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7 Shows You’ll Enjoy if You Liked Netflix’s Welcome to Eden


Because it is easier for someone to go missing in far-flung regions, thriller dramas frequently feature remote islands. ‘Welcome to Eden’ (originally titled ‘Bienvenidos an Edén’) is a stylish and frightening thriller series created by Joaqun Górriz and Guillermo López Sánchez that brings us to one such unknown island.

With the inquisition, Zoa and four gorgeous young adults receive a word from Eden, and their lives take a dark turn. They arrive on Eden, which appears to be a beautiful island ideal for partying. However, when they attempt “the Blue Eden,” the island transforms into a claustrophobic nightmare. You must be seeking for similar entries after watching the series. In that scenario, we might be able to offer some suggestions. On Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime, you can watch most of these shows that are similar to ‘Welcome to Eden.’

Lost (2004-2010)

If you were born in the 1990s, you may be familiar with the critically acclaimed mystery adventure series “Lost.” With the brilliance of their writing, creators Jeffrey Lieber, J. J. Abrams, and Damon Lindelof were able to create an immersive experience. Survivors of a terrifying plane disaster find themselves stranded on an island.

They strive to make things function as a society with the natural reserve of the illusion of an island, which has limitless plot possibilities. Even though the plot does not follow a precise genre, all of the story arcs are intriguing. This series is arguably the forefather of island-based adventures. If you’re looking for a show similar to ‘Welcome to Eden,’ with equal parts festivity and terror, this is a great drama to satisfy your binge-watching hunger.

Midnight Mass (2021)

‘Ouija: Origin of Evil’ star Mike Flanagan lends chills to Netflix’s spooky horror series ‘Midnight Mass.’ The story takes place on an island fishing hamlet and shows the power of belief. The locals’ lives take a southerly turn once a young priest arrives in the village’s solitary church.

People anxiously pray for divine intervention as miraculous and alarming events break the community’s calm. The mystery drama’s success comes from its concentration on character studies rather than cheap spooks. This is a show you can count on if you’re looking for a show to follow ‘Welcome to Eden’ that turns a setting into a character.

Summer Heat (2022-)

The Brazilian Netflix original ‘Summer Heat’ (formerly ‘Temporada de Vero’) is nothing short of a joyful travel experience, directed by the team of Michel Carvalho, Ana Pacheco, and Natalia Piserni. Maresia Hotel recruits new interns as the busy summer season approaches in a thinly inhabited vacation town on an island off the coast of Brazil. A new generation of teenagers is chasing their feelings and goals, living in the moment while the future unfolds. If ‘Welcome to Eden’ made you want to go on a vacation, this coming-of-age romance trilogy will make you want to go even more.

The A-List (2018-)

‘The A-list,’ a British supernatural thriller series, is the brainchild of Dan Berlinka and Nina Metivier. Peregrine Island is a fascinating place full of history, intrigues, and time-bending dark magic, as well as a summer camp. When a motley gang gets on the island, how will they get off?

Mia is immediately shunned after arriving on the island. Amber, who dies and resurrects shortly after, develops a natural disdain for her. The island gradually reveals its hidden treasures. This is the series for you if you enjoy ‘Welcome to Eden’ and are looking for something with a hint of the supernatural.

The Stranded (2019)

The Thai-original mystery adventure series ‘The Stranded,’ created by Christian James Durso, highlights human tenacity by placing the story in the heart of a natural disaster. Students from all around Thailand attend a small private school on an island in Thailand.

In the event of a huge tsunami, however, the stranded kids on the island must act individually and discover a way out. With a strong cast ensemble and a realistic ambiance of fear, the series is great for binge-watching. After ‘Welcome to Eden,’ this is a show to add to your bucket list if you’re seeking for another series in which characters become stranded in a distant region.

The Wilds (2020-)

Only because of its captivating plot arcs does Sarah Streicher’s Amazon Prime original thriller series ‘The Wilds’ deserve a spot on the list. Teenage ladies from various social and ethnic origins band together on a lonely island to confront an unseen enemy. They become the subjects of a dangerous social experiment as soon as they arrive.

Due to the microcosmic part of the tale, critics have compared the series to ‘Lord of the Flies,’ while the gendered aspect provides food for thought. If you’re seeking for another island-themed thriller after ‘Welcome to Eden,’ but want something with a female protagonist, this program will not disappoint.

Wrecked (2016-2018)

Consider ‘Lord of the Flies’ as a raunchy comedy full of misunderstandings and pranks. You might earn a title like ‘Wrecked.’ The sitcom, which was created by Jordan Shipley and Justin Shipley, begins with an aircraft disaster. The passengers are stranded on an island near Thailand and must fend for themselves without contact with the outside world.

Meanwhile, because to differing viewpoints, two burgeoning buddies find themselves at odds with the rest of the passengers. As a result, we get a roaming and raucous drama with a diverse cast. This is a series that will keep you entertained if you want to preserve the island theme after ‘Welcome to Eden,’ but alter the mood to comedy.

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