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Alexee Trevizo Mom: Exploring the Supportive Figure in a Rising Star’s Life

Questions about Alexee Trevizo’s mother’s role in her daughter’s upbringing and the awful act that shook the entire neighbourhood now shine a focus on her.

The baby’s body was found in a garbage can, and Alexee Trevizo, a 19-year-old New Mexican woman, has been charged with first-degree murder and tampering with evidence.

The facts surrounding this tragic tragedy have aroused concerns and a legal dispute that is currently in progress.

When Trevizo went to the emergency department in late December with back pain, things started to happen that eventually led to the finding of the dead baby.

Upon learning from medical testing that she was both pregnant and in labour, Trevizo locked herself in a bathroom.

On January 27th, she gave birth to a boy there. She put the infant in a bag and hid it amid other trash, refusing to call for medical help or alert the hospital staff.

Tragically, the baby was already dead when he was discovered, and Trevizo had already left the hospital.

She now faces significant accusations after an autopsy determined that homicide was the cause of death.

Trevizo’s lawyer, Gary C. Mitchell, has argued that his client shouldn’t be accused of murder due to a lack of criminal background.

He asserts that there are important inconsistencies surrounding what happened at the hospital, implying that this case does not meet the criteria for a typical case of child abuse.

In order to build a narrative that would undermine the accusations against Trevizo, Mitchell’s defence approach is probably going to involve closely examining the circumstances leading up to and following the birth.

On Friday, May 19, 2023, a court hearing is scheduled to discuss the terms of release and provide more insight into the case’s legal course.

The body cam video shows a horribly painful scene when Alexee Trevizo’s mother, police officers, and medical personnel confront a 19-year-old patient.

The doctor says, “We found a lifeless baby in the bathroom,” and the words reverberate through the room.

Trevizo, who is utterly bewildered and desperate, says it was her kid with a shaky voice.

Her mother responds by bringing up earlier conversations and advising her daughter to embrace honesty during this traumatic experience.

We get a glimpse of the tremendous and perplexing emotions that overpowered Trevizo and made it difficult for her to think clearly during that crucial moment as she tenaciously argues that the baby didn’t cry.

Alexee’s mother displays amazement and annoyance, questioning her daughter’s conduct and making comparisons to other instances when mothers were prosecuted for hurting their infants.

Trevizo declares that she was terrified and thought the baby wasn’t screaming in the video, which highlights the distress and uncertainty surrounding the circumstances.

Another recent example in New Mexico was a teenage mother who was found guilty of attempted murder for putting her newborn kid in a plastic bag and throwing him in a dumpster. That case has parallels to this one.

In both cases, the young moms blamed panic and ignorance for their fatal results after learning of their pregnancies.

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