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14 Weirdest Jobs In The World. Tag A Friend Who Deserves Job No.6


You might think you have the worst job in the world but trust us when we say there are some which are way worse! Don’t believe us? Here take a look at some of the weirdest jobs on the planet!

 1. Professional Ear Cleaner

Yep, it’s a real thing and in our very own India!

Daily Mail

2. Door Closer

The Japanese hire professional shovers to shove the crowd into their trains! Mumbai are you listening?

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3. Cow Fart Smeller

Smell cow farts, write reports. Fun job indeed!


4. Golf Ball Retriever

Watch as rich old men swing the geriatric hips to hit a tiny white ball in a large green area and run like a dog and retrieve it. Easy peasy!


5. Human Scarecrow

Nothing boosts your vanity like a day in the field imitating an inanimate object deemed useful for its ability to scare birds thanks to its grotesque nature!


6. Armpit Smeller

These brave men and women ensure your deodorant keeps you from smelling like a fish stall. Smell ya later!


7.  Professional Mourner

The Chinese are so strapped for tears, they hire people to cry at their weddings. Boo Hoo!

Money | HowStuffWorks

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8. Paint Drying Watcher

This job is so bad it’s literally a term that signifies extreme boredom!


9.  Underwater Pizza Deliverer!

Not the worst job on the list but is it really worth risking that shark attack so some dude in a submarine gets his Margherita on time?


10. Elephant Dresser!

Nothing puts you on the fashion map like your knack for elephant based haute couture!


11. Snake Milker

The job of a snake milker is to collect the venom of poisonous snakes in jars for use in anti-venoms and other medication. This is something not meant for faint hearted.


12. Dog food taster

This job requires people to test Dog food for flavor and texture and compare it with rival brands and guess what they have to do this by tasting new dog food products, including bones, tinned meat and biscuits. Hmm…tastey?


13. Full-time Netflix viewer

Imagine being paid to watch TV all day! Well for one lucky chap this dream has become a reality. Netflix have hired someone to watch all of their content before it is available to the public. The role requiers on to review and assign correct tags to each program, which helps viewers find exactly what they are after. So now you know someone is helping you find the romantic comedy movie you are interested in watching on a Sunday. Let’s wait for other similar positions to open up….

Woman’s Day

14. Marmite Taster

Marmite is made from yeast extract, a by-product of beer brewing. They say you love it or hate it and in the case of St John Skelton, he really takes his appreciation for it to another level. As part of a team of marmite tasters, he is responsible for checking each batch of Marmite for the correct texture, consistency, and flavor. During the last 30 years, he has been working there, he has eaten around 3,000 jars of the stuff!

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