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Tiffany Hill Murder: Tragic Details Surrounding Keland Hill’s Death

The horrific murder of Tiffany Hill, a 35-year-old mother of three, in a school parking lot in Vancouver, Washington, on a late November 2019 day, is the subject of Peacock’s “Meet, Marry, Murder: Hill.” A state law requiring suspects facing domestic abuse claims to wear tracking devices that would send notifications to the victim’s phone within 1,000 feet was passed in response to the horrific crime.

How Did Tiffany Hill Die?

On April 16, 1984, Tiffany Ojeda Hill was born in Brooklyn, Kings County, New York, to Aurea Conde and Jesus Ojeda Jr. Before attending McKinley Junior High School during her middle school years, she first attended P.S. 131 Elementary School. After completing her education at John Dewey High School, she enlisted in the US Marine Corps in 2005. She served two years as an Iraqi post employee after being sent there in 2007. Tiffany was medically released from the military with honours due to injuries she sustained while serving.

keland hill obituary,tiffany hill obituary,tiffany hill judge,judge john fairgrieve,tiffany hill murder keland hill

The Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal, the National Defence Service Medal, the Iraq Campaign Medal, the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, and the Navy Sea Service Deployment Medal were among the other service honours she was given. “Tiffany was so sweet and good,” recalled Aurea. She was kind to everyone and would put everything on hold to help those in need. Autumn Hailey Hill, Kayla Autumn Hill, Cameron David Hill, and Jasmine Elise Hill were her four gorgeous children, and she was a loving and devoted mother to them all.

Around 3:15 p.m. on November 26, 2019, the 35-year-old was parked in front of Sarah J. Anderson Elementary, her children’s elementary school, in Hazel Dell, Vancouver, in Clark County, Washington, with her mother and three kids in her Toyota Sienna minivan. Unexpectedly, a gunman with a semi-automatic weapon started shooting at them, killing Tiffany. After being brought to the PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Centre, she passed away from her wounds. The car had a big hole in the driver’s window and four bullet holes in the windscreen.

Who Killed Tiffany Hill?

The programme claimed that Tiffany had a lengthy history of domestic violence at the hands of her divorcing husband, Keland Hill. She filed a petition for a no-contact order against him on September 11, 2019. According to official documents, she suffered from a number of upsetting situations that resulted in serious injuries, including whiplash and a concussion. Keland chased her down a flight of stairs into the garage, locked her out of their bedroom, threw her against a wall, and took her phone away to stop her from contacting 911.

keland hill obituary,tiffany hill obituary,tiffany hill judge,judge john fairgrieve,tiffany hill murder keland hill

According to court filings, Keland started using derogatory words in front of Tiffany’s children and eventually became physically abusive, which intensified the already disturbing incident. The disturbing episode was purportedly started by an apparently insignificant incident in which she neglected to say even a basic “hi” to him. Tiffany needed physical rehabilitation after the domestic abuse because of her injuries. She also disclosed the upsetting information that her kid, who is seven years old, had seen these horrific occurrences.

Tiff any described her divorced husband as being over three hundred pounds in weight. “He uses his body as a weapon,” she continued. In the petition, she added, “He had done this countless times.” He was previously arrested in North Carolina for attempting to kill me. I dropped the charges because of him. Tiffany also shared her concerns that Keland “would definitely use it against her” if he “got angry and drunk enough” and had a gun. She did, however, remark that she didn’t believe he had a gun.

She filed for a restraining order on October 4 in an attempt to keep him out of their shared home and to prevent him from communicating with her or their three kids. Court records indicate that Keland disregarded the restraining order on multiple occasions. One incident involved him confronting his wife at a restaurant along Northeast Highway 99 on October 10, a few days after she had requested the protective order. On November 7, there was another incident in which Tiffany’s vehicle’s gasoline tank included a GPS tracker, which was found by local enforcement.

Keland was arrested after the event on suspicion of stalking. The deputy prosecutor submitted a motion to increase the bail to $2 million, but the judge in Clark County Superior Court first set the bail at $75,000. He referenced other data as well as Tiffany’s “danger assessment,” which found that there was a “extreme risk” that Keland would hurt the victim. He also brought up Keland’s prior charges in North Carolina and Maryland for abusing Tiffany, even though those cases were dropped.

On November 15, the prosecutor’s move for electronic monitoring was turned down by the court, which also raised Keland’s bail to $250,000. Still, the judge set “intensive conditions” that would only be carried out if he posted bail. According to court documents, Keland posted bail on November 22 and returned to court on November 26, the day of the murder, to ask for permission to drive himself to work. According to an affidavit, the judge gave him permission to visit Hood River and White Salmon, Oregon, but only for work-related reasons.

In a plea, Keland had stated, “I fear for my life.” He is becoming more irate as he persists in breaking the no-contact restriction. He is aware that the kids are the only route to me. I worry about my kids’ security. Her fears were partially realised when Keland opened fire on her vehicle, killing her and injuring her mother Aurea three times in the arm, however Aurea lived. Thankfully, no damage came to the children. According to police sources, he had obtained the rifle illegally after his recent legitimate request for a weapon was denied.

How Did Keland Hill Die?

Keland ignored traffic signals and drove at 75 mph down 78th Street, St. Johns Road, and several other streets, setting off a high-speed police pursuit. He got out of his red Toyota Corolla at the crossroads of Padden Parkway and Andresen Road, shot himself in the head, and died. He had been stuck in heavy afternoon traffic. An adjacent hospital confirmed him dead. Keland previously worked as an assistant programme manager for logistics at Insitu, a Boeing drone division with over 1,000 employees in the Columbia River Gorge.

keland hill obituary,tiffany hill obituary,tiffany hill judge,judge john fairgrieve,tiffany hill murder keland hill

He had reportedly served in the military and worked as a military contractor in Afghanistan before. A brief chase followed, according to Sgt. Brent Waddell, a spokesman for the Clark County Sheriff’s Office. When police were pursuing him, he pulled over at one of the busiest junctions in the county, got out of the car, placed the gun to his head, and killed himself. “Our family is devastated,” said Tabitha Ojeda, Tiffany’s sister. The youngsters have a difficult path ahead of them.

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