7 Talented Actors Who Almost Star In Anchorman But Didn’t

With their deliciously absurdist screenplay for Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, Will Ferrell and Adam McKay effectively transferred their distinct SNL style to the big screen. Casting suggestions for each role were included in the earliest draught of Ferrell and McKay’s script, according to Vulture.

As a co-writer, Ferrell was obviously always going to play Ron. For characters like Champ Kind and Brian Fantana, though, the duo had completely different performances in mind. Brick Tamland was not originally intended for Steve Carell, but it is difficult to envision anybody else portraying the part.

Alec Baldwin As Frank Vitchard

Baldwin, Alec Ferrell ultimately chose Vince Vaughn and Luke Wilson from his Old School cast to play Wes Mantooth and Frank Vitchard, two of Ron’s competing anchormen. However, the screenplay states that he and McKay planned Alec Baldwin to make a brief appearance as Vitchard in the news team battle scene.

Although Baldwin could’ve given the same biting wit he brought to his celebrated performances in 30 Rock and Glengarry Glen Ross, Wilson did a good job with the part.

Ben Stiller As Brian Fantana

One of the competing anchormen that show up to participate in the fight in Anchorman’s news team fight is played by Ben Stiller. But in the original story, Stiller was set up for a much bigger part in the film. He was expected to join Ron’s side as Brian Fantana, not only make an appearance in one scene. Given the abundance of his own star-studded projects at the time, it’s plausible that Stiller was too busy to take on such a significant role in the movie.

Instead, Paul Rudd took on the character of Brian. Just under a decade after making his film debuts in Clueless and Halloween 6, he was able to break into the mainstream comedies thanks to his performances in Anchorman and 18 episodes of Friends (including the finale).

Chris Parnell As Brick Tamland

Although it’s difficult to envision anyone other than Steve Carell as weatherman Brick Tamland, Ferrell and McKay reportedly had SNL co-star Chris Parnell in mind when they wrote the part in the first draught of the script. Parnell took on the minor part of Garth, Ed’s assistant.

Since then, Parnell has gained recognition for more significant comedy parts, such as meek suburban dad Jerry Smith in the popular sci-fi cartoon Rick and Morty on Adult Swim. Alongside Tina Fey from SNL, he also played the scene-stealing recurring role of Dr. Spaceman in the comedy film 30 Rock.

Dan Aykroyd As Garth Holliday

Chris Parnell, who co-starred with Ferrell on Saturday Night Live, ended up playing Ed’s polite assistant Garth Holliday, another foil for Ron’s unrestrained hysteria. However, the part was reportedly written for a different SNL icon, Dan Aykroyd, in the original screenplay.

Thanks to classic films like The Blues Brothers and Ghostbusters, Aykroyd was one of the biggest cinematic stars of the 1980s, and he surely would have contributed a great deal of hilarious energy to the Anchorman group. However, Parnell ultimately did a fantastic job portraying Garth, and he already had a working relationship with Ferrell on film from their SNL appearances.

Ed Harris As Ed Harken

Ed Harken, the station manager, spends most of his screen time either on the phone with his son’s school, attempting to diffuse a tense situation, or serving as a deadpan comic foil for Ron. Fred Willard’s distinct dry comedic style proved ideal for the role. However, the script originally called for Ed Harris to play the part rather than Willard.

Harris is more well-known for his dramatic, brooding performances, so Ferrell and McKay may have wanted to hire someone who wasn’t like him. The name of the character may have been inspired by the actor who was originally cast in the role (they are only separated by three letters).

John C. Reilly As Champ Kind

The script calls for John C. Reilly to play the obnoxious sportscaster Champ Kind, but David Koechner ultimately played the part in the Anchorman films. Paul Thomas Anderson was an early supporter of the creation of Anchorman, and at the time, Reilly was well-known for his partnerships with him. Reilly attended a few screenplay read-throughs with the group even though Koechner was cast in the role.

Given their on-screen connection, McKay gave Reilly a significant part opposite Ferrell in Talladega Nights. Following their on-screen cooperation, the pair collaborated on the far less popular Holmes & Watson and Step Brothers. As the spirit of Stonewall Jackson, Reilly did make an uncredited cameo appearance in the Anchorman 2 movie.


William H. Macy As Marshall Connors

Ron, Brick, Champ, and Brian are the sole members of Ron’s news team in its final form. However, Marshall Connors was a fifth team member in the original script. William H. Macy was Ferrell and McKay’s favourite option for this part, according to the casting wish list.

At that time, Macy was regarded as one of Hollywood’s most prestigious dramatic performers because to his roles in the films Fargo and Boogie Nights. Although he co-starred with Tim Allen in the goofy comedy Wild Hogs, Macy isn’t opposed to doing the occasional silly comedy, so if Ferrell and McKay hadn’t eliminated Connors from the script, Macy might have agreed to play the part.

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