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1000-lb Sisters: Why Did Fans Once Thought That Tammy Slaton Is a Liar


Tammy Slaton isn’t the most dependable of the 1000-pound Sisters. Tammy’s fans have lost faith in her after she lied about her health and personal connections.

In 1000-lb Sisters, Tammy Slaton wears a crown and a rainbow.

Tammy Slaton’s admirers believe the reality star has had trouble keeping her word during her time in the spotlight, in addition to trying to stick to her weight loss objectives in 1000-lb Sisters. Tammy has been caught in lies both on and off the set of the Slaton family’s reality show, and her fans have come to believe that honesty isn’t one of her most treasured ideals. Here are all of the instances Tammy has proved that 1000-lb Sisters fans shouldn’t take her word for it, from potentially false harassment accusations to dishonest tales of medical treatment she’s gotten.

Unfortunately, Tammy has often demonstrated that her vision of reality differs from that of the rest of the world, as she has been embroiled in lies and scandal. Fans no longer believe Tammy as a narrator, whether she’s lying about her weight loss efforts in 1000-lb Sisters or being accused of falsifying statements made outside of the reality series.

To be honest, Tammy’s followers are particularly harsh on the reality star after witnessing her unpredictable conduct on television over the last few years. Tammy’s critics have plenty of examples of the entertainer’s outrageous antics to refer to when accusing her of misrepresenting facts, which is unfortunate for the Slaton sister. This is a list of all the occasions Tammy has been accused of being dishonest on and off the set of 1000-lb Sisters.

Tammy’s Boyfriend Drama

Tammy began a love relationship with TikTok user Phillip Redmond in season 3 of 1000-lb Sisters. Phil, who also goes by the moniker BBWKing, was chastised from the outset by Tammy’s family, who believed he would prevent her from accomplishing her weight-loss goals. When Amy Slaton and Chris Combs learned that Phil has a thing for women who weigh more than 350 pounds, they were worried about their sister’s health deteriorating during their relationship. Tammy disclosed that she and Phil had broken up only a few episodes into Season 3, which was fortunate for her siblings. Tammy stated that she was sick of debating with Phil about her fears. The Slaton family’s peace did not last long, however, as Tammy claimed that Phil continued to contact her after she broke up with him. Tammy admitted that she had no choice but to contact the cops when Phil continued to abuse her.

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Fans were understandably concerned for Tammy as she revealed that Phil had been abusing her since their breakup. However, shortly after Tammy revealed her story, Phil’s baby mama contacted TV Shows Ace to clarify the situation. Tammy’s relationship with the TikTok user, according to Phil’s ex, was all made up. Tammy and Phil simply came together to shoot movies for Phil’s TikTok, she claimed, and they were never romantically linked, as Tammy stated in 1000-lb Sisters. Tammy also lied about Phil harassing her, according to Phil’s baby mama. Phil’s ex revealed that Tammy was the one who was always phoning him and that he had to persuade the Slaton sister to leave him alone. Tammy’s fans are disappointed, much like Phil’s ex, to find that she may have lied about something as serious as Phil threatening her on national television.

Tammy’s Failed Weight Loss Journey

Tammy’s persistent lack of success in her weight loss journey is another reason why people have a hard time trusting her. Tammy and Amy began their mutual goal of losing enough weight to qualify for bariatric surgery in season 1, but they have achieved similar progress in the years since they began their fitness journeys. The sisters were told that they needed to follow stringent diets and fitness routines in order to qualify for weight loss surgery. Amy proved herself up to the task during the first season of 1000-lb Sisters, eventually slimming down enough to undergo a gastric bypass operation. Tammy, on the other hand, failed to shed the weight required to be eligible for her own life-saving surgery. Tammy is as far from her weight-loss goals as she’s ever been in Season 3.

While Tammy’s inability to stick to her weight-loss plan irritates viewers, it is her dishonest explanations for her health condition that make followers distrust her. Tammy has chosen to make up lies about why she isn’t making progress rather to face the truth that it is difficult for her to overcome her food addiction and drastically modify her lifestyle. Tammy has a tendency of promising to make changes at her doctor’s appointments but never following through. Tammy claims that Amy is to blame for her weight gain by buying the wrong groceries and not being helpful enough at home. Fans know the truth is that only Tammy can help herself, and they see her propensity of inventing bogus justifications as another proof that the reality star couldn’t tell fact from fiction. Some followers believe Tammy is lying about her desire to change.

Tammy Is Deceptive About Her Medical Help

Tammy has lied about not only how hard she’s trying to lose weight, but also about the medical aid she’s received to deal with her hazardous health situation. Despite the fact that fans of Tammy’s 1000-lb Sisters have been urging her to get professional help as she’s gone further behind on her weight loss objectives, the reality star has been seen downplaying the therapy she’s gotten. Reddit users reviewed a TikTok Tammy posted in May 2021 disputing “lies and rumors” about her going in an assisted care facility. In response to a fan’s assertion that the Slaton sisters weren’t recording a new season because Tammy needed medical attention, Tammy stated that she was living at home and not in a care facility. When Tammy was in a rehabilitation center at the start of 1000-lb Sisters season 3, viewers’ concerns were reinforced.

Tammy was caught in a lie in the season 3 premiere, as she was visibly obtaining medical care while she promised viewers she didn’t need it. Viewers suspected Tammy’s dishonesty continued during her rehab stay, when she stated she wanted to leave the facility before losing 100 pounds due to homesickness. Tammy’s fans believe she simply wanted to get back to her old habits rather than spend time with the family with whom she frequently quarrels. Tammy most recently attempted to dispel fans’ claims that she is receiving medical assistance when she downplayed her doctor’s reasoning for giving her a trach. Tammy revealed in a now-deleted TikTok that her trach was simply put in place in case she had problems breathing, which admirers quickly pointed out is no little matter. 1000-pound Sisters admirers congratulate Tammy for proving that nothing she says can be trusted, from rehab stays to boyfriend problems.

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