15 Ugly Cartoon Characters Even Disney Couldn’t Make Pretty

Shopping mode includes Mickey Mouse (1928) and Frozen 2 (2019). Disney films have given us many valuable life lessons, from the happiness we experienced during humorous parts to the grief we felt during sad scenes.

The Disney movie characters gave us the confidence to believe in ourselves. Some characters showed us how to conduct ourselves properly.

While others taught us how to do things incorrectly. The “Ugly Characters” are those characters who gave us unpleasant lessons.

These individuals were greedy and constantly had their own interests in mind. Even if some villains in Disney films were attractive, they weren’t only attractive on the outside; they were actually very hideous.

We can use the Evil Queen from the Disney film “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” as an example. She was attractive but a haughty and prideful woman who desired the worst for Snow White; yet, in the end, Snow White’s beauty triumphed.

This demonstrates how someone’s shopping mode destiny also becomes unpleasant when they are on the inside. The attractiveness of the evil queen was therefore useless.

Have we ever discussed the unattractive characters when talking about the charming and compassionate ones? Definitely not.

15 Ugly Disney Characters That Disney Viewers Didn’t Like

Therefore, we have produced a list of the most hideous Disney characters in this post. So let’s belittle them a little and learn about their despicable deeds.

Cruella De Vil

Movie – 101 Dalmatians
As her name suggests, “cruel.” Cruella is a figure who exhibits disdain towards other people. She looks down on people because she believes she is better than them.

She appears fashionable because, as we can see from the coats she wears, she makes them from animal fur.

She only abuses animals to appear kind when in fact she is cruel to them. Animal cruelty perpetrators cannot possibly be attractive.

Drizella Tremaine & Anastasia Tremaine

Movie – Cinderella

These two are very distasteful on the inside as much as the outside. If you are unfamiliar with them, allow me to introduce you to Cinderella’s stepsisters, these two.

Along with Cinderella’s stepmother, they consistently mistreat her. When the prince extended an invitation to the ball, they made every effort to appear elegant. Even Cinderella’s clothing was torn off.

which was Cindrella’s mother, in an effort to outdo her in beauty and win over the wealthy prince charming. (Even if the prince ended up falling in love with Cinderella.)

As a result, Cindrella’s shopping mode fate turned out to be beautiful because she was beautiful on the inside.

Edna Mode

Movie – The Incredibles

A cute Disney character with a shopping mode who is half German and half Japanese while still being amusing.

Edna dislikes supermodels and likes to create bizarre clothes, especially for superheroes. She is a persona of great class and little frame.

Numerous admirers have noted Edna’s short stature and hairdo. Additionally, Linda Hunt, an American actress who made her film debut in Popeye (1980) as Mrs. Oxheart, shares comparable facial features.

Evil Queen/Wicked Queen

Movie – Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs
There is usually one character who is envious of another’s beauty. The “Evil Queen” is now in this position. She is a ruthless witch who strives to be the fairest in the land, to put it briefly.

So when she discovered the answer to her daily question, “Magic mirror in my hand, who is the loveliest in the land?,” through the mirror, how did she feel? “My Queen, you are the fairest in the land,” the mirror invariably responds.

But when the subject is posed to the queen one day, the magic mirror answers that Snow White, the stepdaughter of the evil queen, is the fairest of them all. She becomes envious and does all in her power to ruin Snow White’s beauty and establish herself as the fairest in the country.

She will stop breathing and her blood will coagulate when she cracks the delicate peel to taste the apple in my fingers, and I will then be the fairest in the land. Dark Queen


Movie – Aladdin
This Disney character who is just interested in making purchases poses as the main character’s long-lost uncle (Aladdin). He is terrifying, tall, and dark. He is also regarded as a traitor for tricking the Sultan by assuming the persona of a reliable advisor.

He is a cruel person who wants to rule as “king.” When someone gets in his way, he employs his “Snake Staff,” which he uses to hypnotise them, to perform his evil deeds.

Madame Medusa

Movie – The Rescuers
She has a menacing appearance. Her name conjures up the image of a woman who could make everyone who looked into her eyes turn to stone.

She exhibits greed for diamonds in the film. Nobody should be around her when she becomes angry. She talks strangely, has frighteningly large eyes, and overdoes the cosmetics.

Mother Gothel

Movie – Rapunzel
Rapunzel’s long, healing hair helps the old Gothel to keep her beauty. She is self-centered and will stop at nothing to regain her youth and attractiveness. She was merely using Rapunzel while appearing to adore her.

She doesn’t care about her false and self-centered thinking on the inside, but she does care about how she looks. And we should refrain from learning that.

Mr. Smee

Movie – Peter Pan
Mr. Smee is the kind of person who used to blindly obey his evil leader, to whom he is quite loyal.

He possesses a weapon that he has dubbed “Johnny Corkscrew.” Despite their dread of his big nose and clumsiness, he enjoys children.

Philoctetes (Popularly Known As Phil)

Movie – Hercules

A snobbish, half-man, half-goat character who is easily offended and does not tolerate rudeness. He is regarded as a devoted buddy and has a huge heart.

Phil has two goat-like horns on his head, a beard, a round red nose, and is short and half-bald.

Though his efforts have always fallen short, Phil’s ultimate aim is to be remembered as the trainer who gave birth to the greatest hero of all time. Phil’s effort to elevate Hercules to the status of a hero gave him new hope.

Unattractive characters when shopping Doesn’t watching Disney movies make it more interesting?


Movie – The Hunchback of Notre Dame
The fact that this figure was born with a big wart covering his left eye has led to repeated references to him as being “hideous” or the “Devil’s creation.”

He is the complete opposite, on the other hand. He is actually a kind and creative person. He begins to doubt himself as a result of the insults he receives from others.

He is a great friend who is really worried and protective of his friends.

Queen of Hearts

Movie – Alice in Wonderland
Her nickname, “Queen of Hearts,” does not accurately describe who she is. She ought to be dubbed “Queen Of Arrogance.” She adores hearing how great she is since she is so conceited.

Her actions, which border on the crazy and irritating, get others angry.

She is dressed in a red and black gown with black and yellow patterns. She also calls herself the “Queen” and has a tiny crown on her head.


Movie – Monsters Inc
Given her status as a monster, Roz has a huge neck, which is reasonable. She is a senior citizen with odd hair that is always up and lipstick that partially covers her lips.

She is prone to irrational outbursts, and poor Mike has always been blamed for failing to file the papers.


Movie – The Lion King
The Lion King online shopping In the Disney film, Mufasa and Scar, two brothers, tell their story. Mufasa adored Scar, his lion brother. Mufasa, however, did not have the same emotions.

The scar desired to govern the kingdom and was envious of him.

He hatched a scheme with the hyenas (bad folk) to kill his brother in order to seize the throne.


Movie – The Little Mermaid
She is wearing dozens of grammes of cosmetics, as we can see in the picture, but even with that much makeup on, she doesn’t look particularly attractive.

She is a nefarious sea witch who supported Ariel in her plan to use merpeople as polyps in her garden. Ursula offers to make Ariel into a human in return for her voice.

Ursula believes that by turning Ariel mute, she will be able to force King Triton, Ariel’s father, to bow down in front of her, giving her the power to seduce the Prince and rule the country.

In a nutshell, Ursula needed the trident of King Triton in order to have complete dominion over the waters.


Movie – The Emperor’s New Groove
It’s not especially appealing to be this evil witch. She serves as the emperor Kuzco’s counsellor. She was fired from her position because the emperor caught her making decisions for the throne behind his back.

She planned to murder the emperor because he had fired her and given her the opportunity to succeed him as empress. She uses her naive assistant “Kronk” to carry out her diabolical plot.











So now you are aware of the 15 nasty ones. How much more do you know? Comment below with your answer and we’ll post it. Additionally, please share your thoughts on the aforementioned items!

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