must enjoy the mystery, betrayal, and excitement of accomplishing things that aren’t expected of you. As a result, you should watch Baby because it contains all of those aspects.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is one of the series that is similar to Elite. Following The Vampire Diaries and Riverdale, it’s another supernatural teen drama. Sabrina, Netflix’s favorite half-witch, half-mortal, and her adventure are adored by viewers.

Sabrina is worth seeing for its exciting plotlines and escapades. Sabrina deals with nasty supernatural stuff while the Elite adolescents deal with inner circle disputes. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, on the other hand, is exclusively about her. Elite, on the other hand, is more about communities. Nonetheless, if you enjoy drama, crime, thrillers, and all of the above, you will not be disappointed by any of these shows.


If teen dramas are your thing, I’m sure you’ve already watched Euphoria. One of the most popular shows in this genre on television right now. Euphoria is a dark hole of a series, despite its reputation and praises. The extreme quantity of nudity and narcotics will get you off to a bad start, but it will not stop you from bingeing. Despite the fact that it is an exaggeration of what high school life is like, *the emphasis on the high* is partly accurate.

It has it all, from snark and drama to abuse and brutality, to name a few elements. With its connections, love, sex, and wealthy people’s concerns, Elite exudes euphoria. If you enjoyed Elite, Euphoria is the booster pack for you.

Euphoria and Elite, on the other hand, have slightly distinct themes. Although the former is not as lethal as the latter, blatant nudity is undoubtedly widespread here. Both shows are scandalous, but they are a must-see for aficionados of teen dramas.

Outer Banks

Outer Banks is one of Netflix’s most popular series right now. And it’s gotten a lot of positive feedback for its shooting style, location, and acting abilities. The series’ fundamental subject, though, is its essential goodness. Unlike dramas like Elite and Riverdale, 13 Reasons Why, there are no gray characters; everyone is either good or bad.

A group of friends navigate through the challenges that stand in their way of achieving their ultimate aim. And, of course, there’s a lot of drama, intrigue, and adventure in this one. Fans of Outer Banks adore it for its realistic themes and surprise tale. The stakes are always high since the show can take you anywhere. Similarly, the unexpected twists and turns in Elite make the show worthwhile.


Riverdale comes to mind when you think of crime, teen turmoil, and all kinds of strange stuff. The show was a huge sensation because of its dark plots and darker characters, but it lost viewers’ attention over time. It went too far, though, with odd twists and turns and individuals treating dead bodies as if they were persons. Riverdale still has a devoted and close-knit fanbase.

The show contains a significant amount of killings, intrigue, and drama, making it a close competitor to Elite. Riverdale follows the pupils of Riverdale High School and delves into the darker aspects of the main character. Elite’s characters are likewise in a gray region; no one is completely good or evil.

Riverdale is a terrific show to watch if you enjoy all types of drama and calamities.

Sex Education

Sex Education, while not violent, is proactive in addressing uncomfortable themes. It may be too sexually explicit for some, but if you’ve seen Elite, you’re familiar with this. Aside from the explicit aspect, Sex Education is also an exclusive school, or at least the students act as though it is. If you enjoy Elite for its sassiness, you’ll enjoy Sex Education for its abundance of it.
Sex Education also addresses real-life issues such as romance, heartbreak, and family strife, among others. All of the aforementioned is also available in Elite. So, have you decided whether or not to watch this series? What’s holding you back? Just do it! The sex scenes can easily be skipped.

The A-List

Have you ever happened upon a show and binge-watched it? I’ve got one, and it’s this one. Surprisingly, it was entertaining and left me intrigued. A summer camp excursion turns fatal in The A-List, a supernatural teen drama.

This series is full of twists and turns, and the conclusion will astound you. Although Elite is not supernatural, both shows have a strong drama element. Furthermore, the series’ mystery and romance hold the audience’s attention.

Only two seasons of the series have been released so far, and they are both binge-worthy. And considering Elite season 6 will take a long time to complete, it will be worth the wait. To learn more about that genre, check out this series.

The Society

Are you a book nerd? If you answered yes, you must have read Lord of the Flies by William Golding. ‘The Society,’ a Netflix original series, tells a similar story with a modern twist. In the absence of adults, teenagers attempt to establish law and order in society, resulting in disputes.

‘The Society,’ in addition to the disputes, drama, and killings, is also a satire of contemporary society. When it comes to intrigue, drama, and thrills, it delivers. Although it differs from Elite in that it is establishing a community rather than breaking one. For teen drama enthusiasts, it’s still worth watching.

The Vampire Dairies

I’m sure you’ve heard of yet another incredibly popular show! Despite the presence of 100-year-old vampires, the plot revolves around the lives of high school students. This show doesn’t miss any genre because to its big popularity and extensive seasons. The Vampire Dairies has it all, whether it’s drama, romance, humor, thriller, horror, or crime.

As an Elite enthusiast, I would strongly recommend this series. Despite its length, the series never becomes tedious. Like Elite, it will keep you on the edge of your seat. However, there is more history than mystery in this novel, but it is still a nice one. So, if you have the time, binge-watch it to your heart’s content.

13 Reasons Why

’13 Reasons Why,’ based on Jay Asher’s novel, is Netflix’s most divisive teen drama. It has been chastised for its bare depiction of delicate themes such as rape, gun violence, suicide, and so on. Despite its provocative scenes, this series received a lot of attention.

Hannah’s persistent bullying, which resulted in her suicide, links the dots between the Elite’s Class Wars and Murder. Although, unlike ’13 Reasons Why,’ ’13 Reasons Why’ does not feature a rich vs. poor scenario. However, Bryce’s privileges as a wealthy white jock at the school allowed him to get glimpses of it.

This show, like Elite, depicts the evil side of society in a gentle manner. Also, it depicts situations that any young person could find themselves in. This show stands out because of its relatability and genuine representation. If you prefer dramas like Elite, then 13 Reasons Why is the one for you.

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