One of the most watched television programmes ever is Breaking Bad. Having a prequel to such a show is then always difficult because there are so many enormous gaps to fill. Here are 10 ways Better call Saul outdid it's predecessor.

The Show’s Build Up

One of those shows with a strong build-up and a satisfying conclusion is Breaking Bad. Then visualising a show’s prequel doing better is bit tricky, after all the end of the show and what will happen to its characters is predetermined.

Saul is More Relatable Than Walter

Although Walter White (Bryan Lee Cranston) was a fantastic character, Jimmy McGill, a.k.a. Saul Goodman, was more likeable (Bob Odenkirk). The latter began as a Chemistry instructor before evolving into the Meth Lord and ultimately taking on the role of the show's main antagonist.

The Impeccable Character of Kim Wexler

Saying that the programme was about Jimmy McGill or Saul Goodman would be inaccurate. Contrary to Skyler White, the Breaking Bad lead woman, Kim Wexler, stood by his side for virtually the whole duration of the episode (Anna Gunn).

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Original Cast Album: 'Company'

In Better Call Saul, every ancillary character has a clear plot and grows throughout the episodes. The way the characters paved their way in the prequel to the show is outstanding, even though most of them were the same as those in Breaking Bad and we knew the backstory.

Better Representation of Law

There are several TV shows that skirt the law or engage in a direct legal conflict. Better Call Saul has a lot of lawyers, yet the show avoids overwhelming the audience with legal theory.

The Game of Switching Timelines

The first scene of Better Call Saul is built up in the events of Breaking Bad. Following the events of Breaking Bad, Saul is a man named Gene Takovic who resides in Omaha, Nebraska, works at Cinnabon, and is Saul.

Right Amount of Romance

Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul are not the kinds of television programmes you watch to find a significant other. But in order to maintain balance, every programme needs a little bit of romance. 

Right Amount of Humor

The perfect amount of humour elevates these excellent drama thrillers to new heights. Even though Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad both have a fantastic blend of humour, the later comes out somewhat ahead.

The Perfect Villain, Lalo Salamanca

Although the antagonists on both episodes are fantastic, Lalo Salamanca from Better Call Saul is the most evil of them all. In the programme, his character growth is handled superbly.