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Why Todd Is Breaking Bad’s Most Unsettling & Underrated Character!


In the world of Breaking Bad, there have been a lot of iconic villains, but perhaps none are as disturbing as Todd. Initially employed by an exterminator business that serves as a cover for Walt and Jesse to carry out their cooking, Todd quickly becomes deeply entangled in their business affairs.

Todd is capable of severe brutality and kills without hesitation, despite his outward appearance of kindness and politeness. He is more frightening than some of the other villains since he acts in such a cold, emotionless manner. Here are some instances in which Todd was the most terrifying antagonist on Breaking Bad.

Infatuation With Lydia

One of the top executives working in the drug manufacturing industry is Lydia. Lydia is totally willing to command the murder of everyone who stands in her way despite abhorring the sight of violence. Todd falls head over heads in love with her despite the fact that she has a chilly and businesslike personality.

Todd’s crush on Lydia is the only reason he continues to cook and be involved in the restaurant. Another illustration of his bad behaviour is his preoccupation with her.

Killing Andrea

In the series, Jesse Pinkman endured a great deal of suffering, much of it was caused by Todd. However, the death of Jesse’s former girlfriend Andrea was worse for Jesse than any torture Todd inflicted on him.

Jesse makes an attempt to escape while being held captive in Uncle Jack’s estate. Once he is swiftly apprehended, they determine that he has to be punished. Todd visits Andrea’s home and claims to be a buddy of Jesse who requires assistance. Todd shoots her as she enters the outside as Jesse is made to witness it.

Killing Drew

Todd earns Walt and Jesse’s trust by working diligently and demonstrating his resolve to assist them in their daring train heist. The heist is successfully carried out thanks to Todd, who proves to be a crucial member of the squad. However, they soon come across a young boy named Drew who witnessed what they did.

To ensure there are no witnesses, Todd grabs his gun and murders the young child without hesitation. Todd’s frightening personality comes to light at that precise moment. He keeps Drew’s pet tarantula for himself, which only makes the situation more unsettling.

Killing His Cleaning Lady

The real reason Todd dragged Jesse along with him is finally revealed as they are out running errands in El Camino. The dead body of Todd’s cleaning lady, whom he strangled after she discovered some of his unclean money, is shown to Jesse.

Todd appears to regret having to kill her, but he did it out of concern that she might question the source of the money. Shortly after she passes away, he cooks Jesse and himself some soup as her body is still on the floor.


Running Errands With Jesse

Jesse’s tale was extended in the Breaking Bad movie El Camino, which also featured flashbacks including Todd. Todd and the neo-Nazis force Jesse to live a life that is as miserable and horrifying as you can imagine.

Todd makes the decision to take Jesse along while he conducts some errands in town after Uncle Jack and the others have left. The fact that Todd seems to find it peculiar to use the man he is torturing to help him pick up vehicle parts speaks a lot about his sociopath mentality.

Tempting Jesse With Pizza

Jesse complies with Todd’s instructions, but he nevertheless searches for a way out of his miserable captivity. Todd and Jesse make a pit stop in the desert after working through Todd’s to-do list for the day. Jesse finds his revolver as Todd lets down his guard and asks him to get something from the car.

Instead of threatening Jesse to put the gun down, he makes a commitment to order some pizza for them when they get back to the complex as a way of saying “thank you” for all of Jesse’s hard work. Pizza has never seemed so ominous.

Threatening Skyler

Skyler is forced to respond to many inquiries from Todd and the police when Walt flees from the law. Todd and Jack’s group arrives at Skyler’s house late at night and enters the baby’s room covertly.

Todd calmly informs Skyler that while he recognises her need to speak with the police, she is not allowed to let them know about Lydia. Another time, Todd’s nice and calm approach made the situation considerably creepier.

Torturing Jesse

Walt informs Uncle Jack and his gang that they still owe him for the hit he put out on Jesse for speaking to the police after they kill Hank Shrader. But Todd points out that they should find out because Jesse might have notified the cops about them.

He proposes that they kidnap Jesse and torture him to learn the truth. Todd even offers to perform the torture himself, just as he would offer to pick up trash. What Todd is capable of is demonstrated by subsequently witnessing Jesse in this condition.

Trying To Impress Walt

Todd is attempting to impress a number of people in addition to Lydia. Also fixating on Walter White, he has a strong admiration for him. Todd constantly makes an effort to catch Walt’s eye and is eager to take over as his cooking partner when Jesse leaves.

Todd isn’t even concerned with any potential financial gain from his cuisine. He simply wants to do it well and correctly. He always looks to Walt for praise, much like a highly obnoxious puppy dog.

Uncle Jack

Todd also introduces his Uncle Jack and Jack’s team of tuggers as he becomes more involved in Walt’s world. They occasionally act as assassins for Walt while also leading a white nationalist group.

Todd may not seem to fit in with this tough crowd, but it turns out that he was actually an enforcer for them. The knowledge that Todd is concealing some sinister impulses that manage to appeal to neo-Nazis makes him much scarier.





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