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You Season 1 Ending Explained, Recap And Major Details To Know Before Watching Season 2


Love Quinn existed prior to the Mystery Woman Beyond the Fence (Michaela McManus) (Victoria Pedretti). There was Guinevere Beck before there was Love (Elizabeth Lail). Although Gwen is technically not Joe’s original, she is still our OG because she was the first person we saw who had the misfortune of meeting Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley), the manager of an independent bookstore who would be every book lover’s dream if he weren’t also a psychotic stalker/murderer on the side.

The psychological thriller You’s second season debuted on Netflix on December 26, 2019, almost two years after the first season’s Lifetime release and three years before the season’s shift to Netflix saw a meteoric rise in popularity throughout the world. You’s third season, which will premiere on Netflix on October 15, is just around the corner, so we’ve given you a summary of seasons one and two as well as season two to make sure you’ve refreshed your memory in time.

Body Count (5)

Let’s get started since time is of the essence. In contrast to Season 2, Joe killed every single one of these unhappy, unfortunate creatures in Season 1 of You, and yes, that includes the ones we loathed. Ron, I’m looking at you.)

Lou Taylor Pucci’s portrayal of Benjamin “Benji” J. Ashby III Benji, ah. He possessed all the prerequisites for the affluent white male starter pack: a dad-funded artisanal soda company, a presence on #woke social media, and the inability to win over women. Having said that, nobody deserves to pass away after ingesting a maple latte made with almond milk, two teaspoons of stevia, and two tablespoons of the fatal allergy, peanut oil. Under the guise of being interested in his craft soda company, Joe tricks Benji into going to the basement of his bookstore. The first of Joe’s victims that we actually get to see is when he finally gets him where he wants him, he knocks him unconscious and locks him in his cage. The evidence of Benji’s most damning secret is ultimately presented to Joe after he first tries to offer Joe money, after which he offers to assist him win over Beck. Still, Beck’s fate is sealed by Benji’s hold over him. Joe adds peanut oil to his drink after Benji earlier in the show informs him that he has a peanut allergy. Benji begins to writhe on the ground in a matter of seconds before passing away from anaphylactic shock.
Peach Salinger (Shay Mitchell): Joe and Peach Salinger didn’t have much in common other than their fascination with Guinevere Beck. Peach Salinger was a gorgeous, privileged descendant of J.D. Salinger. A woman trying to exert control over a buddy she is secretly in love with, Peach’s “mothering” of Beck gradually emerges as more than just a woman looking out for her friend. Ironically, Joe, who sees eliminating Beck’s toxic people from the world as a necessary intended to keep her “safe,” thinks Peach is “a rich, unstable stalker.” Peach is initially killed while she is out for her routine jogging in Central Park. She is knocked out and left lying in a pool of her own blood after being struck over the head with a rock by the attacker. To his horror, Peach makes it through the assault but isn’t yet aware that Joe is the attacker. Joe doesn’t finally make a last-ditch effort to permanently get rid of Peach until she forces Beck to stay with her at her family’s holiday home in Greenwich. He stays with them in Greenwich and hides till Peach finds him there. Peach is able to shoot Joe in the leg as he tries to flee. Before tripping her and shooting her with her own revolver, he pretends to be unconscious. He goes on to portray it as a suicide.

Elijah Thornton (Esteban Benito) – In a flashback scene, it is revealed that Joe’s ex-girlfriend Candace had been having an affair with Elijah, a music producer. Elijah claims to not have known that Candace and Joe were dating when Joe confronts him on the rooftop of a party, but after making some derogatory comments about Candace, Joe pushes Elijah off the edge.
Ron (Daniel Cosgrove) — Ron is unquestionably one of the most depraved characters in You. Ron, the violent boyfriend of Joe’s neighbour Claudia, supports Claudia’s drug use and gives her son Paco a miserable upbringing. In the season finale, Paco smashes Ron in the head with a baseball bat out of concern for his mother’s safety. Unfortunately, Joe appears and stabs Ron in the throat as Ron stands up and frantically chases Paco outside.
Guinevere Beck: Sadly, we all anticipated this one. When Beck finds Joe’s hidden box in his bathroom ceiling tile, he knocks her out, and when she wakes up in Joe’s cage, she experiences a real nightmare. After deceiving Joe into letting her go by saying she loves him and realises he was only trying to keep her safe, she succeeds in trapping him in his own cage. Unfortunately, Joe has a backup key in case he accidentally locks himself in the cage. Beck grabs his key to the gate that is blocking the door, so he escapes and pursues her up the stairs. Joe snatches her from behind and pulls her out of the door before she can unlock it. The posthumous novel of Beck is on display in Joe’s bookstore in the following scene.

Season 1 Ending Explained

Beck found Joe’s hidden box, which contained everything you never want to find in your boyfriend’s ceiling, including a jar of teeth, in Season 1 Ending Explained Episode 9. Before she can go, Joe knocks her out in a terrified manner. When she awakens, she discovers that she is imprisoned in Joe’s cage, which was once a safe sanctuary for exquisite, precious books but is now a terrifying trap with no means to escape.

As a severe punishment to help him “understand” who he is to Joe, Mr. Mooney throws an adolescent Joe down the basement stairs before locking him in the cage in the opening scene of Episode 10.

When we fast-forward to the present, we find ourselves exactly where Episode 9 left off. Joe is no longer the prisoner within the glass cage; it is Beck. She begs Joe to let her escape, and he implores her to realise that all he has done has been done for her. He explains to her that he can’t let her out until he is confident in his ability to trust her. He admits that he killed Peach and Benji, much to Beck’s horror, but he’s frighteningly ready to come clean and give Beck the truth.

He shows her Benji’s damning video and Peach’s intrusive photos when he returns with proof that Benji and Peach were threatening to her. He asserts that, in contrast to them, he merely wanted to protect her. Those objects in his unsettling box? simple keepsakes He begs her to realise that true love entails doing anything for the other person. Beck is horrified by Joe’s confession and scared that she may be the next, much to Joe’s consternation.

Joe keeps making desperate attempts to convince her of his love, bringing her favourite breakfasts and even a typewriter so she can enjoy the “writer’s retreat” she has always desired. After immediately realising the effectiveness of deception, Beck convinces Joe to let her out of the cage so she can use the restroom rather than urinating in the bucket he has placed for her. When Beck makes a vital error and looks up at the staircase, Joe, who was easily persuaded by Beck’s emotional portrayal, pulls out the key. Joe tells her he can’t let her out with a heavy heart. Instead, he advises her to write throughout her time confined. She paces in agitation and fear after he departs before sitting down to write about a man who poses as Prince Charming and sweeps her off her feet after a lifetime of letdowns. (With all due respect to Beck, but this might be the only occasion when I thought Beck was a halfway competent writer.)

By updating Beck’s social media status, Joe keeps up the appearance that she is on a “writer’s retreat.” Unfortunately for him, the PI looking into Peach’s death is watching Beck’s apartment and notices him depart while he is there making sure he hasn’t left any evidence of her absence. The following day, when he confronts him about it, Joe realises that he made the rookie mistake of leaving his urine jar at Peach’s residence in Greenwich. He consents to let the PI know if he comes up with any information that could assist in identifying Peach’s stalker. Naturally, the PI is not persuaded. When Beck returns to the basement, a displeased Joe threatens to serve Beck with a jail sentence if the PI discovers the jar. Beck is successful in persuading Joe that she is starting to comprehend him and that she does not want him to go to jail since Paco won’t have anyone to turn to.

When Joe returns to his flat, he discovers Paco trying to kill Ron with a baseball bat. Outside, Paco is seen hiding from Ron. Ron is about to capture him when Joe kills him by stabbing him in the throat. Joe consoles Paco and instructs him on how to hide the evidence because no one will comprehend why they were forced to act in the manner they did.

Beck is still deceiving Joe in the basement. She hands him a document that will paint Dr. Nicky as the culprit behind all of Joe’s misdeeds. Beck informs him in an almost flawless performance that she now realises all he has done for her has been done out of love. She claims that as a result of his exceptional care for her, she now loves him more than ever. She is eventually released by Joe.

Joe notices in the glass’ reflection that she is holding a broken typewriter key in her pocket as she blissfully kisses him (again, she is murdering this performance so far). Before placing him in the cage, she stabs him with it. She rushes up the steps only to discover, to her horror, that a locked gate is blocking the door. Paco shows up as she is rattling and hammering the gate. Paco cautiously steps back before bolting out of the store as she begs him to let her out, insisting that Joe is a murderer.

Beck discovers, to her dismay, that Joe had a spare key concealed in the cage and freed himself out. She immediately returns downstairs to retrieve the keys. Using the key she grabbed from Joe’s pocket, she scurries back up the stairs. Joe grabs her from behind before she has a chance to find the proper one. Although we can’t see it, I believe we all know what will happen next.

The scene quickly changes to the bookstore, where it is made clear that Beck has passed away. Joe arranged for the posthumous publication of her book about Dr. Nicky. Dr. Nicky is detained right away since Beck’s manuscript makes the evidence “overwhelming.” Joe is aware that Beck would be overjoyed if her book, which he helped to publish, was successful. He made her well-known.

A signature Joe voiceover concludes the season’s closing scene. As a woman walks into the bookstore and the bell rings, Joe appears to have found his latest infatuation. Then, in a bizarre turn of events, the woman approaches him and removes her hood, revealing Candace, who we had assumed was dead.

Don’t forget to brush up on Season 2 in time for Season 3 if you’ve already binge-watched it.

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