Who Is Apolo Ohno’s Wife? Olympic Winner’s Dating Life & Martial Status

Who is Apolo Ohno dating, do you know? Apolo Ohno, a short track speed skater, retired early from the sport despite winning up to eight gold at the Winter Olympics. Not to mention that Ohno is the most well-known American Olympian competing in the Winter Games. Later, in 2019, his name was added to the US Olympic Hall of Fame. The athlete is doing everything like a pro, from writing his book to establishing himself as a prominent businessperson! Not to mention, the gold medallist can dance like nobody’s business!

Apolo Ohno, in addition to becoming well-known through the Olympics, not only practiced his dancing moves but also triumphed on Dancing With The Stars in 2007. Apolo Ohno, a guy of many skills, has also tried his hand at becoming an entrepreneur and a motivational speaker. The winner of the gold medal also has a book scheduled for publication in 2019. a competitor Let’s look at all the information on Apolo Ohno Dating.

Apolo Ohno Dating: Here’s What We Know About It.

Although the speed skater is not very outspoken about his whereabouts, it is clear from his social media activity that he has been dating Bianca Stam for a considerable amount of time. On his Instagram account, he frequently publishes images with the captions “better half” or “proud.” Along with being romantically involved, the two are parents to Sesame Mochi Ohno, a remarkably adorable canine. Sesame, according to Stam, is one of the most well-mannered dogs she has ever met, approaching everyone with a heart full of love and respect.

Is Apolo Ohno Single?

Their pet has the Small Dog Syndrome because she believes she weighs more than her 3.3 pounds! They are co-parenting the gorgeous dog and adore him. In the past, Allison Baver and the Olympic gold medalist were said to be seriously dating each other. American short-track speed skater Baver is also. According to reports, the two dated for a while before splitting up.

Know More About Apolo Ohno’s Ladylove Bianca Stam.

In addition to being a model and actor, Bianca Stam also operates an Italian eatery. She has appeared in the film Chasing The Dragon and even produced the film The Beauty Machine, yet nothing is known about her acting career. She first opened Bar Roma, her restaurant, in Chicago in 2016. They both enjoy traveling and having fluffy critters as pets, among other things! Look at this sweet photo that Apolo Ohno shared. Watch it, please.


Together, they have visited Las Vegas and New York. She also has to travel extensively for work-related reasons. Several ad shootings for Stam allegedly took place in China. Bianca even turned to social media, tagging her boyfriend every day on Instagram and posted a selfie with Apolo! Over the years, the two have shown their virtual devotion for each other on social media frequently in public.

The Olympic Gold Medalist Opens Up About Mental Health Issues.

In 2022, the gold medal-winning athlete’s new book, Hard Pivot, will be released. The difficulties and uncertainty Apolo encountered while building his firm will be chronicled in his forthcoming book. The gold medallist has said that he enjoys getting involved and supporting groups that are working to spread mental health solutions.

When asked about his opinions on social media, the athlete said that he tries to live a life without comparison and that he thinks Instagram sometimes manages to hijack the intention. The gold medallist went on to say that social media is a double-edged blade that may divert attention from the most crucial matters. As several other athletes have already opened up about it during the Olympics this year, it would be interesting to see such a young celebrity express his opinions on mental health difficulties.

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