KSL’s “The Letter” Podcast: Where Is Yvette Rodier Now?

We gain a thorough understanding of the reality of mourning thanks to KSL’s “The Letter” Podcast, which examines how teenagers Zachary Snarr and Yvette Rodier were attacked on the evening of August 28, 1996. That is due to the fact that this was a violent act that was truly random as well as the fact that while the first victim died from his wounds, the second group amazingly survived to tell their story — and survivor’s guilt is real. We now have the information you need to learn more about Yvette, with an emphasis on her experiences, her difficult recovery process, and her current situation.

Who is Yvette Rodier?

When Yvette first met Zachary (or Zach), it appeared to be in high school. They quickly became friends and it seemed like their bond would last a lifetime. Therefore, it took the 18-year-old a few seconds before she came on board when he asked her out on a date for the first time less than two months after they graduated (in June 1996). In fact, Yvette recalls thinking, “I’m going to get a kiss today,” on their date that fateful late August evening. Zach was supposed to kiss me tonight, but things turned out very differently.

According to reports, the pair was preparing Zach’s equipment to photograph the full moon at Little Dell Reservoir when a stranger unexpectedly approached from behind before opening fire without warning. Yvette was hit at least four times, taking two bullets to her stomach, one to her shoulder, one to her leg, and several more grazing her head, while her date was shot three times at point blank range. She carefully feigned dead once the man stopped pressing the gun once again and didn’t move until he had departed because it was purportedly her screams that had caused him to reload his rifle.

In 2010, Yvette stated, “When he left, that’s where my and Zach’s tale really begins.” She knew she had to get herself out of this position by herself because her date was not responding to her at all despite the fact that the two of them had been shot, robbed, and completely ruined. Thus, she managed to climb the reservoir slope and onto the highway, where passing drivers swiftly assisted by dialling 911. Yvette spoke out honestly and emotionally, saying, “I just knew I wanted to get to the top…,” before continuing, “I know in my heart that Zach made sure I got to the top that night.”

Where is Yvette Rodier Now?

Unfortunately, Yvette’s injuries were so serious that even though she was taken directly to the hospital, she sustained major nerve damage on her right side of the body, which is probably still painful. The formerly dependable, outgoing teen revealed to CBS’ “48 Hours” that she had undergone a total of five procedures. “It took me almost three years to be formally discharged from hospitals… I would much rather have the survivor’s guilt than need surgery every other week. She even said, “I would say I was a pretty trustworthy person before the incident. I used to sincerely believe that everyone else in the world was nice, generous, and giving, but that isn’t the case anymore.

Yvette stated, “I still get scared during full moons. “I’m only worried that something horrible could happen with a full moon, not truly terrified of the moon.” The fact that she is aware of “the name of the man who shot me and who killed Zach, but I don’t mention it out loud,” is also crucial to notice. I won’t give him that authority or regard. And I never have and never will say his name aloud. The fact that she performs all she does today with the express purpose of making Zach proud should also be mentioned. She will acknowledge that she still misses him.

According to what we know, Yvette initially chose to attend college with the intention of becoming a news reporter, but after the massacre she decided to pursue general law. As a result, she earned her law degree from the University of Utah’s SJ Quinney College of Law in 2008 and has since focused solely on helping victims of crime. According to recent sources, the survivor now goes by the name Yvette Rodier Whitby, continues to call Salt Lake City, Utah home, and is a proud mother who chooses to keep her private life out of the public eye.

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