Zachary Levi Controversy

Zachary Levi Controversy – Shazam Star Received Backlash From The Fans

Zachary Levi is a well-known actor who is known for his role in the Shazam! , has been making controversial statements on his social media accounts. Both his fans and his critics have spoken out against him for this.

In a tweet, Levi agreed that Pfizer, the company that makes the COVID-19 vaccine, is “a real threat to the world.”

He backed up this claim with a link to a press release on that said Pfizer paid $2.3 billion to settle a fraud case in 2009. Some people have started to wonder if Levi is against vaccines because of this.

Levi has said some controversial things in the past. One example is a clip from the Shawn Stevenson podcast The Model Health Show, in which he criticises the way that American pharmaceutical companies advertise their products by downplaying the side effects.

People have also said bad things about Levi because he likes Jordan Peterson, a right-wing self-help guru who has said bad things about transgender people.

In a clip from The Joe Rogan Experience, Levi says that Peterson is “one of the deepest thinkers I’ve ever heard break down, like, human behaviour,” and he doesn’t correct Rogan when he says that actor Elliot Page is dead.

Levi’s political views have also been criticised. In 2018, he was criticised for a tweet about how white men lead conversations about racism and sexism.

Levi said, “It is both sexist and racist to say that men can’t have meaningful conversations about sexism or that white people can’t have meaningful conversations about racism.”

In 2020, Levi’s social media posts seemed to show sympathy for Trump voters, which made fans upset.

Levi says he is a Christian, and last year he gave an interview to CBN, which was started by Pat Robertson, who has a history of making homophobic and sexist remarks.

Shazam! has been delayed because of Levi’s controversial comments. The long-awaited sequel to the hit superhero movie, Fury of the Gods, will come out in March.

This has made the already troubled studio even more worried. There has been a lot going on behind the scenes.

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