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The Untold Truth Behind Abigail Anderson’s Divorce Revealed

On Friday, November 26, 2022, Abigail Anderson, well known as Taylor Swift’s childhood pal, filed for divorce from her spouse of more than three years, Matt Lucier.

Since late 2020, the pair had been having marital problems and had been living apart.

Although the precise cause of their breakup is yet unknown, people close to the couple claim that it was a mutually agreeable decision.

Fans and well-wishers have reacted differently to the news of Abigail Anderson’s divorce.

Others have criticised her for not working hard enough to preserve her marriage, while some have voiced support for her decision to go on with her life.

Regardless, it is obvious that both parties are happy with their choices and wish one another the best in their future endeavours.

Another illustration of how even long-term relationships can fail due to numerous circumstances, such as partner incompatibility or irreconcilable disagreements, is the divorce of Abigail Anderson.

It serves as a potent reminder that life is short and that leaving an unhappy marriage is preferable to staying there merely for the sake of maintaining appearances or avoiding scrutiny from others.

Abigail and Matt Lucier have been married for nearly four years.

On Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts in September 2017, Abigail and Matt exchanged vows.

As a member of the bridal party, Taylor Swift assisted her closest friend with the dress during the joyous event.

Notably, Matt, a gifted photographer, was among the wedding celebration’s guests.

Despite the fact that Taylor published a picture commemorating Abigail’s engagement in 2016.

Anderson’s engagement to Charles Berard

Since her divorce was finalised in May 2021, Anderson has moved on with her life and is now engaged to Charles Berard, whom she met soon after.

She posted images from their engagement photoshoot along with the announcement on Instagram.


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Taylor Swift dedicated the song “Fifteen” to her friend Abigail Anderson

Taylor Swift’s best friend, Abigail Anderson, has lately been in the news because Swift changed the words of her song “Fifteen,” which makes a reference to Anderson.

On May 6, 2023, Swift performed the modified song at the Nissan Stadium in Nashville, Tennessee.

A modified version of Taylor Swift’s song Fifteen featuring new lyrics naming her friend Abigail Anderson was performed during her most recent concert at the Nissan Stadium in Nashville, Tennessee, where Phoebe Bridgers and Gayle also performed.

Although the song’s original lyrics had spoken of a boy who had changed his mind, Taylor sung during the performance, “Abigail gave everything she had to a boy, and we both cried, but that’s alright.”

It’s interesting to note that Abigail Anderson attended the concert as well. She was spotted in the crowd, happy tears running down her cheeks.

TikTok users posted videos of Anderson’s response, and Swift and her best friend’s friendship ignited a frenzy among followers.

A video of Abigail Anderson responding to the altered lyrics of the song “Fifteen” at Taylor Swift’s concert in Nashville is posted on Twitter by the well-known Taylor Swift fan account TSwiftNZ.

In the video, Abigail can be seen mouthing the lyrics to the updated song before turning to embrace her companions.

The video was extensively shared on social media by Taylor Swift and Abigail Anderson fans in honour of their close friendship.

The audience’s enthusiastic response to the new song, which emphasised Abigail’s resiliency and bravery in the face of grief, is also shown in the video.

Is Abigail still friends with Taylor?

Abigail Anderson and Taylor Swift have been friends since they were 15 years old, and their relationship has inspired Taylor’s songwriting.

According to rumours, those two have parted ways. You did indeed hear it here first!

Taylor Swift’s best friend from high school, Abigail Anderson Berard, wed Charles Berard in 2019.

Since they were teenagers, the two had been close friends, and nothing appeared to be able to sever their friendship.

Abigail Anderson and Taylor Swift are friends and not a married couple, thus there is no basis for the rumours of their divorce.

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