6 Angela Sarafyan Performances That Would Make You Fall In Love With Her

An American actress named Angela Sarafyan has been performing since the 1990s, when she started to appear as a guest star on well-known television programmes including Judging Amy and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She appeared in movies like On the Doll, A Beautiful Life, and The Informers as a result of her fame, and she also had a supporting role in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2.

Most people will probably recall her from her portrayal of Clementine Pennyfeather in the popular HBO series Westworld. She has played a major role on the show since 2016 and has garnered rave praises for her work. Her most recent act was in Richard Bates Jr.’s King Knight, where she co-stars with Matthew Gray Gubler from Criminal Minds as the high priestess of a coven. King Knight had its premiere in 2021 at the Fantasia Film Festival and was made available on February 18, 2022, in a few theatres and on VOD. Here is a list of Angela Sarafyan’s top acting roles so far, ranked.


The 2015 American psychological suspense film 1915 was written and directed by Garin Hovannisian and Alec Mouhibian. The movie centres on a playwright who wants to revive the ghosts of the Armenian genocide for its 100th anniversary by presenting a play. The show’s director, Simon, is portrayed by Simon Abkarian, while Angela Sarafyan plays his wife, who also appears as one of the actors in Simon’s play. They get along quite well, and the actors give wonderful performances in this underappreciated movie.

American Horror Story

Since 2011, American Horror Story has become a very popular television series. The anthology series presents a fresh timeframe, new cast of people, and a new plot every season. The fourth season of American Horror Story: Freak Show featured Angela Sarafyan as the lead. The narrative of one of the last remaining freak exhibitions and its occupants was told throughout the season, which was set in 1952 Florida. As a guest star, Sarafyan played Alice, who was killed when her lover’s spouse learned of their relationship. She blends in well with the rest of the cast and plays a noteworthy role.

The Good Guys

The 2010 film The Good Guys, directed by Matt Nix, gave Angela Sarafyan a significant part. For one season, Fox broadcast the action-comedy series about a modern-day detective and an old-school cop. Dan Stark, an antiquated police officer, is portrayed by Bradley Whitford, and Colin Hanks plays Jack Bailey, Dan’s younger and more ambitious rival. Samantha Evans, a clumsy and overeager crime scene investigator, is portrayed by Angela Sarafyan. Sarafyan is playing a new kind of part, and she does well in the comedy category.

The Immigrant

Marion Cotillard, Joaquin Phoenix, and Jeremy Renner are among the ensemble cast members in James Gray’s 2013 film The Immigrant. Cotillard portrays Ewa, a Polish nurse who a theatre manager coerces into performing sex acts (Joaquin Phoenix). The cast gave outstanding performances that gained high praise from critics in this unvarnished and hard-hitting picture that won multiple prizes, including the New York Film Critics awards. With her portrayal of Ewa’s sister, Magda, played by Sarafyan, we were given greater insight into the lives of the characters.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 is the concluding chapter in the immensely popular Twilight saga. After the events of Breaking Dawn: Part 1, Bella (Kristen Stewart) has just given birth to a daughter and has recently undergone a vampire transformation as the movie picks up. Tia, a member of the Egyptian vampire coven, is portrayed on screen by Angela Sarafyan. Despite having a very modest part, she seamlessly blends into the action and plays her part with a sense of assurance that helps us identify with her character.



Sarafyan’s part in Westworld has garnered the most attention thus far. The fictional theme park known as Westworld, where visitors who can purchase a ticket can play out their desires, serves as the series’ focal point. The realm is populated by human-like robot hosts who let visitors indulge in their fantasies without really hurting any park visitors. The game’s host, Clementine Pennyfeather, is portrayed by Angela Sarafyan. We are eager to see more of her because she has been in the series from the beginning.

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