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‘Yellowstone’ Season 5 Release Date Confirmed For 2022 Last Quarter


Earlier this year, it was revealed by Paramount that the fifth season of the popular Western show Yellowstone will begin airing in November. The Dutton family, headed by patriarch John Dutton (Kevin Costner), is the subject of the television show as they struggle to maintain control over the biggest continuous cow ranch in the country.

Since its debut, Taylor Sheridan’s Yellowstone has consistently surpassed audience records for Paramount. 10.3 million viewers watched the Season 4 finale, a 79 percent increase in viewers from the Season 3 finale. Yellowstone became one of Paramount’s most valued holdings, and this is not overreacting. And the production company appears to be aware of this, as Sheridan was engaged to create three prequels to the original series after the main series was swiftly renewed for Season 5.

Sam Elliot, Faith Hill, and Tim McGraw starred in the first Yellowstone spinoff, 1883, which was released by Paramount+ last year. The prequel series recounts the first Dutton family generation to settle in the West and establish the ranch that appears in Yellowstone’s current-day events. The prequel was a success, drawing about 4.9 million people for its first episode. Although 1883 Season 2 hasn’t been formally announced, Paramount has already stated that it plans to continue creating material using the same characters.

Two other prequel series are currently being created. The stars of the first, 1932, will be Hollywood luminaries Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren, and it will follow yet another generation of the Dutton family. The prequel, which takes place amid the Great Depression and the American alcohol prohibition, will examine how different historical periods place unique challenges on the Dutton dynasty.

6666, a prequel that will examine a time when Texas was still governed by Comanches, will move away from the Duttons. 6666 will begin an exciting new era in the Yellowstone series by allowing the universe to expand beyond the confines of a single family. It is set at the storied real-life property Four Sixes Ranch. Because of Paramount’s high hopes for 6666, the prequel series has recently been switched from streaming to linear television.

Season 5 of Yellowstone will be bigger than ever, with 14 episodes instead of 10 like previous seasons. Given the increased content Sheridan is bringing to the programme, viewers might have anticipated that Season 5 production would take longer, but that is not the case. Despite the fact that filming for Season 5 of Yellowstone began this week, the season won’t be finished for viewers for much more than six months. They don’t get much sleep, those cowboys!

6666 and 1932 still have no release date. Yellowstone’s fifth season debuts on Sunday, November 13.

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