Who Is Tommyinnit? The YouTuber And Twitch Streamer Know For His Minecraft Videos

On the surface, playing video games all day might seem like a waste of time, but TommyInnit sees it differently. He has developed a significant online profile in the previous few years because to his passion for the video game Minecraft. It was obvious that Tommy would attract a large following after just a few months of streaming, and that is exactly what happened. More than 8.6 million people have subscribed to his YouTube account, and the figure is continually growing. While his gaming prowess has been a major draw, he is also adored for his personality and seems to have been destined to be a content creator. Here are 10 things about TommyInnit you probably didn’t know.

He Started On Twitch

The majority of people know TommyInnit with YouTube, however they often aren’t aware that he initially began on Twitch. Even though he enjoys many aspects of Twitch, he advises other players to start on YouTube so they can gain a following before streaming on Twitch.

He’s Only 17

Tommy Innit is a typical teenager in many respects, but in others, his life couldn’t be more dissimilar from that of other young adults. TommyInnit recently reached the age of 17. He has already amassed a larger fan base than anyone three times his age can even fathom at such a young age.

His YouTube Channel Has Hundreds Of Millions Of Views

The first thing that comes to mind when discussing TommyInnit’s success on YouTube is typically his subscriber count. The quantity of views he has, though, is even more astonishing. More than 853 million people have seen his channel in total to date.

He Likes Being Outdoors

TommyInnit is well-known for spending countless hours in front of a screen playing video games, so most people would probably believe that he prefers to spend all of his time indoors. But that is absolutely false. TommyInnit truly enjoys being outside and discovering new places.

He Got A Personal Shoutout From Dwayne Johnson

Despite being an internet celebrity, TommyInnit is not exempt from experiencing stardom. Tommy experienced an extremely thrilling moment in April 2021 when Dwayne Johnson personally tweeted Tommy a happy birthday. Happy MF’n Birthday Tommy, now go eat cake and drink Teremana with a splash of ZOA (really, have a fantastic birthday weekend), Johnson wrote in the tweet.

He Loves Editing Videos

There is no disputing that TommyInnit adores video games, but it isn’t the only aspect of making material for the internet that he finds enjoyable. He really enjoys video editing, which is really one of the reasons he originally wanted to join YouTube. TommyInnit made sure to create excellent videos even before he had a sizable audience.

He Always Knew He Would Become Popular Online

Many influencers will tell you that they began sharing stuff online for amusement and did not have any intentions of becoming well-known. TommyInnit, however, doesn’t feel that way. TommyInnit stated that he always had the impression that he will eventually amass a sizable fanbase in an interview with Lego Maestro. He also didn’t anticipate it to happen as rapidly as it did, though.

He Has A Large Twitter Following

It’s one thing to have a sizable social media following on one particular platform, but it’s far more impressive to have a sizable following on several other networks. TommyInnit has a sizable following on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter in addition to having 2.2 million followers on Twitter. Ironically, TommyInnit doesn’t even tweet frequently.

He’s Had To Address People Drawing Inappropriate Fan Art

Unfortunately, TommyInnit has had to deal with this throughout the length of his streaming career. The internet can be a very dangerous place. On numerous occasions, he came across individuals who created offensive fan art that made him uncomfortable. In response, Tommy said, “Any of this not safe for work, like sex-related fanfic, anything that is on the Wattpad or Twitter, I am not comfortable with, and I do not encourage it.”

His User Name Was Inspired By Local Slang

One of the most crucial components of your online persona is a username. TommyInnit may not be the most peculiar name, but it does have a fascinating backstory. His genuine first name, Thomas, and the British slang phrase “innit,” which means “isn’t it,” served as the basis for TommyInnit’s moniker.

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