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Andrew Ridgeley: Discovering His Life and Children Beyond Wham!

Richard Ridgeley Children ought to be pleased with such a father.

Andrew John Ridgeley, a well-known English singer, songwriter, guitarist, and record producer, was born in Windlesham on January 26, 1963.

He is most recognised for his work with the well-liked musical duet Wham! in the 1980s.

Ridgeley’s commitment to music has remained unwavering throughout his career, helping him to establish himself as one of the most in-demand English performers of his generation.

The Wham! Years

After years of playing in numerous bands, Andrew Ridgeley and his friend Michael founded the musical duet Wham! in 1981.

Ridgeley played guitar, sang backup, and co-wrote songs with Michael, who was the band’s lead vocalist and principal songwriter.

From 1982 through 1986, Wham! enjoyed international success, selling more than 35 million records worldwide.

After a farewell show named “The Final” at Wembley Stadium on June 28, 1986, the pair ultimately decided to split up because Michael wanted to pursue a more mature musical path.

Life After Wham!

Following the dissolution of Wham!, Ridgeley pursued other interests.

In Monaco, he attempted Formula Three racing at first but had little luck.

Later, he relocated to Los Angeles to look into acting prospects.

In 1990, Ridgeley made a permanent move back to Britain and issued his lone solo album, “Son of Albert.”

Ridgeley accrued income from his Wham! Hits, including a co-writing credit on George Michael’s well-known song “Careless Whisper,” despite the album’s lack of considerable economic success and negative reviews.

Settling in Cornwall

Ridgeley has lived in Wadebridge, Cornwall, for the past 30 years. He realised his lifelong desire of living by the sea, taking pleasure in the tranquil countryside and seaside way of life.

Ridgeley began dating Keren Woodward, a member of the band Bananarama, while he was living in Cornwall.

They relocated to a farmhouse close to Wadebridge in 1994 along with Keren’s then 10-year-old ex-boyfriend Thomas.

Ridgeley acclimated to living in North Cornwall swiftly, taking part in pursuits like surfing in Constantine Bay and golf at the Trevose course near Padstow.

He developed a fondness for surfing because it fosters friendship and enjoyment of the water.

Ridgeley loved Cornwall’s quiet and his incognito, but he occasionally overheard friendly surfers making lighthearted references to his Wham! Days.

Appreciating Andrew Ridgeley’s Musical Legacy

It is important to recognise Andrew Ridgeley’s enormous contributions to the music industry even though the matter of his children is still open.

Ridgeley, a member of Wham!, had a significant impact on the 1980s pop music landscape. His musical prowess, charisma on stage, and partnerships with George Michael left a lasting impression on music history.

It’s vital to recognise and respect Ridgeley’s musical legacy, which continues to speak to people all around the world, rather than only concentrating on his personal life.

Relationship with Keren Woodward

The most noteworthy long-term partnership of Andrew Ridgeley’s was with Keren Woodward, a member of the well-known pop group Bananarama.

In 1990, when Ridgeley and George Michael’s collaboration on Wham! had ended, they started dating.

Together, Ridgeley and Woodward set out on a journey while Thomas, Woodward’s child from a previous relationship, also lived with them in Wadebridge, North Cornwall.

Andrew Ridgeley Children

Despite the fact that Ridgeley and Woodward spent a substantial amount of time together and had a close relationship, it is crucial to address the issue of children.

Richard Ridgeley There are no children. Ridgeley, however, acted as Thomas’ stepfather throughout their relationship, displaying his dedication to the family.

Despite not being parents of their own biological children, the couple’s connection included raising and taking care of Woodward’s kid.


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Separation and Continued Relationship

In 2017, Andrew Ridgeley and Keren Woodward decided to end their more than 20-year relationship.

Despite the termination of their love connection, they were still able to keep their positive and cordial relationship. Ridgeley and Woodward continue to attend events together, demonstrating their continuing friendship and esteem for one another.

They have been able to maintain a connection that goes beyond their romantic history because to their ability to handle their separation with grace.

Life Beyond Separation

Andrew Ridgeley and Keren Woodward persisted in pursuing their individual professional and personal goals in the years that followed their breakup.

After their split, Bananarama, which had Woodward as one of the founding members, produced two studio albums, “In Stereo” and “Masquerade”. Woodward and Sara Dallin continued the tradition of Bananarama as the band persisted.

Regarding Andrew Ridgeley, he has led a rather modest life, concentrating on hobbies and endeavours outside the music business.

Although there isn’t much known about Ridgeley’s current partnerships, it’s clear that he values his privacy and prefers to keep a low profile.


Fans and admirers alike have been interested in learning more about Andrew Ridgeley’s children. Ridgeley accepted the responsibility of being Keren Woodward’s son’s stepfather despite not having any biological children of his own.

Ridgeley and Woodward still get along well and are respectful of one another despite their distance.

It is clear that Ridgeley’s family, in various forms, continues to play a key role in his life journey as he maintains his privacy and navigates life outside of his music profession.

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