Explained : Who Killed Sara? Season 3 Ending | What Really Happened?

Who Killed Sara? season 3 ending spoilers follow.

Who Killed Sara’s climax contains more turns and twists than a box of snakes, and they’re all slithering to freedom.

Many viewers speculated that Sara was still alive after all after seeing her empty grave at the start of the series, which added to the myriad of unsolved concerns previously raised by season two.

If you got a little lost along the road, there were a lot of loose ends that needed to be tied, so let’s tie those bad boys up one at a time.

Who Killed Sara season 3 ending explained

All signs lead to The Medusa Project run by Who Killed Sara? while Alex (Manolo Cardona) searches for explanations for his sister’s death. Dr. Reinaldo, a rookie (Jean Reno).

It is revealed that Sara (Ximena Lamadrid) was transported to Medusa, where she suffered gruesome and abusive tests to “cure” her schizophrenia, rather than dying in a parachute accident. (Therefore, her empty grave is visible at the start of the finale.)

As the season progresses, it becomes clear that Dr. Reinaldo has been working to find a “cure” for homosexuality and schizophrenia.

Sara shares the same fate as poor Chema (Eugenio Siller). Despite being falsely detained in season two, he ends himself at Medusa where he is subjected to torture in the name of gay rehabilitation.

We also meet a young woman named Lucia, so that’s another twist. She has also been ensnared in Medusa’s grasp, and it is no coincidence that she remarkably resembles Sara. She turns out to be Sara’s kid, and Sara was one month pregnant at the time of the parachute mishap, as we learn.

In an effort to atone for accusing Alex of being responsible for Sara’s death and, well, pretty much all of his terrible, bad ways, Cesar (Ginés Garca Millán) teams up with Alex. In order to locate the institution and learn what happened to Sara, they kidnap Tonya, a senior physician at Medusa, and question her.

Answers to Alex’s questions about Sara are provided. Sara stabbed herself, apparently opting for death over serving as Dr. Reinaldo’s test subject.

Alex storms Medusa in a fit of wrath in search of Dr. Reinaldo. Reinaldo makes an effort to fight and even haggle his way out of trouble, but Alex’s need for blood is too great. He uses the same electrocution tool that the good doctor used on his patients to kill Dr. Reinaldo as the ultimate form of retaliation.

Several of the Medusa patients manage to flee during the commotion, including a changed Chema and Lucia.

As part of his ongoing efforts to atone, Cesar admits responsibility for Dr. Reinaldo’s passing as well as for the murder of Abel, clearing Chema of any wrongdoing. As a result, Chema was given a 40-year prison term.

The fact that Cesar has kept his pancreatic cancer diagnosis a secret has also contributed to his readiness to accept the blame. Knowing he won’t live much longer, he views this as retribution for getting Alex sentenced to 18 years in prison for killing Sara.

Oh, and do you recall Marifer (Litzy), Sara’s step-sister, who initially admitted to Alex that she had cut Sara’s chute?

The injuries Sara sustained in the previous season proved fatal, and in a bittersweet conclusion, Marifer and Sara reconnect in the afterlife while Lucia, Sara’s daughter, is left in her brother’s capable hands.

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