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Who Was Warren Appleby? Titan’s Season 2 Warren Appleby Tribute Explained


After “Trigon,” the first episode of Titans season 2, concludes, viewers are greeted with a letter honouring the show’s stunt coordinator Warren Appleby. Appleby, a seasoned special effects coordinator, perished on the set of Titans season 2 after an accident. Even if people might not be aware with his name, it’s very likely that they have appreciated his work elsewhere and on Titans.

The incident apparently happened during testing and preparation for a 2019 Titans shoot at a facility off-site. Before they are duplicated on set during a real film, all stunts and special effects are tested under strict controls. When tragedy happened, Warren Appleby was working on a Titans season 2 special effect that entailed turning a car on its side. The vehicle flipped as it should have, but Appleby was struck in the head by a piece of metal that came loose from the chassis. EMTs were called, but Appleby passed away before they could get him to a hospital.

A lengthy and distinguished career came to an end due to the tragedy on the Titans season 2 set. Alongside a large number of outstanding directors for both television shows and movies, Appleby has worked on special effects. As an assistant on the Robocop television series’ visual effects, Appleby worked on his first significant assignment in 1994. Appleby evolved as a trustworthy collaborator for David Cronenberg over time, working with him to create the special effects for both Crash and eXistenZ. Also a major admirer of his work, Guillermo del Toro collaborated with him several times. Warren Appleby created the special effects for the sci-fi TV series Killjoys, the horror drama The Strain, and the Academy Award-winning movie The Shape of Water thanks to this collaboration.

IT: Chapter 2 Also Paid Tribute To Warren Appleby

IT: Chapter Two, another of Warren Appleby’s final works, was coincidentally released on the same day as Titan’s homage to the creator. In a manner similar to Titans, IT: Chapter Two pays respect to Appleby, who worked as the special effects coordinator for IT: Prelude, IT, and its prequel in 2017. Appleby previously served as the special effects coordinator on 11.22.63, a Hulu series based on King’s novel about a man who travels back in time to prevent the assassination of John F. Kennedy. This was not the first time Appleby oversaw the special effects for a work based on one of King’s writings.

In addition to his contributions to Titans season 2, Warren Appleby has had a number of other posthumous works published. His final work included coordinating the special effects for the action comedy My Spy starring Dave Bautista, which was released in theatres in 2020. Jennifer, Appleby’s wife, and their two children will continue to live. Titans’ cast and crew join Screen Rant in sending their sympathies to Appleby’s friends and family.

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