The historical narrative of the all-female Dahomey Agojie warriors told in The Woman King features a sizable ensemble. Gina Prince-Bythewood of The Old Guard fame directed the film.

Violas Davis as Nanisca

Violas Davis plays Nanisca, a seasoned warrior and general of the Agojie. Davis's role of the evil Amanda Waller in the DC Extended Universe, particularly in the films Suicide Squad, is well-known among her body of work.

Thuso Mbedu as Nawi

In The Woman King, Thuso Mbedu makes her big-screen debut as the aspiring Agojie warrior Nawi. The South African-born Mbedu has previously been in a number of TV shows, including the lead character Boni Khumalo in Saints and Sinners.

Lashana Lynch as Izogie

Izogie, Nanisca's dependable lieutenant in The Woman King, is portrayed by Lashana Lynch.

Sheila Atim as Amenza

Sheila Atim portrays the dream-interpreting Agojie warrior Amenza in The Woman King.

John Boyega as King Ghezo

The Woman Ruler, which is based on real events, features John Boyega as King Ghezo, who was a real king of the Dahomey.

Hero Fiennes Tiffin as Santo Ferreira

Heore Fiennes Tiffin plays Santo Ferreira, a Portuguese businessman involved in the slave trade, in the movie The Woman King.