That’s So Raven Cast : Where The Cast Of That’s So Raven Today? (2022)

Raven’s That’s Raven Baxter might be categorised as a variety of things, including a quirky master of disguises, aspiring fashion designer, and Disney Channel royalty, but unquestionably her most well-known trait is that of a remarkable young clairvoyant. The Disney Channel sitcom That’s So Raven chronicled the exciting exploits of a high school Raven, her close friends, and her family of four. It had a 100 episode run from 2003 to 2007 and, according to The AV Club, was once the most popular Disney show ever. And justifiably so: no one could pull off Raven-physical Symoné’s humour, impersonations, and catchphrases, which undoubtedly had a big impact on how kids used terms like “Oh snap!” and “Ya nasty.”

Due to That’s So Raven’s enduring appeal, two spinoffs were created. The 2007 television series Cory in the House followed Cory, Raven’s younger brother, as he moved to Washington, DC with his father when the latter was hired as the president’s personal chef. In the show’s reincarnation, Raven’s Home, which is presently in its fifth season, Raven and Chelsea changed roles ten years later to become parents and roommates. Here are the current locations of the remaining That’s So Raven cast members and the returning cast members as not all characters from the original show returned for the relaunch.


Anneliese van der Pol

Chelsea Daniels was an animal-loving, vegetarian environmentalist and airhead, the exact antithesis of her cool fashionista best friend. She was “the dumb one” of the trio of closest friends, even though she was undoubtedly knowledgeable about all things natural (or the “three blind mice,” as she once referred to them when she couldn’t think of a better moniker). On the original series and its sequel, she was portrayed by Anneliese van der Pol. Her character was recently divorced and had a kid named Levi. Since her days as a cast member on the venerable children’s network, Van der Pol has dabbled in musical theatre. She played Lily St. Regis in Annie and the titular role in Thoroughly Modern Millie, among other recent projects. Like the majority of the cast, the actress hasn’t specifically confirmed why she won’t be back for Raven’s Home’s fifth season, although some speculate that it’s because of the altered plot or other commitments. She is now performing in the US as a member of the Disney Princess: the Concert cast for the spring of 2022.

Kyle Massey

Some people were perplexed when Disney+ launched in 2019 and they were able to watch Wizards of Waverly Place and The Suite Life of Zack and Cody but not the classic Cory in the House. Some believed that the show’s arrival on the platform had just been delayed, but after Kyle Massey, who starred in it, was found guilty of having improper communication with a minor in 2008, users came to the conclusion that Raven’s younger brother had died. Massey assumed the role of Cory and the Boys’ obnoxious younger sibling/lead singer about 20 years ago. The band is best known for their number-one singles “Feeling the Love” and “Loving the Feeling.” He thereafter became the star of the aforementioned programme, in which his persona was thrust into the opulent world of Washington, DC, along with fresh faces. Even though he disputed all accusations, Cory in the House soon turned into Cory in the Big House. Prior to the lawsuit, however, Massey had provided the voice of Cory Baxter in Disney’s Fish Hooks and had also provided the voice of Milo in Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Orlando Brown

Orlando Brown portrayed Eddie Thomas, an aspiring rapper and basketball player, who was Raven’s second-best friend. The actor managed to voice Sticky Webb on The Proud Family and the titular character in Fillmore! while still juggling his roles as Raven and Chelsea’s best buddy. When The Proud Family was revived in 2021, the most of the original cast and characters returned, although Brown’s character was eliminated because of his legal troubles. He was detained in 2016 and accused of, among other things, narcotics possession and domestic assault. He was detained once more for using illegal drugs in 2018 after being released. He appears to have changed his ways as of 2021 and is now a graduate of a religiously centred recovery facility.


In addition to Raven Baxter, Raven-Symoné portrayed many additional characters over the course of the show’s four seasons. She once pretended to be a Russian gymnast to impress a cute boy, she once disguised herself as a plumber to spy on her best pals, and she once pretended to be a pop star named Liz Anya to save her father from losing his job. Whatever the disguise, Raven was always fast to create a mask when necessary. The same is true of Raven’s Home, where the part-time waitress, plumber, exterminator, and security guard has also been involved in many facades. Since 2017, Raven-Symoné has portrayed a mother of two who is divorced from Devon Carter, the love interest from her first TV programme. The series temporarily ended in 2021, but was then renewed for a fifth season in 2022, with just the title character, her son Booker, and her father Victor returning. In addition to her work on the show, Raven has been in repeat episodes of the television series Black-ish and The Bold Type, as well as on The Masked Singer, Celebrity Family Feud, and Celebrity Wheel of Fortune.


Rondell Sheridan

Rondell Sheridan, a chef and the proprietor of his restaurant, The Chill Grill, portrayed the role of Raven’s father in the Disney film thats-so-Raven. Sheridan had one-off appearances in Hannah Montana, another Disney hit, and The Jadagrace Show after finishing his role as Victor. Victor is the only character to appear on every Raven franchise episode, with the exception of Raven, who made a cameo on the 2007 spinoff. Before becoming a series regular, the 63-year-old actor had a minor role on Raven’s Home and only appeared in one episode. Raven has made it her job to take care of her father after he has a heart attack since returning to her San Francisco home.

T’keyah Crystal Keymáh

You lost out on a lot if you started watching That’s So Raven in season 4, and Raven’s mother Tanya is probably unfamiliar to you. T’keyah For the first three seasons, Crystal Keymáh played the matriarch of the Baxter family before her character was written off to go study in England. But in truth, the actress had left the programme to take care of her elderly grandma. Prior to her foray into the Disney world, Keymáh was most known for the sketch comedy In Living Color. She had previously done voice work, lending her voice to characters on Static Shock, American Dragon: Jake Long, and Teen Titans. Keymáh most recently made an appearance in the Arkansas production of School Girls: or the African Mean Girls. The “Tools of the Trade: What Every Actor Needs to Conduct the Business of Acting” artistic session she ran was also free. She has not yet appeared on Raven’s Home, although she has been mentioned a few times, and now that her character’s spouse is a cast member, there is a chance that she may.


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