A Christmas Mystery (Amazon Prime Video) – Ending Explained

The HBO Max holiday movie “A Christmas Mystery,” which was directed by Alex Ranarivelo, follows Violet Pierce as she attempts to discover the truth about the theft of a string of jingle bells that is thought to have belonged to Santa Claus. Violet Bottoms makes a pledge to her closest friend Kenny Bottoms that she will stop at nothing to ensure that he spends Christmas with his father after her father, Sheriff Pierce, arrests George Bottoms. The mystery movie, in which Violet McGraw plays Violet and Santino Barnard plays Kenny, has shocking revelations about the stolen jingle bells at its conclusion. Let us be your ally if you want a closer look at the same. Spoilers follow.

A Christmas Mystery Plot Synopsis

A Christmas Mystery opens with a look into the illustrious jingle bells’ past. Fiona describes how Jimmy Stubbins collected the jingle bell strip that fell from Santa’s sleigh a century ago. Getting preparing for the yearly Ringing of the Bells ceremony is Glenn Martin and his colleagues. The jingle bells are taken three days before Christmas. Since the robber used keys to access the museum and turn off the alarm, Sheriff Pierce confronts his neighbour and museum keeper George Bottoms. While Sheriff Pierce interrogates George, Deputy Terry discovers the box of jingle bells in the garage of the museum keeper, which results in George’s arrest.

When Kenny sees his father being taken into custody, he becomes upset. In order for him to be able to spend Christmas with George, Violet makes a promise to his closest friend that she will track down the real thief. Since Glenn also possesses the museum’s keys, she believes he is the burglar who stole the bells. She discovers nothing as a result of her investigation because Glenn has a reliable alibi. When Sheriff Pierce learns of his daughter’s inquiry, he attempts to put a stop to it. Even yet, she keeps looking for the culprit and accuses Mayor Donovan, believing that he might have stolen the bells in order to obtain attention and support for his election campaign by displaying the stolen bells just before the festival.

Harrison, George’s older son, is convinced that his father stole the bells in the meantime. Maddie, Violet’s sister, understands how much Harrison despises his father and confronts him about it. Harrison learns that his father is actually innocent thanks to his talk with Maddie. Violet resumes her inquiry against Sheriff Pierce’s request that she cease, with the help of Maddie and Harrison, who end up getting together as a couple.

A Christmas Mystery Ending: Who Stole the Jingle Bells?

Jingle bells were stolen by deputy Terry. When Deputy Terry exposed Violet, Violet meets with George to explain what happened. Sheriff Pierce then ends Violet’s inquiry. George confesses to Terry during their talk that he expelled him from his basketball team while Terry was a student. Violet notices a pair of white sneakers with two stripes in Terry’s bag after the chat. She recalls that the burglar who was captured on her home’s CCTV was wearing a similar pair of shoes. Violet deduces that the thief is Terry and not Kenny’s father because George doesn’t own a pair of shoes like that.

Harrison and Maddie offer to look for any evidence in Terry’s car on Violet’s behalf. In the deputy’s car, Harrison finds a map showing tunnels being built underneath the city. The team of young investigators discovers that Terry can access the museum and take the jingle bells without setting off the alarm because of a tunnel opening and an emergency electrical shutoff system in the tunnel. They follow Terry’s path on the map and arrive at the institution where Terry attended classes and George was a basketball coach. They recognise Terry’s intention to “find” the school bells and accuse George of concealing them there.

The bells are located by Violet and Kenny after searching a trophy won by George. By showing up at the school at the same time as Sam and calling Sam to tell her that he found the bells without even looking inside the trophy cabinet, Terry reveals himself. In the end, Terry “solved” the case by stealing the jingle bells. Since he can remember, he has only only been a source of problem for his father, Mayor Donovan, who is one of the most well-known and admired people in Pleasant Bay. The only imperfection in the mayor’s life is Terry. George was obliged to fire him because he was a horrible student and even a bad sportsman.

In a town where crimes are committed relatively infrequently, Mayor Donovan asked Sheriff Pierce to hire Terry when he had no prospects as a young man. Terry accepts the position and begins to believe that his father’s generosity even led to his career. He decides to steal the strip of jingle bells so that he can find it since he knows he needs to show his worth and make his father proud. Since the jingle bell is essential to the town’s existence, Terry may have believed that investigating the crime—even after he had already committed it—would boost his reputation and establish him as a hero.

Before the Ringing of the Bells, Terry intended to return the school’s jingle bells so he could portray himself as the town’s cultural saviour. In light of the impending mayoral election, Terry’s father might have benefited greatly from his solving the case, as per his prediction. Given that his father will be grateful to him if his actions helped the latter win, the police officer may have expected to have an impact on the elections. Terry frames George as well because he has a personal grudge against him and George has the means to commit the crime. Terry’s attempts to make the mayor proud of him fail, however, as his arrest further harms the reputation of his father.

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