Who Are Dena Briscoe and Terrell Worrell From The Anthrax Attacks: In the Shadow of 9/11? Where Are They Now?

The Anthrax Attacks: In the Shadow of 9/11 on Netflix truly lives up to its title, giving us a thorough understanding of the realities of bioterrorism in the US in 2001. After all, it covers every angle, whether it is the use of postal services to send infected letters, the false leads pursued by the FBI, or the possible involvement of Bruce Edwards Ivins. But for now, if you’re just interested in finding out more information regarding postal workers Dena Briscoe and Terrell Worrell, with a focus on their current whereabouts, here’s what we know.

Where is Dena Briscoe Now?

During the second wave of the weaponized powder attacks, the Brentwood Postal Facility, which handled all of Capitol Hill’s mail, unluckily found itself in the line of fire (targetting politicians). Around mid-October 2001, spores began to leak out and infect the entire building, but Dena adamantly insists that the higher-ups initially downplayed the workers’ concerns. Thus, rigorous restrictions weren’t implemented until many of them began to complain about health problems; by then, it was too late for workers Thomas Morris Jr. and Joseph Curseen Jr.

The building was shortly renamed in honour of the deceased pair, but this all served to embolden Dena, who emerged as one of the most outspoken voices demanding specific answers for both herself and the whole workers union. She didn’t even let the respiratory issues, diarrhoea, and weariness brought on by the anthrax exposure stop her from making the necessary adjustments. She happily continues to be an active member of this world, having actually co-founded an organisation called Brentwood Exposed to provide pure support to other survivors as well as the families of victims.

According to what we can gather, Dena continues to call the Washington, DC, area home, where she also holds the position of President of Nation’s Capital Southern Maryland Area Local (NCSMAL). In 2019, she did run an unsuccessful campaign to take over as the American Postal Workers Union’s (APWU) Director of Research and Education, but neither her efforts nor the defeat caused her to change her mind. In other words, Dena continues to be a proud, accomplished union leader who diligently pursues her position each and every day.

Where is Terrell Worrell Now?

When the anthrax attacks began in the wake of 9/11, Terrell Worrell was a 38-year-old forklift operator at the Brentwood Postal Facility. He never even anticipated how his life would be changed. That’s because the weaponized powder exposure not only caused him to experience breathing issues, headaches, and weariness for years, but also has had and will continue to have a severe negative impact on his health. In the Netflix documentary, he was up front and said, “My X-rays reveal that my lungs appear like I’ve been a heavy smoker, or that I have a lung illness.” “I have never once in my life smoked.”

Regarding Terrell’s current position, while the specifics of his professional background are rather hazy, we do know the delighted father of three is currently situated in Dale City, Virginia. After leaving Brentwood after five years (1996–2001), it appears that he has chosen to keep the majority of his personal information under wraps for legitimate privacy reasons. However, Terrell is rather active on social media these days, so you may follow him there if you want to find out more about his personal and political philosophies.

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