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The Walking Dead’s Steven Ogg and Zeljko Ivanek: Real Identities Revealed

A flashback scene from the fourth episode of AMC’s post-apocalyptic series “The Walking Dead: Dead City” provides insight into Negan’s earlier interactions with the Croat. The Saviours’ second-in-command, Simon, told Negan about the crimes the Croat had been perpetrating, particularly the torture of a female he had kidnapped when their group was resolving a problem with the Kingdom. Negan became aware that his ally was a barbarian as a result of the Croat’s activities. The fans may be wondering whether Steven Ogg’s Simon and eljko Ivanek’s Croat are in the original series as the Saviours and their narrative are an essential component of “The Walking Dead.” Let us now offer the solution! Spoilers follow.

Is Steven Ogg’s Simon in The Walking Dead?

Yes, Simon from “The Walking Dead” is played by Steven Ogg. The persona first appears as a prominent Saviour in the sixth season finale. Simon acts as Negan’s right-hand man and the group’s second-in-command at first as the head of the Saviours. He is one of the few known survivors who the ruthless Negan believes to be too violent and crazy. Simon’s ability to foresee their route choices helps the Saviours to successfully capture the Rick Grimes-led force. Then he directs the building of obstacles to halt the gang and surprise them.

was the croat in the original walking dead,zeljko ivanek walking dead,how does negan know the croat,the croat twd actor

Unlike his leader Negan, Simon has always had a taste for blood. Simon chooses to kill numerous people without any thought, whereas the latter chooses to kill a few to terrorise many. He murders every teenager in the Scavengers and every adult male survivor living in Oceanside, especially when the latter group decides to start a rebellion against the Saviours. Simon gradually establishes himself as an unavoidable presence in Hilltop and Alexandria after moving there to terrorise the locals. Simon wants to wipe out every community that opposes the Saviours, in contrast to Negan, who wants the Saviours to ultimately bring other communities together for the good of all.

Simon’s life is in danger as a result of Negan and Simon’s disagreement. Simon attempts to topple Negan by organising a coup after growing weary of his tactics and realising they aren’t brutal enough for him. Simon is killed by Negan as retribution for undermining his authority and ideologies. The fifteenth episode of the eighth season is Ogg’s last appearance in the show. Does the Croat appear in the original series as Ogg’s Simon considering that he was a former Saviour in “Dead City”? Let’s investigate.

Is Željko Ivanek’s Croat in The Walking Dead?

Eljko Ivanek’s Croat isn’t in “The Walking Dead,” to be exact. The character was first imagined by “Dead City” creator Eli Jorné and his writing staff. Even though the Croat belonged to the Saviours, he fled the area before Rick Grimes’ party in “The Walking Dead” was confronted by the same. Shortly after the zombie apocalypse, the Croat joined the Saviours. At first, Negan believed that the Croatian was a remarkable person who shared many traits with himself and had gained acceptance into the former’s community.

was the croat in the original walking dead,zeljko ivanek walking dead,how does negan know the croat,the croat twd actor

Negan then understands that his brutality is not even close to Croat’s level of viciousness. He got to see the Croat’s true nature as the Saviours’ leader following a conflict with the Kingdom citizens close to the Sanctuary. Following this, the Croat kidnapped a girl on the pretext that she was a scout. The Croat tormented her in order to find out what she knew and what she had been learning, despite the fact that Negan and even Simon disapproved of the same. Negan came to see that the Croat shouldn’t live due to his crimes. The Saviours’ leader made the decision to murder the barbarian by himself, but his single shot had only killed one of the Croat’s ears, not the Croat himself.

The Croat then sprinted away from the Saviours and Negan. The Croat escapes from his leader, and Negan then enters Maggie’s life.

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