What Happened To Alison Lohman, The Star Of Drag Me To Hell | Where Is Alison Lohman Now?

The key to a more lucrative and successful acting career for some performers may just be landing the main role in a box office and critical success. What therefore may drive an actor with a long list of well-received movies on their résumé to withdraw from the spotlight?

A good example is the actress Alison Lohman. Her acting resume includes a variety of reputable and well-known roles. Her career previously appeared to be taking off after she appeared in movies like Matchstick Men, White Oleander, and Big Fish. However, the actress abruptly ceased pursuing prominent roles after her pivotal part in filmmaker Sam Raimi’s 2009 horror film Drag Me to Hell. There wasn’t much information available about Lohman’s goals for her acting career as her appearances gradually decreased.

Consequently, what happened to Alison Lohman, and why has the actress not been seen in the media since Drag Me to Hell?

Her early career

The career of Alison Lohman began early in her life in her native Palm Springs, California. Despite living close to Hollywood, the young actress had little experience with the lifestyle of celebrities. She revealed to The Baltimore Sun that the only time she had a personal encounter with a celebrity was when her father constructed a house for the well-known golfer Arnold Palmer.

Lohman was lured to the theatre even though she was raised apart from the Hollywood lifestyle. When she was nine years old, she played Gretl in The Sound of Music at Palm Desert’s McCallum Theater in her first professional performance. The world eventually started to notice Alison’s abilities. Notably, Frank Sinatra and Bob Hope requested her to sing with them at a performance after they saw her in a show and were so delighted that they did.

After graduating from high school, Lohman received a prize from the National Foundation for the Advancement of the Arts. A scholarship to the New York University School of the Arts was also extended to her, but she declined it. She relocated to Los Angeles after finishing high school, where she started her acting career with small TV parts in shows like Pacific Blue and 7th Heaven. She received a part in the 2002 movie White Oleander as the frequently uprooted adolescent Astrid Magnussen. The next year, Lohman was cast in Tim Burton’s Big Fish, as Sandra Bloom, in another big part. She portrayed Katy McLaughlin, the lead character, in the 2006 movie Flicka. Her professional life appeared to be soaring.

Coach Lohman

Since her final performance as Sister Blister in Officer Downe, Lohman has not been seen in any subsequent movies or television shows, appearing to have quit acting altogether. She hasn’t entirely disassociated herself from the public eye or the performing arts, though. She made the announcement of the launch of Act with Alison in 2017, a website where she provides online acting coaching.

In the website’s introduction video, she says, “I’ve always appreciated assisting my friends with their talent.” “I chose to bring it to you because I’ve had so much pleasure.” Her services include one-on-one coaching for both monologues and scenes, as well as general advise about the craft of acting. She communicates through Skype with aspiring actors aged five and up. Lohman’s most recent business venture doesn’t appear to be slowing down as she keeps promoting her coaching services on Twitter. She may be taking a hiatus from her personal acting career, but it appears that she has changed her focus and is now hoping to use her experience and knowledge to help other aspiring actors become better performers.

Drag Me To Hell

In Drag Me to Hell, Sam Raimi’s return to his Evil Dead-style horror roots after his box office triumph with the Spider-Man trilogy, Lohman would take the major role after appearing in Flicka.

Possibly Alison’s most well-known role is in Drag Me to Hell, and she worked very hard to make the part come to life. Alison talked about her time working with Rami and the hard hours of filming in an Empire interview from 2009. Justin Long, a co-star, said, “Never have I witnessed an actress labour as hard. I wasn’t envious of her back then. She basically sort of was dragged to hell making it while I got to go home early and sleep.”

Later, Lohman would consider how exhausting the experience was, especially the torture scenes in the film. As said by the actress, “Simply put, [Rami] enjoys torturing his actors. Sincerely, the script already had a certain amount, and he kept adding to it.”

Although she didn’t exactly have an easy job, her efforts were rewarded. Drag Me to Hell did remarkably well, receiving positive reviews from reviewers and tripling its small budget at the global box office. Many people wanted to see Lohman play other big roles after the movie’s popularity and expand her acting career.


Although many people were eager to see Alison Lohman play another important part in a movie, the next role she played in, Gamer, from directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, was simply a small one. This outrageous sci-fi thriller is set in a time when people may control actual death row criminals in lethal combat in the most played computer game in the world. Alison portrays the role of Trace, a member of the Humanz, an activist collective.

Lohman discussed her initial feelings after reading the movie’s script in an interview with Syfi. As said by the actress, “To be honest, it worked out better than I had anticipated. I read the script, and frequently reading the scripts doesn’t even provide a sense of the tone of the film or many other varied features. Mark and Brian both have a lot of strength, and when the director gets involved, they each have such a unique perspective.”

Sadly, Gamer was met with a lot less enthusiasm than Drag Me to Hell. Following that, changes in Lohman’s personal life necessitated the actress stepping away from the spotlight.

Married life

In 2019, just before Gamer came out, Lohman wed Mark Neveldine, the movie’s co-director. Neveldine is best known for helming the 2006 picture Crank and its 2009 sequel Crank: High Voltage with his creative partner Brian Taylor. Other efforts include The Vatican Tapes (2015), his first film as a filmmaker without Taylor, and Sony’s 2011 Marvel sequel Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.

Neveldine and Taylor’s love of extravagant action had helped them swiftly become well-known in the action film industry. In 2011, Neveldine spoke with students in a screenplay class at Hobart and William Smith Colleges about his experiences working in the film industry and how he came up with his distinctive shooting technique. The filmmaker claims that clinging onto the sides of cars and buses while filming while on roller skates helped him establish his look. Because of this distinctive method, Nike became interested in him and hired him for commercial work, launching his career and leading to a fulfilling marriage.

Mother of three

But what does one do with their existence when they’re not being dragged to hell, training a wild steed, or taking part in gladiatorial blood fights? In order to keep a certain level of privacy, Alison Lohman chose to have children as the solution. She and Neveldine had their first child, Billy Neveldine, shortly after getting married in 2010; nevertheless, they kept the news of the birth quiet for several months. Soon after, they added a second child to their family. In 2018, Neveldine announced the birth of “baby #3” on Twitter.

In most cases, Lohman and Neveldine have been successful in keeping the specifics of their private lives hidden from the public. The actress seems to have shied away from major roles in recent years, preferring instead to make cameo appearances, especially in projects that also star her husband, likely due to a focus on her family and a desire to protect her children’s privacy.

Officer Downe

Sister Blister, a character in the 2016 film Officer Downe, is Lohman’s most recent screen appearance. Officer Downe is a cinematic adaptation of the same-named Image Comics series by writer Joe Casey (who also wrote the film’s screenplay) and artist Chris Burnham. It was directed by Shawn Crahan, a percussionist and founding member of the heavy metal band Slipknot, and was created by Mark Neveldine.

The story centres on a Los Angeles police officer who, with the aid of a sinister and enigmatic technology, is brought back from the dead. Officer Downe is repeatedly revived and sent back to work, where he encounters a tonne of outrageous violence and an unexpectedly large number of bad guys wearing animal masks. Officer Downe received largely neutral reviews from the few people who saw it, making very little of an impression during its exceedingly brief theatrical run.

The Vatican Tapes

In her husband’s horror movie The Vatican Tapes, which came out in 2015, Lohman made a brief appearance as a psychiatric patient.

In the film, Father Lozano, a priest, meets Angela, a young woman, when she is taken to the hospital right away after an accident. Against all chances, Angela miraculously survives and miraculously returns home in apparent excellent condition. But not everything is as it seems, as Angela soon starts acting dangerously and violently out of character. After realising that Angela is a demonic possession victim, Father Lozano devises a plan for an exorcism in the hopes of freeing her from the demonic force that has taken a hold of her.

The Vatican Tapes had average responses from viewers, mostly unfavourable reviews from critics, and a lacklustre box office haul, ultimately proving to be a forgettable horror film. In a very minor, nameless role, Lohman appears on screen only momentarily as a patient in Angela’s therapy group.


In the independent thriller Urge from 2016, a group of wealthy pals travel to an island for a weekend of partying. The group goes to a bar soon after they arrive, where they run into a mysterious nightclub owner who introduces them to a new drug called Urge. He cautions the group that while the medicine will let them “clear themselves,” they should only use Urge once to avoid negative effects. The group has blissful fantasies after ingesting the substance, and they soon become ecstatically inebriated. They continue to indulge despite the proprietor of the nightclub’s caution in an effort to prolong their fun-filled evening. Unfortunately, as their imaginations turn into nightmares and everyone in the group starts to feel tense and violent, the delightful evening starts to take a bad turn.

The few critics who felt compelled to examine Urge were unkind; it presently has a rare 0% critical score to go along with its 27% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. In a brief post-credit sequence, Lohman plays a mother who is grocery shopping and encounters a group of people who appear to be armed. Her part is essentially a cameo. Given that Neveldine was one of Urge’s producers, it’s possible that she accepted the position as a kind of family favour.



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