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VIRAL : The Heroic Act By Sahil Batav, Who Stood Up Against The Law Breaker Is Going Insanely Viral


A brave-heart 22-year-old biker, Sahil Batav, who stopped a Mahindra Thar driving on the wrong side of a one-way road, was beaten up in Bhopal. CCTV footage of the incident, which took place Bhopal, the capital city of Madhya Pradesh on November 3, has gone viral on Social Media.

It features a man on the bike who did his duty even when the SUV owner tried to run him over with his SUV. He wasn’t afraid of the consequences; instead, he decided to take a stand against a traffic offender. He made sure that the Mahindra Thar driver does not move any further.

You may say there are many instances on Indian roads where some citizens break the traffic rules and regulations every now and then. We don’t even care to stop such people from doing so but this young biker will give you new hope and he a responsible citizen of the few left.

“I guarded his way because I felt what he did was wrong but he was not regretful at all,” said the state civil services aspirant in an interview to Zee News.


Sahil Batav said in an interview that when he asked the SUV driver to go back to the right lane, he abused him and even tried to run over him a few times.

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After a brief spell of argument, Sahil clicked pictures of the SUV with its license plate. Retaliating to it, the SUV driver also does the same and clicks Biker’s number plate.

Soon after, the driver starts beating the biker, pushing him down the road. The biker hits back in self-defense.

Many onlookers pause to see the incident but only a handful come to help Sahil. Ultimately, when the SUV driver realizes that he is outnumbered, he is seen getting back into his car with his shirt ripped apart. He then flees away from the sight by reversing the car.

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