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Stephen Laybutt’s Wife: A Glimpse into Their Life Together

Roberta Laybutt, Stephen Laybutt’s wife, was instrumental in the kidney donation. She was always in favor of Stephen’s choice and was there for him at every turn. Even though Stephen Laybutt is no longer with us, his legacy lives on.

Not just because of his skill on the pitch, the former Socceroo and soccer coach has won over many hearts.

But also for his generosity and altruism off the field. Donating a kidney to save the life of an unknown person was one such act of generosity.

Let’s examine the specifics of Stephen and Roberta’s narrative as well as Stephen’s experience as a kidney donor and soccer player.

Stephen’s dies at 46

Stephen Laybutt, a former Australian football player, passed away recently at the age of 46. In the New South Wales bush, close to Cabarita Beach, his body was found.

Laybutt participated in the 2000 Olympics as an Australian defender for the Socceroos and Newcastle Jets.

He came out as gay in 2008, the year he retired because to an Achilles tendon injury.

As tributes to Laybutt poured in, Football Australia CEO James Johnson emphasized his enduring legacy and beneficial impact both on and off the field.

His death’s circumstances are not thought to be suspicious.

Stephen’s selfless act of kindness

When Stephen was still living, he got some news that would forever alter both his and a stranger’s lives.

He was told that Kevin Knowles, a man he hardly knew, needed a kidney donation very badly. Kevin would have a short life expectancy without a transplant.

Even though Stephen didn’t know Kevin personally, he still felt obligated to assist.

Without hesitation, he made the decision to give his kidney since he felt he would be a good match for Kevin.

Roberta’s Function in the Process of Kidney Donation

Roberta, Stephen wife role in the kidney donation

She accompanied Stephen to all of his appointments and provided him with the necessary support, being there for him at every turn.

However, Roberta supported Kevin and his family as well; it wasn’t only about Stephen.

She discussed the entire procedure in an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald, adding,

“We chose to go for it and hope for the best, even though it was a little frightening. He had changed completely by the time he got back from the operation.

Roberta was therefore more than just a physical presence; she also provided emotional support to all parties.

Her upbeat attitude and unwavering support made the kidney donation a success, benefiting not only Stephen but also Kevin and his family.

Stephen and Roberta’s love story

The tale of Stephen and Roberta’s love is a true fairytale.

The couple reportedly hit it up when they first met at an event and were engaged. Stephen was captivated by Roberta’s grace and beauty right away.

They clicked right away and soon after began dating.

They quickly came to the conclusion that they were destined to be together and made the decision to advance their relationship.

Roberta accepted Stephen’s proposal when he made it! The couple’s family and friends saw the opulent ceremony where they exchanged vows.

Who is Stephen Laybutt’s Wife, Roberta?

Since Laybutt had mostly kept his private life hidden from the public, not much is known about Roberta.

Nonetheless, it’s evident from a number of internet posts that the pair had a love and intimate connection.

Laybutt frequently posted messages on social media expressing his gratitude and love for his wife, calling her his “rock” and “soulmate.”

Laybutt wrote in a 2019 post that included a picture of Roberta and their son at a family vacation destination.

My heart is full every time I’m with my family. My wife and children are my greatest blessings; they motivate me to improve myself every day.

Stephen Laybutt children

The names and ages of Laybutt and Roberta’s two children, a daughter and a son, have not been made public.

With frequent updates and pictures of their kids on social media, the couple gave the impression of being loving parents.

In a heartfelt 2020 post, Laybutt included a picture of himself and his son enjoying a game of soccer and wrote:

One of my biggest delights in life is seeing my son grow up to enjoy soccer as much as I did. I want him to know that, regardless of his decision, I’m proud of him.

It is unknown how Laybutt’s children are handling the loss as they have not yet discussed their father’s passing in public.

Roberta’s role in Stephen’s career

Roberta was Stephen’s most extensive support system while he was alive.

He acknowledges that her unwavering support and inspiration have enabled him to succeed in his line of work.

That being said, Stephen’s sense of style has been influenced by Roberta.

Known for being the most fashionable man on “The Block,” he attributes his sense of style to his wife.

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