Is Tanjiro From Demon Slayer A Real Demon Or He Becomes One Later?

Since episode 1, the majority of fans have also asked this crucial topic, but they have mostly dropped it as the series has gone on, especially after learning that Muzan was the first demon and that there are no people with demon blood in their genes. However, because Muzan once lived as a human, many people are still unsure as to whether Tanjiro is a demon or has the potential to become another Demon King. Does Tanjiro ever turn into a demon, and if so, when?

In Kimetsu No Yaiba, Tanjiro Kamado is not a demon and he does not have any demon genes because there are none. Demons were produced from humans using the blood of Muzan Kibutsuji or by coming into contact with a demon’s blood. Tanjiro did, however, at one point in the series turn into a demon.

That is what I will clarify to all Kimetsu No Yaiba followers to dispel any misconceptions about Tanjiro’s connection to demons. After all, it’s a common motif in some shonen manga series for the protagonist to be at least loosely connected to an aspect of the plot that pertains to the antagonist. As a fan of this fantastic anime/manga series, I’m happy to share everything I’ve discovered about “Demon Tanjiro,” including what it did, how it occurred, and how wonderful it appears (yeah, I adore Tanjiro’s demon form’s artwork!).

Is Tanjiro A Demon?

At the start of the series or at any other moment before the timeframe of the series, Tanjiro was never a demon. Similar to every demon in the story before they changed into demons and began devouring humans, Tanjiro is a pure human. Be aware that despite what their parents’ backgrounds or ancestry may be, there is no such thing as a human with demon genes.

The Origin Of Demons

Let’s briefly review the creation of demons in Kimetsu No Yaiba and the rationale behind why Muzan Kibutsuji, the series’ primary adversary, is connected to all demons. A doctor performed an experiment on Muzan Kibutsuji, a human being, to prevent him from dying. He contracted a terrible illness that would cause him to pass away before he was twenty, which is the cause of this.

The only thing left to do for the therapy to be successful is to take the last dose of the medication the doctor made from a flower called a Blue Spider Lily. Muzan, however, grew weary and impatient with all the medical care given to him since he believed it was only making his condition worse and that there was no way to heal it. He killed the doctor as a result, stopping the procedure in its tracks.

Afterward, Muzan understood that the therapy had been successful because it had stopped the disease’s progression and extended his life. But it also stole his humanity, transforming him into what is now referred to as a Demon. Even though he is a demon, Muzan regrets killing the doctor because he neglected to take the Blue Spider Lily medication, which mitigates the negative effects of sunburn.

Muzan decided to find the Blue Spider Lily by using his blood to create an army of demons because it is nearly impossible to find and because he is obsessed with walking in the sunlight once more. Muzan was simultaneously hoping that one day he would develop a demon that is impervious to sunlight or one that could locate the blossom for him. Muzan eventually evolved into the Demon King, the series’ most powerful demon and the founder of the demon species, as a result of this.

Therefore, Muzan’s blood is used to make demons. But be aware that demons never give birth or are conceived. Yet another demon has the power to transform another person into one of them. If the demon is strong enough, though it will never surpass Muzan in strength, a human they killed may also transform into a demon if it is exposed to the demon’s blood for long enough. Nezuko, Tanjiro’s sister, was slaughtered by another demon along with the rest of her family, and as a result, she turned into a demon.

The idea that Tanjiro might be a person with demon blood in him is successfully refuted by this evidence. Furthermore, Tanjiro was in no way related to Muzan, as shown by Muzan’s lineage and last name. I have to concede, though, that Tanjiro did eventually turn into a devil during the course of the series.

You will quickly learn the circumstances that led to Tanjiro’s transformation into a demon as you continue reading the text. However, you should be advised that the following information contains significant spoilers. But even so, the points I made above contain spoilers, so I suppose it’s best to continue.

Does Tanjiro Become A Demon?

At some point in the series, Tanjiro changed into a demon. This occurred in the manga’s Chapter 201, which is close to the series’ conclusion. Immediately following the conflict with Muzan, Tanjiro underwent a demon change. But remember that he was also rescued from certain death by his change into a demon. I’ll go over what specifically happened following the decisive battle to provide fans with a review of this.

The sunlight finally killed him for good as Tanjiro and the remaining Hashira struggle to defeat Muzan, who transformed into a child. But Tanjiro eventually died as a result of his serious wounds, as well as from contracting Muzan’s poison, which closed one of his eyes and made him feeble. Yes, Tanjiro passed away at the conclusion of the decisive battle while knelt down and clutching his sword. This was proved by the fact that he no longer breathed and had no pulse.

Tanjiro was transformed into a demon as Muzan used the last of his power to do as he had intended when he gave him a blood injection. Muzan was still somewhat conscious as he was being destroyed by the sunshine. The rationale behind this is that, similar to Nezuko, Tanjiro might gain an immunity to sunlight if transformed into a demon. Muzan also wants this to happen since Yoriichi Tsugikuni, whom Muzan fought in the past, possesses a comparable power to his own.

Tanjiro awoke while Nezuko and Giyu were grieving for Tanjiro’s purportedly dead body as a result. However, Tanjiro this time is a demon who is eager to slay the remaining Demon Slayer Corps members and his former companions. Giyu, who was their buddy and ally, did not think twice to order everyone to kill Tanjiro because the sunshine had no effect on him. Tanjiro became the new Demon King as a result of this and the enormous power increase that came with being a demon.

Why Is Tanjiro A Demon?

Muzan’s ultimate objective, as previously stated, is to consume the Blue Spider Lily in order to become immune to sunlight and to produce a demon that is also resistant to sunlight. Muzan also had faith in Tanjiro’s capacity to accomplish this, much like Nezuko did. In the final battle, Muzan had already decided to inject Tanjiro with his blood.

Tanjiro became a demon by imitating Muzan’s treatment of other demons. But remember that Tanjiro was a highly potent demon as well. This was made feasible by the fact that Yoriichi, another Sun Breathing user and extremely potent demon slayer, shares Tanjiro’s talent and that Tanjiro was changed by coming into close contact with the Demon King’s blood.

Is Tanjiro A Demon King

When Tanjiro became into a demon, he was regarded as the new Demon King. This occurred because the former Demon King was ultimately vanquished and no more demons were there following the Final Battle. Because it was strongly hinted at the end of the conflict that Muzan dissolved because he lacked immunity to sunlight, take notice that Tanjiro was never under Muzan’s control.

You must also keep in mind that Tanjiro’s might was greatly increased when he was transformed into a demon. He received a power boost as a result of his human strength and demon-slaying prowess. His blood is also potent enough to expose a dead human to another demon, which is another reason why his power increased and he became the second Demon King.

Is Tanjiro’s Father A Demon?

Understanding that none of the Kamado family members have demon blood will finally dispel the idea that they do, which is connected to Tanjiro’s demon form’s excessive power. Despite having the Demon Slayer Mark on his forehead like his son, Tanjuro Kamado, Tanjiro’s father, never turned into a demon or a demon slayer.

Does Tanjiro Kill Anyone As A Demon?

The conflict with Tanjiro’s Demon form was only temporary because Nezuko was able to assist Tanjiro in removing his demon curse. When Muzan transformed Tanjiro into a demon in the hopes that Tanjiro would realise his desire, the conflict against Tanjiro began. Giyu made a decent decision by commanding everyone to kill Tanjiro right away and without hesitation because it helped to prepare everyone for the next Demon King and prevent any deaths.

Damages That Tanjiro Caused During His Battle As A Demon

Giyu remarked that one of the remaining Kakushi would have perished if he had not ordered them all and charged through Tanjiro. Giyu nearly lost his life, but Inosuke made an attempt to ambush Tanjiro. Tanjiro, though, deflected his blow with ease. Considering that everyone is now worn out and unable to battle any longer, Inosuke was also set to perish at this point. Nezuko gladly entered the scene, hugged Tanjiro, and urged him to rediscover his humanity.

Now that she is a human, Nezuko suffered injuries in the process, but she was stopped by a Kakushi, Zenitsu, and eventually Inosuke, who struck him in the skull. But Tanjiro resisted them all while sparing no one’s life. Then Tanjiro began extending whips that resembled spines from his back to harm his teammates and was preparing to launch an energy blast from his lips. Even though Nezuko is clinging to her brother and is a human, is within reach of all of his powerful assaults, and has recently tasted blood after hurting his sister, she is surviving.

This is a significant event in Chapter 202 because, while becoming wild, Tanjiro never considered killing his sister. Kanao, who had also interrupted during this scene to persuade Tanjiro not to make Nezuko cry, was punctured by one of Tanjiro’s protrusions but escaped injury. Tanjiro’s human subconsciousness was roused as a result, and he thereafter started an internal battle to turn back into a human. Tanjiro reverted to being a human after Nezuko pleaded with him to stop and he expressed a desire to return home.

To demonstrate that no one was killed by Tanjiro as a demon, I detailed the brief conflict with Tanjiro. This then prevented Tanjiro from maybe spawning a new legion of demons and putting an end to the demon race forever.

Is Tanjiro A Good Demon?

Like his sister and Tamayo, Tanjiro never developed into a decent demon. When Muzan told him to eliminate the Demon Slayer Corps and realise his desire for a demon who could withstand sunlight, the man went on a blinding frenzy. When Tanjiro’s Demon form began combating everyone else, there was not even a hint of hesitancy.

Tanjiro did not hold back as he turned into a demon and attacked all of his allies. Instead, he injured some of his closest pals before showcasing his own Demon Blood Art. He also gradually changed throughout the fight into a more terrifying-looking demon with equally horrifying abilities. Giyu gave the command for everyone to start getting ready for fight right away because of this.

The lone exception came in Chapter 203, immediately following Kanao’s piercing by Tanjiro as she warned him not to let Nezuko cry, when he halted as his inner consciousness fought to stave off Muzan’s demon blood curse. This prevented the demon Tanjiro from going all-out and caused his subconscious to awaken.

What followed was a struggle of wills in Tanjiro’s head as he attempted to fend off the curse, which manifested itself as Muzan grabbing him. As the Muzan in his subconscious tempts him to fully transform into a demon and never return, Tanjiro was given up. But Tanjiro is adamant about returning home and seeing his sister as a real person. Tanjiro eventually overcame the curse and reverted to being human thanks to this, Nezuko and his friends’ assistance, and Tamayo’s humanising medicine.

Despite the fact that Tanjiro’s demon form had no redeeming qualities, Tanjiro’s willpower enabled him to vanquish it within.

What Is Tanjiro’s Demon Blood Art

Demon Blood Art is also present in Tanjiro’s demon form. But in the conflict with him, it was neither identified nor explained. Tanjiro can control every part of his body because to Muzan’s Biokinesis, which is a Demon Blood Art. This is because Tanjiro ingested Muzan’s blood and as a result of Muzan’s last will and testament.

Tanjiro can use whip-like spinal protrusions on his back as either tentacles or genuine whips according to his biokinesis ability. Tanjiro’s actual aptitude with this talent was never made clear, though, because the little time he spent as a mindless rampaging demon was. Most fans agree that Tanjiro’s Demon Form would have been more adept than Muzan if he had a conscious mind.

Another characteristic of Tanjiro’s Blood Demon Art is a regeneration power that is so strong that it can block out sunlight. Tanjiro became immune to the sun as a result. Giyu claimed that Tanjiro’s special skill might make him an invincible demon who is also a highly powerful demon that is almost as powerful as the original Demon King.

His raw power as a demon was not displayed, but he is capable of letting out a terrifying scream that can drive everyone in his vicinity away. As Tanjiro charges it up, he can also use this scream to produce an energy beam powerful enough to erupt a small crater. Tanjiro was interrupted by Nezuko, who clung to him, concealing the full extent of its might.

Tanjiro’s Demon Form

In addition to removing the growth covering his right side of his face, Tanjiro’s change allowed him to recover the arm he had lost in the battle with Muzan. Tanjiro’s eyes were given split pupils as a result of the metamorphosis, just like all the demons in the series. His right jaw also developed a flame-patterned mark in place of his Demon Slayer Mark. When he developed sunlight resistance, a second, smaller flame-like mark also developed on the right side of his head, which extends all the way to his eyebrow.

Additionally, the shape of his distinctive Demon Slayer Mark changed to a flame and became longer. The largest flame mark discovered on Tanjiro’s head is now his Demon Slayer Mark. It appears that all of the flame markings are pointed in the direction of his nose. This is thought to be a sign of his transformation into a more potent demon, as shown in how he shrank the mark after developing solar immunity.

His hands now have claws like those of demons, but his body is still the same. Because to his Blood Demon Art, he now has spine-like protrusions on his back. His eyes got white as he went on a rampage, and now he was standing like a crazy animal on the ground with his hands and feet.

Fans stated that there could be more of Tanjiro’s transformation at this point, as they believed that it was gradually occurring as he is starting to succumb to the curse. But thankfully, Tanjiro’s friends did not let him down, and ended his dreadful and overpowered new form for good.

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