Somebody(Netflix) Ending Explained: Why Does Kim Sum Kill Seong Yun-o?

The Netflix original film “Somebody” tells the tale of Kim Sum, a young woman who falls in love with Seong Yun-o, a serial killer. He lures women using the app Sum built, then kills them mercilessly. The focus of the show is on the incidents that caused them to become entangled in one another’s messes. Things get even more complicated when they grow romantically involved, and towards the conclusion, each of them must make some extremely challenging choices. Here, we examine the final episode’s activities and determine the significance of the ending. Spoilers follow.

Somebody Plot Synopsis

Kim Sum has never had the best luck understanding other people. She never did find someone with whom she could fully relate since the sentiment has been returned. She believes that the reason she can’t connect with others is because she is often too shy to talk to them. She develops the Someone app to address this. She wants to locate her soul partner with the aid of the AI chatbot. She and her partner, Samantha, make money off of the app as it becomes popularity in the interim.

While many couples find happiness through the app, there is one individual who uses it to murder women. Seong Yun-o picks up girls and kills them while hiding his identity by setting up multiple identities on the app. Kim Sum locates him after noticing his pattern, but she ultimately connects with him. When it is revealed that Seong Yun-o nearly killed Sum’s best friend, Gi-eun, this results in a love relationship that becomes even more dangerous.

Somebody Ending: Why Does Kim Sum Kill Seong Yun-o?

Finding someone who could relate to Kim Sum was all she ever desired. She often had to fake her way out of feelings since she found it difficult to undress them. However, Yun-o accepts her for who she is when they first meet. When she informs him about her gloomy thoughts, he doesn’t back away, and he is also unconcerned by her lack of expression. In a similar vein, Sum is unconcerned about Yun-actions o’s or reproaches. She gives him a chance even though she is aware that he is the one abusing her app.

Over time, Sum and Yun-o develop a close bond, to the point where Sum is unable to let him go, even after learning that he was the one who abandoned his best friend for dead. While Gi-eun and Mok-won work to hold Yun-o accountable for his actions, Sum refuses to intervene, even though she has the power to change the situation in their favour. The depth of her loyalty persuades Yun-o that he can see a future for the two of them together, and he begins construction on a home for them. In the previous episode, he called her to meet at this location. But he is unaware of how much has altered since then.

Sum is not ready to let go of Yun-o even though she is aware that he is a serial killer since he is the only person she has ever had a connection to, and she worries that she might never find someone like him. Gi-eun and Mok-won were searching for him on their own initiative and without any concrete evidence linking him to his more serious offences. However, when the body of the Princess Snacks woman is discovered, the police now have a real crime they can link to Yun-o. At this point, Gi-eun tells the other officers everything and devises a scheme to capture Yun-o.

We learn that Samantha has been attempting to get rid of Yun-o back at Spectrum as well. She doesn’t like the developing romance between him and Sum, and his trail of bodies isn’t good for the app. In order to bring about Yun-demise, o’s she provides Gi-eun with the data she required from his account via the hacker Fingers. She also produces disturbing phoney videos of Yun-victims o’s and haunts him with them. Yun-o confesses to Sum after having a breakdown as a result of this.

Sum had the element of deniability prior to his confession. His sins were never as real to her since they were never discussed. However, now that he has spoken it aloud, something has changed. Yun-walls o’s are closing in on him, and Sum already knew that, but his revelation makes it plain to her that he won’t be able to escape for long. He is going to be caught sooner rather than later since he has lost his edge.

Sum determines that she should write the final chapter of Yun-tale o’s because she is aware that he would die. Similar to the cat from the opening episode. She was aware that it was severely hurt and that no one was coming to assist it. As a result, Sum decides to put it to death rather than watch it suffer. The same thing happens with Yun-o. Spectrum is aware of his whereabouts, and Gi-eun is accompanied by the entire police force. Yun-o has given up all hope, so Sum ends his suffering.

Is Kim Sum a psychopath?

While Yun-psychopathy o’s is obvious, there are other aspects of Sum that lead us to question whether or not she fits the same description. We are aware that Sum has Asperger’s syndrome, which makes it a little challenging for her to comprehend emotions. Her mother used to illustrate each feeling for her when she was younger. But Sum became addicted to the colour of terror even as a little child. To see if her face would turn purple with dread, she nearly suffocated her mother. She didn’t think about how it might affect her mother.

Sum becomes more familiar with emotions with time and has the ability to mimic and express them when appropriate. Even yet, she has a taste for violence, which only comes to light when she murders one of the men who attempt to rape her after accepting Agape’s (who was actually Yun-o) invitation to a phoney date. Sum acknowledges that she felt euphoric after killing the man, but she also becomes aware of her own emotions.

Sum is aware that feeling better after killing someone is bad. She is aware of the need to rid herself of this sensation even though she is not entirely aware of the emotion. She becomes increasingly drawn to this darkness the more time she spends with Yun-o. She asks Mok-won for assistance in banishing this darkness from her as a result. And this is the evidence that shows Sum is not a true psychopath.

Every single one of us has the capacity to act improperly, but the majority of us pay attention to our conscience. Whatever dark ideas we may have, the fact that we never act on them speaks volumes about the state of a person’s psyche. Sum belongs to the group of regular individuals. She kills a living thing with a blade three different times. It is the hurt cat the first time. Even if it seems a little scary, it is not an entirely immoral conduct. In reality, common people frequently put animals to death. As a result, Sum’s behaviour is identical to everyone else’s.

When Sum feels threatened, she murders someone for the second time. Sum really believes that the men are attempting to rape her, despite the fact that Yun-o is to blame for the confusion. She murders the man out of self-defense, just like any other person would have done. She claims it made her feel amazing, but she doesn’t kill anyone else on purpose afterward. This demonstrates that, unlike a psychopath, she has complete control over her urges.

Things are noticeably less black and white the last time Sum murders someone, and it is at this point that it is crucial to keep in mind that she does not perceive the world in the same way that most people do. Sum disagrees with the prevailing belief that humans are off limits when it comes to compassion killing. It makes logical for her to kill Yun-o because, in the end, she sees no difference between him and the defenceless cat. If she could have prevented it and if there had been any chance for him, she would have let him flee. All along, she had made every effort to keep him safe. However, it became apparent that Yun-o had little chance of making amends in the end. As a result, she too murdered him, just like the cat. This goal distinguishes her from people like Yun-o and demonstrates that while Sum is many things, she is not a psychopath.

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