10 Kinda Bad Community Episodes That Fans Don’t Rewatch

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Community by Dan Harmon is a unique sitcom that focuses on the lives of students at a community college. The first three seasons were an instant success thanks to their eccentric cast members, original plotlines, and amusing running gags. Harmon’s departure, though, sent the show into a tailspin in season 4, and it never quite recovered the appeal of the first three seasons.

Years after the formal conclusion of its first season, Community has established a devoted following. Rewatch value of a production is frequently a matter of personal preference; some people may enjoy episodes that others find to be abhorrent. Despite the excellent collection of episodes that Community has, there are some that viewers wouldn’t want to revisit in the future.

“Advanced Introduction To Finality”

Season 13, Episode 4

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The “Advanced Introduction to Finality” season 4 finale was a rewarding but unsatisfying experience. In order for the group to celebrate Jeff and Pierce’s graduation from Greendale, they must first battle their evil doppelgängers from “The Darkest Timeline,” which was formed in the season prior.

Because of the unrealized potential of a distinctive storyline, the episode is rated as one of Community’s weakest. The nostalgic tone of “Advanced Introduction to Finality” was bittersweet for fans because the show finally abandoned the distinctive tropes that made it stand out.

“Basic RV Repair and Palmistry”

Season 6, Episode 10

Despite the fact that Community was a sitcom that held up well over time, the episode “Basic RV Repair and Palmistry” from season 6 offers further evidence of the show’s decline as it went on. The trio travels by car in the episode to deliver a huge fibreglass hand belonging to Dean Pelton. The episode isn’t a favourite even though it has its moments.

The usage of flashbacks in “Basic RV Repair and Palmistry” received harsh criticism since they were perceived as little more than a cheap gimmick rather than insightful reflection. The fact that Jeff (Joel McHale) was yelling at Abed and that his character development had regressed when it should have been improved for the final season angered viewers.

“Competitive Wine Tasting”

Season 2, Episode 20

A still from the episode of Community called “Competitive Wine Tasting” “Competitive Wine Tasting” is one of Community’s most unsettling episodes because it features both ridiculous moments and delicate subject matter. In addition to Pierce’s bigoted comments, Troy (Donald Glover) also revealed a terrible family secret in this episode.

Fans were thrilled to see Britta and Troy’s developing chemistry, but later on, when the possibility of a romance was utterly ignored, they would be disappointed. Also strongly despised was the competitive rivalry between Jeff and Pierce over a female student in their wine tasting class.

“Custody Law and Eastern European Diplomacy”

Season 2, Episode 18
Season 2 of Community has established itself as one of the most well-liked seasons, yet even the best-laid plots can contain holes. A still from the episode Custody Law and Eastern European Diplomacy. The episode “Custody Law and Eastern European Diplomacy” with Shirley’s (Yvette Nicole Brown) baby shower and Britta’s (Gillian Jacobs) suspicion of Troy and Abed’s new Balkan buddy Lukka (Enver Gjokaj), whom she subsequently dates, is undoubtedly the season’s fault.

“Custody Law and Eastern European Diplomacy” lacked consistency and appeared careless in some places while being absurd in others. Britta’s character growth depended on tenacity and independence, therefore it was upsetting to see her revert to the stereotypical ditzy blonde.

“Economics of Marine Biology”

Season 4, Episode 7
Fans of Community are in agreement that season 4 marked the beginning of the show’s demise. From the group trying to enlist an affluent party guy to the pop culture-savvy Abed Nadir founding a fraternity named “The Delta Cubes,” “Economics of Marine Biology” would provide countless timeframes.

While some viewers were brought back to prior episodes, the majority believed that “Economics of Marine Biology” was a part in the disastrous “Gas Leak” year. However, I really enjoyed the parts with Jeff and Pierce.

“G.I. Jeff”

Season 5, Episode 11
The star of Community is Jeff Winger. Despite Joel McHale’s excellent performance, the show is generally recognised as an ensemble piece. That stated, “G.I. Jeff” from season 5 was entirely focused on him. The episode follows Jeff’s struggles with turning 40, which are not a surprise to the other characters because it is a parody of the well-known G.I. Joe cartoon series from the 1980s.

Although the episode’s innovation was praised by critics, audiences weren’t very enthused. Many viewers of the episode voiced confusion about it since they weren’t familiar enough with the G.I. Joe series to understand the plot and all the connections.

“History 101”

Season 4, Episode 1

The season 4 premiere of Community, “History 101,” which is a spoof of The Hunger Games, may be one of the most creative episodes ever produced. Dean Pelton, a resident of Glendale, is the director of “The Hunger Deans” (Jim Rash). Abed (Danny Pudi) is under a lot of stress about the gang breaking up after graduation while the games are still going on.

The episode’s Abed narrative disappointed viewers, who felt that the exemplary character development from prior seasons had been abandoned. This could be due to Dan Harmon, the show’s creator and producer, leaving the project, which many fans felt had a significant impact on season 4.

“Intro To Felt Surrogacy”

Season 4, Episode 9
One of Community’s most embarrassing episodes is “Intro to Felt Surrogacy,” which may be seen in this still. The show has demonstrated its ability to produce episodes in a variety of styles, although the famed puppet episode fell short. Following a tragic event, the gang uses puppets to communicate their emotions, which leads to the group sharing secrets among themselves.

Compared to other Community original tracks on the album, the song selection was subpar. Another disappointment for viewers was that the secrets disclosed in the episode were either known beforehand or will have little to no bearing on the rest of the show.

“Paranormal Parentage”

Season 4, Episode 2
The Halloween-themed episode “Paranormal Parentage” would air immediately after the season 4 opener. Pierce (Chevy Chase), who was left out of the group’s plans to attend the Halloween party, locks himself in his mansion’s bathroom out of anger. The episode’s high point was Giancarlo Esposito’s unexpected return as Pierce’s half-brother Gilbert.

Diehard Community fans said the plot lacked significant depth and that some of the show’s funniest characters weren’t used to their full potential. Because of this, “Paranormal Parentage” is not worth seeing again.

“The Art Of Discourse”

Season 1, Episode 22
In a still from the first season of Community’s “The Art of Discourse” episode, high school students can be seen entering Greendale College. Instability at the institution was more important to the kids than advancing their academic careers. Because of their antics, Jeff and Britta descend to the children’s level, which leads to a massive food fight.

The narratives of Pierce, Shirley, and Troy, as well as Abed’s, were all very well done in the episode. The displeasure over the repulsive kids, though, is what renders the episode intolerable. The story arc of Jeff and Britta that showed them at their most annoying was likewise poorly liked.


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