When Calls the Heart Season 9 Finale : Unanswered Questions

Hearties have been abandoned by Hallmark. When Calls the Heart’s season 9 finale left numerous unanswered stories, such as whether a longtime Hope Valley resident will go to prison and what started a fire that damaged a town landmark, for viewers to speculate about while they wait to learn whether the program will be renewed for season 10. After seeing “Rock, A Bye, Baby,” we have the following four major questions.

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for When Calls the Heart Season 9.]

Will Henry Gowen go to prison?

Since season 1, Henry Gowen (Martin Cummins) has advanced significantly. The businessman has come to believe that he is to blame for the mine explosion that happened under his watch and resulted in so many fatalities. Therefore, when he recognized that selling his oil company shares was probably going to result in the mine being reopened, he made the difficult decision to act. He set off an explosion that resulted in a cave-in and briefly prevented the mine from being used.

Henry was told to leave the city by Bill (Jack Wagner), who warned him that Smith and the other investors would not allow his crime go unpunished. However, Henry returned to Hope Valley in a prison wagon in the season finale after turning himself in to the police. Bill promised to do all in his power to keep Henry out of jail, but he had few options while he languished in the Hope Valley jail.

Perhaps because he thinks it will allow him to atone for his part in the deaths of other men, Henry is content with his potential fate. Will he ultimately be found guilty, though? Bill is a capable attorney, but will he be able to provide Henry with the kind of solid defense he needs to avoid going to jail given his health issues (more on that below)?

Is Bill Avery going to be OK (and what’s up with him and Molly)?

The constant requests from Molly (Johannah Newmarch) and Faith (Andrea Brooks) for Bill to undergo a chest X-ray that could identify the issue went unanswered for a significant portion of When Calls the Heart Season 9. The news was bad when Bill finally caved in. He informed Elizabeth (Erin Krakow) that he would be staying in Union City for treatment even though he didn’t state he had cancer. Another worrying signal? He was amending his will as part of organizing his affairs.

Elizabeth was assured by Bill that she didn’t need to be concerned and that he was simply conducting some sensible estate planning. However, it appears that there’s a significant probability that his health issues are worse than he’s saying, which has fans worried about the character’s future on the program.

If Bill’s condition had a positive side, it might have encouraged him and Molly to be more open about their affections for one another. They have been in a flirty relationship for some time, but neither has taken any action. However, Molly wound up traveling with him to his Union City doctor’s appointment. We weren’t there to witness what transpired while they were out, but when Molly got back, she had some important news to break to Faith. Now that Bill is confronting his own mortality, may they have finally spoken openly about their genuine feelings?

Are Nathan and Mei an item?

After Elizabeth rejected him, Nathan (Kevin McGarry) began season 9 still grieving his shattered heart. He brightened up, though, when Mei Sou (Amanda Wong) showed up in town to start working at the new drugstore. The two appeared to be attracted to one another, but problems with a man who claimed to be Mei’s husband put any prospect of a relationship on wait, especially when she had to go back to Chicago to handle the problem.

In the season 9 finale, Mei visited Hope Valley once more. That appears to pave the way for her and Nathan to fall in love during a potential season 10 of the show. However, the Mountie is also appealing to another woman. Faith admitted to Molly that she had become fond of Nathan. He was her patient, therefore she didn’t feel she could do anything about them. She stated that she was relieved when Mei came back since it meant that she and Nathan could continue their relationship. But where is Nathan’s true heart? It’s difficult to ignore the intense moment Nathan and Faith had during the operation.

When Calls the Heart co-executive producer and author Elizabeth Stewart denied to confirm that Mei and Nathan were now dating in an interview with ET. In regards to love and relationships, she declared, “I don’t think it’s safe to presume anything, especially in Hope Valley!”

Who (or what) started the saloon fire?

Finally, a significant fire at the Queen of Hearts bar was shown in the When Calls the Heart Season 9 finale. Despite the fact that nobody was gravely harmed, the fire appeared to have entirely destroyed the structure. But it’s unclear what started the fire. A horrible accident might have occurred. But there’s a potential that it had a darker reason. Now that the sleazy businessman is in jail, Lucas’s (Chris McNally) relations with Wyman Walden (Wesley Salter) appeared to be over. But is it possible that one of his friends chose the saloon as the target of their retaliation?

Whatever the source, Lucas is in an unusual situation professionally as a result of the saloon fire. His other firm has been wrecked, and he has already sold his stock in the oil company. Although he and Elizabeth are engaged, he will soon need to find another job in order to keep himself busy and provide for his growing family.

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