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10 Truly Cursed Objects Never To Bring Home – Not Even For A Billion Dollars!


In the course of history, there have emerged such truly evil and malicious incidents surrounding particular items, that even the biggest of critics have been forced to believe that these are some truly cursed objects that are best removed from human contact.

1. Annabelle Doll

Made famous by the movies The Conjuring and then Annabelle, this doll has gone down in history as being one truly evil object. It currently resides in the Warren Occult Museum under heavy protection. It is actually a Raggedy Ann antique doll, that was found by a nursing student named Donna. After she brought the doll home where she lived with another nurse Angie, it started exhibiting paranormal behaviors. Following some botched readings by a psychic medium, the two girls ended up inviting a demon to possess the doll. That’s when they consulted the famous paranormal investigator couple of Ed and Lorraine Warren, who had to exorcise the entire house, and take the doll back with them in their custody.

2. “The Hands Resist Him” Painting

This photograph turned painting of Bill Stoneham as a kid and a neighbour girl that he used to play with, was painted by Stoneham himself, who claims that it is cursed after it caused the death of 3 people associated with it. He created the painting after being inspired by his wife’s poetry by the same title which talked about Stoneham’s struggle as an adopted child. People who have owned the painting claim that they have seen (and in some cases, even videotaped) the children in the background crawling out of the picture and into the real world. It bounced around on eBay for a while, till it finally ended up in a storage pocket in Smith’s gallery in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

3. Myrtles Plantation Mirror

via : Ghosts and Ghouls

The haunted mirror at Myrtles Plantation at St. Francisville, LA is the star of the haunted mansion where it resides. The story behind the mirror is that, poisoned by one the mansion’s slaves, Chloe, three prominent members of the Woodruff family died and their spirits were trapped behind that mirror for eternity. Hand-prints and drip markings appeared on the mirror despite repeated cleaning. Some even claimed to have sighted figure’s in old-fashioned attire in the mirror.

4. Robert the Doll

The story of Robert the doll begins when the Otto family, living in a house (now known as the Artist House) in Key West, Florida mistreated and fired the nurse hired to take care of their son Robert, because they caught her practicing black magic. Before leaving, she gave Robert a lifelike doll which stood 3 feet tall, had buttons for eyes, human hair (believed to be Robert’s), and was filled with straw. Robert used to dress the doll like him, take him everywhere with him, and even sleep with him at night. Soon, however, Robert started demanding to be addressed by his middle name – Gene, claiming that Robert was the doll’s name. After several occurrences, where Gene and the doll were found conversing with each other, and other incidents of misplaced and damaged objects, the doll was taken away and stored in the attic of the house. Years later when Gene inherited the house as a man, he discovered his childhood companion in the attic. He slowly grew more and more attached to the doll again, just like he was in his childhood, and at one point it drove his wife to the point of insanity, and finally to death. Gene followed his wife to the grave soon after. Robert the doll was transferred to the East Martello Museum in Key West, where he still exhibits signs and behaviors of being possessed.

5. The Dybbuk Box

via : Historic Mysteries

Although popularized by a movie, the real Dybbuk Box which moved around on eBay was a very real threat. It was a wine cabinet, supposed to be haunted by a dybbuk (the Jewish term for a genie). After buying it at a yard sale from a Polish family who claimed that it was a Holocaust antique brought over by their Grandma, Kevin Mannis found that the box showed unpleasant signs of being possessed from day 1. After presenting it to his mother, he suffered a stroke and was able to scribble only two words – “hate gift”. After trying and failing to pass it off on to several other family members and friends, he sold it off on eBay, where it finally ended up with Jason Huxton, who has not only been able to keep it with him since then, but also documented all events and occurrences surrounding it.

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6. Busby’s Stoop Chair

Also known as the chair of death, sitting in a local pub, it used to be the favorite chair of a striper named Thomas Busby, who murdered his own father-in-law for sitting in it. While on the way to the gallows for execution, he had stopped by the pub and cursed the chair, saying that anyone who sat in it, would suffer death. The cursed chair has apparently killed every person ho ever sat on it, including some airmen who visited the pub during WWII, a pair of Royal Airforce pilots, a pair of brick layers, a roofer, a cleaning woman and a delivery man. The chair has been handed over to the museum now, were it is kept hanging several feet above the ground so that nobody is tempted to take a seat on it again.

7. Anna Baker’s Wedding Dress

After the daughter of the Baker Mansion – Anna Baker fell in love with a local steelworker, her father Elias Baker forbade their marriage and in turn broke Anna’s heart, who never married and went on to die an old maid. The mansion was then turned into a museum, and a wedding dress was put on display in Anna’s room to signify the tragic turnings of her life. Slowly the dress started gaining a reputation of being haunted. It has been seen to move and even shake violently (especially on full moon nights) within the glass case it is contained in. It turned out was this was the very same dress that Anna had picked out for her wedding, but never got to wear.

8. The Woman From The Lemb Statue

Also referred to as the Goddess of Death, this statue has its origin as far back as the 3500 BC and was thought to be a fertility deity. But after it brought about death to every single family it resided with. Lord Elphont was its first owner. After acquiring the statue, within six years all seven members of his family died. The second owner, Ivor Menucci, had a similar experience; he and his entire family died within four years. And Lord Thompson-Noel’s family, the third to bring the statue into their home, also perished within four years. Eventually it was donated to the Royal Scottish Museum in Edinburgh, Scotland. To top off the mystery, the museum curator who handled the statue died within a year.

9. “The Anguished Man” Painting

“The Anguished Man” was created by a highly disturbed painter, who mixed in his blood with the paint and committed suicide upon its completion. When Sean Robinson inherited the painting, he hung it in his home despite protests from many, including his own wife. Soon after that, they started seeing a dark figure lurking around and the noises of someone crying and scratching. Mr Robinson even videotaped the occurring and the EVP readings around The Anguished Man and gained notoriety by releasing them on the internet.

10. The Basano Vase

When the Basano Vase was unearthed in 1988, it came with a note inside “Beware, this vase brings death”. The message was unheeded, and the vase was auctioned off for a big amount. From there began its journey, passing from hand to hand, and leaving a trail of death behind in its wake. It was eventually taken by the police (after the museum refused to take it in) and buried it somewhere unknown to all.

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