Is William Lindsey Dead or Alive? What Happened To Him?

The gentlemanly demeanor of William Lindsey belied the fact that he was hiding a dark secret on the inside. Before being apprehended, the former construction worker murdered several women over the period of more than a decade. ‘Evil Lives Here: I Hate Being Daddy’s Girl,’ a show on Investigation Discovery, delves into William’s married life and how the cops finally found him. So, how about we find out what happened to him?

Who Was William Darrell Lindsey?

After his parents perished in an automobile accident, William was adopted by the Lindsey family in 1935. In his twenties, he married Willa Jean, his first wife, and they had five children together. According to the episode, the couple had a rocky relationship, which resulted in their divorce. Following that, William was granted sole custody of all the children. Later in life, he married Annie Laurie Langley and adopted both of her sons. From the outside looking in, William appeared to have a wonderful family. However, the death of a woman in December 1996 set in motion the chain of circumstances that led to the revelation of William’s secrets.

In Asheville, North Carolina, Lucy Raymer was assassinated. A blow to the head was dealt to her. William, who was 61 years old at the time, was arrested for the murder. Authorities in St. Augustine, Florida, observed a similar pattern in some of the unsolved crimes after he was apprehended. Before moving to North Carolina, William lived in Florida. Since the early 1980s, he has been known to travel between the two states on a regular basis.

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When William was apprehended, he told the cops about the previous murders he had carried out. Police were able to connect him to seven additional homicides in all. Prostitutes or drug addicts were among the women. Five of the seven victims’ bodies were discovered. Diana Richardson, who vanished in October 1995, was found dead in an alligator-infested pit in St. Augustine, according to William. Lisa Foley, Anita Stevens, Constance Terrell, Lashawna Streeter, Donetha Snead, and Cheryl Lucas were among his other victims.

How Did William Darrell Lindsey Die?

According to the authorities, William expressed regret for the murders. “He did indicate to me that he was really sorry, and after he was arrested, he wanted to let the families know his guilt, as well as to clear all the cases he was involved in,” a sheriff said. William was found guilty of four of the murders, according to the documentary. He was sentenced to 30 years in jail as part of a plea bargain. William was afflicted with cancer and died from it in 2001 while still incarcerated, according to the show. Authorities suspected him of killing many more people in other states, including Tennessee and Virginia, at the time of his arrest.

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