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Is TikTok Star Gabe Not Babe Really Dead? What Happened?

The internet is now flooded with rumors of TikTok sensation Gabriel Salazar’s passing the fans are eager to find out the truth of the issue. Gabriel was known by his name Gabe Not Babe on TikTok has been said to have died in a car crash. With the rumors and death hoaxes quite commonplace in the present day We took the decision to investigate and find out the truth behind the claims. We’ll tell you the information we discovered.

Is TikTok Star Gabe Not Babe Dead?

If unconfirmed reports are to be believed, Gabriel Salazar has allegedly died. Rumors of his demise were first reported when a GoFundMe campaign was launched under the TikTok sensation’s name. Its campaign has raised more than $30,000. It was announced on September 27 , by Gabriel’s close friend Chris Vazquez, who wrote, “I don’t know what’s real and what’s not however, he passed in a car crash on September 26 and we couldn’t believe that when we learned. I don’t want to go into the details as it’s difficult for us to even speak about the grief the man went through. I never thought this would happen however now it’s happening us.”

Alongside the GoFundMe campaign Gabriel’s sister as well as close friends have also shared posts about his apparent loss on the internet. First his sister, Danna Salazar, wrote on behalf of Gabriel in her Instagram story with a heartfelt tribute. She also posted the GoFundMe campaign’s URL on her profile on social media. In contrast, Chris Vazquez and Ricky Flores who are believed to be TikTok celebrity’s closest acquaintances, joined Instagram and shared touching messages to Gabriel.

How Did TikTok Star Gabe Not Babe Die?

The alleged death of Gabriel Salazar has is not being confirmed yet by sources from the official authorities the cause of the incident is not known. There are no confirmed reports via social media sites that suggest Not Babe’s cause of dying was a crash in a car on the 26th of September San Antonio, Texas. There are also video clips that purport to provide the specifics of the crash. But, it is important to be aware that since there is an absence of any official verification, the majority of these claims are not substantiated and should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Based on the recent events, we learned that, even though information about Gabriel Salazar’s alleged death was shared via social networks by acquaintances as well as his mother, it is recommended that we must wait for an official confirmation. Strangely, neither major media nor local ones have been able to report on a car crash that is believed to have claimed the TikTok celebrity’s life.

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