Instead of Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg, the two would become better friends on Netflix. If Netflix’s “Me Time, which is his third collaboration with the streaming giant after “The Man from Toronto” & “Fatherhood,” are not examples enough, then I’m not sure what is.

I LOVE YOU, MAN (2009)

We needn't go too far when discussing a solid buddy comedy. I Love You, Man from 2009, directed by John Hamburg (who also helms Me Time), makes for the ideal double feature with the Kevin Hart picture.

GROWN UPS (2010)

Dennis Dugan's Grown Ups is an essential reference point when discussing shits peeing in the restroom at reunions. Dugan's picture is about five high school pals who reunite for the Fourth of July weekend after being apart for 30 years, making it the ideal double feature for anyone who enjoy films like Me Time.

HALL PASS (2011)

Hall Pass may not stand the test of time  due to its overt sexism, but if you enjoy Me Time on Netflix, be sure to catch Bobby and Peter Farrelly's film as well.

21 & OVER (2013)

21 & Over comes to mind when discussing old buddies reuniting and nearly ruining your life.


The three best buddies are Mikey (Michael B. Jordan), Daniel (Miles Teller), and Jason (Zac Efron). Because of how close they are, they have agreed that if one of them remains unmarried, the others will follow suit.


If you enjoyed Kevin Hart's Me Time on Netflix, Central Intelligence is still a terrific buddy comedy to watch even though it leans more toward the action comedy subgenre.