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List Of All Stephen King Movies/Shows You Can Watch On Netflix

Stephen King is one of the rare authors who has written so many stories. He is one of the most widely read authors in the world, and while his outstanding storytelling is one reason for this, the sheer number of novels he has published over the course of his long and successful career is another. King has dabbled in a variety of genres, but horror is the one that has become synonymous with his name. He based the stories on well-known mystical creatures, and when he couldn’t find any, he concocted scarier monsters from thin air. The nicest thing about his writing is that it isn’t just a terrifying novel with a lot of scary situations. Instead, unlike most other horror stories, his stories nearly always include a deep psychological or philosophical undertone, making them far more important works of literature. King is also the author who has had the most of his books adapted for the screen. Films based on the works of this master of horror have been made by directors ranging from Brian de Palma to Stanley Kubrick. While horror films based on his books are well-known, emotional films such as ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ and ‘The Green Mile’ are also examples of King’s brilliance, and only serve to demonstrate his breadth.

With each successive book, King has spun his web to create deadly worlds, from sci-fi worlds to the coven of witches. He has picked intriguing plots for his works, often drawing inspiration from everyday objects. And in doing so, he’d opened the door to paranoia in everyone who finds themselves in a position that’s even vaguely similar to one of his characters. If you’re a Stephen King fan, here’s a list of really good Stephen King movies and TV shows on Netflix that you can watch right now.

1922 (2017)

In our lives, we all do some horrible things. For the most part, these are minor offenses such as lying to your family/partner or taking something commonplace. It’s reasonable to conclude that these little transgressions wouldn’t keep you alive for long in hell’s scorching heat (or freezing cold, depending on the season!). Some people, on the other hand, do bad things. Even if they manage to get away with it, their conscience (if they have one) continues to bother them. There’s a reason why phrases like “what goes around comes around” are used. And if you’re looking for a story containing such teachings, ‘1922’ is an excellent pick. It begins with a man admitting to his misdeeds before moving on to the events that led to his confession.

Wilf and Arlette live in Nebraska with their adolescent son in 1922. Their marriage has been going through some rough patches, which is why their fights become more heated when they can’t agree on a significant life issue. Arlette has lately inherited land, which she wishes to sell so that they can relocate. Wilf does not want to leave town and wants to cultivate the land. When his wife refuses to follow his orders, he plots with his son to murder her. The scares in ‘1992’ are unlike anything else you’ll see in a horror flick. It’s a narrative of a person’s conscience rotting away, and eventually his life in general, as a result of a crime he did. In the role of Wilfred, Thomas Jane gives a strong performance, capturing the horror that has seeped into his psyche with uncanny realism.

Gerald’s Game (2017)

We can tell Jessie and Gerald’s relationship is going through a hard patch when we first meet them. After some time, the causes for their relationship’s decline become evident, but before they can get any further clarity, something dreadful happens to them. They’d come at a secluded lake cottage to spend some time alone in an attempt to rekindle the spark in their marriage. Gerald binds Jessie’s hands to the bedposts to add some spice to the proceedings, and they quickly begin bickering. Gerald dies of a heart attack in the midst of this, leaving Jessie alone, bound to a bed with no one to help her. Things become much darker for Jessie as darkness falls, and Gerald’s Game becomes a terrifying memory. ‘Gerald’s Game’ is no longer just a ghost story; it has evolved into a psychological study of the protagonist, whose deepest and darkest nightmares come to life as she is stuck with her husband’s body. Carla Gugino’s portrayal of Jessie, the main character, is outstanding, as is Mike Flanagan’s direction, which manages to capture the heart of King’s original novel.

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Haven (2010-2015)

The story of this series is set in the village of Haven, Maine, and follows FBI Special Agent Audrey Parker (Emily Rose) when she visits the town on a significant investigation. She soon notices that the disease known as “The Troubles” is afflicting the majority of the town’s residents. As Parker investigates several causes for the ailment, the possibility that it is caused by something supernatural emerges. Parker also develops a personal connection to the town when she discovers that she can learn more about her mother, who has never been a part of her life, here. Parker quits her position with the FBI and joins the Haven Police Department, feeling a great connection to the community. As she spends more time in Haven, the mysteries begin to reveal themselves one by one. The biggest fault with ‘Haven’ is that it is, to some part, uninspired. The setting and storyline are intriguing, and Emily Rose gives a strong performance as the protagonist. While the series is based on King’s novel ‘The Colorado Kid,’ there are several references to his other works such as ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ and ‘Misery’ throughout the series.

In The Tall Grass (2019)

The book ‘In The Tall Grass,’ written by Stephen King and his son Joe Hill, has been adapted as a Netflix original by filmmaker Vincenzo Natali. The plot of this film is around Becky and Cal DeMuth, a sister and brother who are in San Diego to give up Becky’s child for adoption. When they come to a halt in front of a church, the siblings hear a boy calling out for aid from a tall grass field. Concerned, the siblings explore the field, only to discover that they are unable to locate the youngster in question or to escape. With the passage of time, it becomes evident that the field of grass has a life of its own, capable of warping space and time within its domain.

There are varied feelings regarding this film. First and foremost, Natali has managed to keep true to his source material while also evoking the strange atmosphere that is inherent in King’s writing. The performers’ performances are likewise pretty impressive. The dialog-writing, which is fairly dull, is where the film loses its charm. The film’s tone also swings off the rails at times. This is primarily due to the director’s decision to expand the original novella, which was only a few pages long, into a full-length feature film.

The Mist (2017)

If you’ve already seen the 2007 film adaptation of Stephen King’s ‘The Mist,’ don’t skip this series because the two take the plot in quite different directions. While the film stays true to the source material, the series goes in a different direction. The story starts with a family in Bridgeville, Maine, who has suffered a great loss. As they try to regain their composure, the entire town of Bridgeville is suddenly enveloped in a bizarre dense fog. Going outside is nearly impossible due to the dense fog. Those who dare to venture outside are assassinated by some nefarious entities lurking in the fog. This storm draws people together who would never have met otherwise in a frantic attempt to save their lives. Maintaining one’s sanity in such dreadful circumstances is a big problem in and of itself. Civilization as we know it begins to crumble, and survival is reduced to the most primal and animal instincts. Because of low viewership figures, Spike canceled ‘The Mist’ after the first season. While the use of spectacular effects and the underlying subtext of the series are commendable, the performers’ performances fall flat on their faces.

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