Kiara Advani is a beautiful and talented actress who has been enchanting us with her on-screen performances.

Squiggly Line

Kiara Advani has beautiful eyes that are framed with long, full lashes.

She likes to use mascara to darken, volumise, and lengthen her lashes even further to give her a wide-eyed effect.

She often opts for a shimmery gold-hued tone on her lids for a goddess-like look.

She also likes to use nude brown eyeshadow to create a subtle yet glamorous look.

She often pairs this look with thin eyeliner and plenty of mascara to create a va-va-voom effect.

She likes to use frosty lipstick shades to tie her eye makeup looks together.

She often adds glittery silver eyeshadow to her lids for a sleek beauty look.

Kiara Advani has mastered the art of creating stunning eye makeup looks that always turn heads.