Attack on Titan Season 4 Left Armin and Gabi Race Off To Save Falco Hanging

It is now difficult to predict how the main characters will find peace before the anime is over due to Attack on Titan Season 4. Armin understands they need the assistance of the Titan Shifters if they want the fight to end, even though Eren intends to eliminate anybody who poses a threat to Paradis Island. And in this week’s Attack on Titan episode, Armin and Gabi were forced to race against time in order to save Falco and any possibility of a peaceful outcome.

Attack on Titan Episode 82, “Sunset,” spoilers are present in this article.

Conny kidnaps Falco in ‘Attack on Titan’ Episode 81

The Jaw Titan changes hands in Attack on Titan Season 4, with Falco receiving Galliard’s abilities after becoming a Pure Titan. He loses consciousness after the transition and experiences memory loss. That presents an opportunity for Jean and Conny to apprehend him, seeing the potential value of his ability.

Conny, however, sees it as a way to get his mother back, whereas Jean sees it as a tactical manoeuvre to capture Falco. Conny’s mother, a Pure Titan with restricted mobility due to her shape, is still living in Ragako village.

Armin disagrees with Conny’s proposal because he understands that killing Falco will only exacerbate the hostility between Paradis Island and Marley. In spite of losing their friend, Reiner and Pieck could still cause trouble thanks to their Titan abilities. Sadly, despite Armin’s advice, Conny escapes with the Warrior candidate.

Armin agrees to assist Gabi in regaining custody of Falco at the conclusion of Attack on Titan Episode 81. He does this in an effort to win her trust and possibly achieve some level of harmony with the other Titan Shifters. In Attack on Titan Episode 82, the two don’t spend a lot of time on screen together. The most recent episode does, however, imply that they’ll need to be nimble and astute to succeed.

In the most recent episode of the anime, Armin Arlert in “Attack on Titan,” Season 4 Part 2, Armin and Gabi race against time. Using his ODM equipment, he is in the air.

Armin and Gabi race the clock in the anime’s latest installment

Armin and Gabi race off to save Falco in Attack on Titan Episode 82, and they’ll need to move quickly if they hope to stop Conny. Conny rode his horse toward Ragako as Armin and his allies battled Titans. By informing Falco he was transporting him to a hospital, he also won Falco’s trust.

If Armin and Gabi want to catch up to Conny and Falco, they have a long way to go. When they do, they’ll have their work cut out for them. It won’t be as easy as telling Conny that his mother must continue to be a Titan, as Mikasa points out. Armin and Gabi should expect resistance if they manage to locate him in time.

The Braun family wonders if Conny would change his mind about murdering a child for personal gain as they part ways with Gabi. Falco’s only remaining hope at this moment appears to be that his captor’s conscience will afford Armin and Gabi some further time to rescue him.

Additionally, preserving Falco could determine the fate of humanity, as Armin informs Mikasa. Even if Eren vanquishes every adversary they have outside of Paradis Island, the Nine Titans’ continued existence could result in “another 2,000 years of conflict.” Armin aspires to stop that from happening.

‘Attack on Titan’ Season 4 leaves Armin with a miles-long list of concerns

In Attack on Titan Episode 82, Armin has other concerns besides only saving Falco. He even snaps at Mikasa in an uncommon manner about all the issues they still need to resolve. It’s obvious that the pressure is getting to him because the fate of humanity depends on their choices.

Armin says, “I don’t have time to ponder about the grim Eren problem,” when Mikasa asks what they should do about Eren. He claims that everything is in “chaos.”

His other concerns are Annie’s prospective escape, Captain Levi’s and Hange’s fates, and Floch’s oppression. It goes without saying that Armin needs to move quickly for more reasons than just making peace with the other Titan Shifters. After saving Falco, there are still many issues to deal with.

Every Sunday, Attack on Titan new episodes are released on Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Hulu.

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