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Angela Mack: Two Decades of Mystery Surrounding a Missing Officer

The eerie mystery surrounding Angela Mack’s disappearance has perplexed investigators for more than 20 years.

The case revolves around the September 2002 disappearance of Thomas “Mikey” Rettew, her son, and 20-year-old Angela Mack Cox.

The last time the mother-and-son team was seen, they were traveling in a late-model, dark gray, blue, or GMC extended cab pickup truck with Missouri license plates.

The case became unsolved despite several investigations due to the lack of strong evidence that kept leading to dead ends.

Nevertheless, the hunt for Angela and Mikey never stopped.

What happened to Angela Mack Cox?

the September 2002 disappearance of Thomas “Mikey” Rettew, 4 years old, and Angela Mack Cox.

Investigators have been baffled by this cold case for more than 20 years.

Twenty years old at the time of her disappearance, Angela’s case emerged as a chilling mystery in the history of unsolved missing person cases.

In a recent dark gray or blue Chevrolet or GMC extended cab pickup truck with Missouri license plates, Angela and Mikey were last seen leaving Salem, Arkansas.

The horrifying aspect of their disappearance is that it appeared they had disappeared without a trace, leaving no obvious traces or trails for detectives to pursue.

Law enforcement authorities put their all into the investigation, but the lack of tangible evidence was a severe obstacle to making any real forward in the case.

The mystery surrounding their rapid disappearance was further obscured by the emergence of several dead ends and false leads.

Angela and Mikey’s departure created a huge void in the lives of their family and friends, who awaited any information regarding their whereabouts with bated breath.

Hope started to fade as the years went into decades, but the quest for Angela and Mikey never stopped.

Investigation into Angela Mack Missing case

According to a recent update, the mystery of Angela Mack’s disappearance has been resolved.

In August 2020, the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office (FCSO) was contacted by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) regarding a possible lead in the investigation.

Since then, Mack-Cox’s disappearance has been the subject of numerous interviews by FCSO Investigator Dale Weaver with persons who knew her.

Thomas Michael review

Michael Thomas The case has involved the disappearance of “Mikey” Rettew from the start.

He was last seen with his mother on September 1, 2002, when his father reported him missing.

According to recent evidence, Angela may have abandoned Mikey with a couple in Alton, Missouri, with the intention of having them adopt him.

She was scheduled to return to Alton with her son after deciding to cancel the adoption after spending some time in California, but she never did.

Angela Mack Cox

Apart from the fact that Angela Mack Cox was 20 years old when she vanished, very nothing is known about her life.

Thomas “Mikey” Rettew, who was four at the time, and a boy who was two at the time she vanished, were her two kids.

Thomas, Angela’s son, and a recent dark gray or blue Chevrolet were last seen driving that vehicle.

Or a GMC extended cab pickup with Missouri license plates, in accordance with the data the family gathered.

Cold case solved in 2021

The family of Thomas Michael “Mikey” Rettew, the son of Angela Mack-Cox, may finally be able to find closure after 18 long years.

Their disappearance has now come to light, and investigators are now one step closer to figuring out why.

Veteran Fulton County Sheriff’s Office investigator Dale Weaver informed Angela’s father and brother of the situation on April 7, 2021.

What had happened to Angela and her kid had been admitted by a person.

Although the FBI has not provided any additional information, it is clear that strides have been made in opening this investigation up completely.

Where is Angela or her son Mikey Rettew now?

Angela Mack-Cox and her son Mikey Rettew’s location remain unknown as of this writing.

Nevertheless, the investigation into their disappearance is ongoing, and investigators are assiduously looking for fresh leads and information.

In the fall of 2002, Mikey was reportedly given to a couple living in Alton, Missouri, with the hope that they would adopt him.

Mikey stayed with the couple, while Angela left for California.

Her goals changed, though, and she decided to stop the adoption process. She was so instructed to go back to Alton and pick up her son.

She was then picked up from the bus stop in Springfield, Missouri, by one of the people involved in the situation, and driven to the home of her son, Mikey.

Unfortunately, no one has seen her since, which raises questions about her whereabouts and safety.

Have investigators arrested the suspect?

Despite the fact that no arrests have yet been made.

There is a chance that a recent confession from someone in the case of Angela Mack and her son’s disappearance will lead to important advancements in the investigation.

The location of the person named in the confession is still unknown, thus more information is still needed.

Although his investigation is still ongoing, authorities are optimistic that they will find further clues that will eventually lead to the suspect’s capture.

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