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Animal Kingdom Season 6: After A Promising Trailer Is The Final Season Going To Be A Hit?


The sixth and last season of TNT’s Animal Kingdom has an official trailer available. Fans can rest assured that the crime thriller will end on a high note thanks to the suspenseful, exciting new trailer.

The Codys search for a new beginning in the two-minute short as they attempt to steer events in the correct way. Along with Scott Speedman from Grey’s Anatomy playing the late Baz, Denis Leary reprises his role as Deran’s misanthropic father. Additionally, we witness the chaos that follows Nick’s kidnapping as Detective Thompson, played by Moran Atias, makes a concerted effort to persuade Pope to admit to killing Catherine.

The toast made by the Smurf in the clip, “may we all get what we desire and never what we deserve,” which is voiced by one of the Cody brothers, establishes the theme of the final season. We saw at the conclusion of Season 5 that a body had been discovered at a remote crime scene in the desert. We initially speculated that it might be related to the DEA agent, but it turns out that the body belonged to Baz’s wife Catherine.

The 2010 film of the same name served as the inspiration for the original series. Produced by Liz Watts, with writing and directing by David Michôd Ben Mendelsohn, Guy Pearce, Joel Edgerton, and Jackie Weaver all acted in the film. The initial idea presented in the movie is further developed in the TNT series.

For the last season, the original cast members Ben Robson as Craig Cody, Shawn Hatosy as Andrew “Pope” Cody, Jake Weary as Deran Cody, and Finn Cole as Joshua “J” Cody all return.

Animal Kingdom on TNT is produced by John Wells Productions in collaboration with Warner Bros. Executive producers for the show include Emmy winner John Wells, Daniele Nathanson, Erin Jontow, Nick Copus, and Bradley Paul. The creators of the original film, Michôd and Watts, as well as Jonathan Lisco, the series’ executive producers, worked together to create it for television.

Check out the Season 6 synopsis:

The Cody brothers learn that they cannot escape their past in the concluding season of TNT’s suspenseful family crime thriller. A cold case inquiry sparks a chain of events that puts the entire family in danger as their empire grows. Six seasons in the making, an explosive denouement is brought on by retaliation, betrayal, and a confrontation with long-forgotten brutality.

The first two episodes of Animal Kingdom Season 6 will air back-to-back on Sunday, June 19 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Watch the teaser trailer below in the interim:

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